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Last month, we celebrated 21 years together. 21 years since that very first official date where we went for a nice meal in Crows Nest, headed in to the City (Sydney) to see a movie (Schindler’s List) and I cried into my cocktail afterwards at the Marble Bar. On one hand it seems like yesterday and the other a life time ago.


With hubby posted to sea for the month, working on a marine science survey ship in the middle of nowhere, there was no opportunity to celebrate on the day. While we don’t tend to celebrate in a big way regardless, we do like to mark the occasion of our first official date all those years ago with a nice meal out.


It was through the tears on that first date that I knew Mr C was the one. It was probably the tears that may have meant Mr C needed a tad more convincing but two weeks later we moved in together and six months later we purchased our first home. The rest you might say, is history, including our 20 year ‘surprise’ wedding anniversary in November this year. Another special occasion!


Wedding Agent Mystery Case


One thing I tend to look for when casing the menu for a special occasion venue is crème brûlée. It’s been our dessert of choice for the entire 21 years. Although we have a tendency to order one and fight to the death share it.


With hubby back in town and playing catch up in the office, we’ve taken our sweet time getting around to finally celebrating. I had originally signed us up for a long lunch at one of our favourite venues (The Boulevard Hotel) that included 4 courses matched with 8 favourite beers. It ticked all the boxes. Or so I thought. On a last-minute closer inspection (two days prior), I discovered it was a blogger heavy event.


Not that I have anything against bloggers (I am one), blogging events (I organise and attend enough of them) or food reviews (part of my mystery reviewer work) but it was too much like work as far as hubby was concerned. I had to agree.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to sit down to a meal with a mass of digital cameras and smart phones, worrying your every move and mouthful is being recorded and shared on social media. Yes, I appreciate this is a tad rich coming from photograph everything old me and hubby will no doubt have a good laugh here.


So I was back to square one and craving something a little different. We had already set aside Saturday afternoon and I was determined to make things more than happen.


Thanks to a quick email requesting a little mission impossible help from man about the foodie side of Perth town (David Gardiner), we managed to grab a last-minute booking at The Brisbane Hotel. This resulted in what was truly the perfect date day, not to mention the most divine and possibly best crème brûlée we’ve fought over since moving to Perth.


Agent Mystery Case | Casing the Menu | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


We were one of the first to arrive for lunch but it wasn’t long before the place was buzzing. Not surprising given the location, menu and the perfect weather in Perth that day. The venue is well spaced which meant we could enjoy the atmosphere of a full house but maintain a certain level of intimacy while we reminisced about our 21 years together and devoured our food.


Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Parfait | Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Parfait | Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Salmon | Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


What can I say, the staff were attentive but not excessively so. The mouth watering meals were cooked to perfection and this definitely sealed the date day deal for both of us. The perfect way to celebrate 21 years of drawing spoons over a shared crème brûlée…….


Creme Brulee | Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel | Perth


This next photo probably sums up just how good our meal was from start to finish. It’s basically what was left of our chicken liver parfait entrée which was served with fig and pear chutney together with a crusty baguette. When you seriously contemplate licking the plate and you are already discussing a return visit before this one is over, it has to be pretty special.


Empty Plate | Casing the Menu | Agent Mystery Case | The Brisbane Hotel



Now, I probably shouldn’t have had the smart phone out and taken so many photos on this occasion but what can I say…. photos or it didn’t happen. Or possibly… I’m a blogger and I know it!



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How do you like to celebrate special occasions? Do you have a favourite dessert?

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