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I must confess it's the new black

I Must Confess | Trendy Trends


While the cat’s away the mice will play and I must confess, I’m really excited to be hosting I Must Confess this week and next, while Kirsty from My Home Truths is off gallivanting overseas with her family.  It’s almost as good as going with her. Almost.


This week I’m asking you to look at trendy trends, the ones you loved, the ones you were glad to see the back of and for those feeling even more adventurous than most, why not suggest a trend or two of your own.


I have more than a few confessions this week. Firstly I’m either really behind the times or so far in front of the times it’s not funny. Take my almost vintage khaki jacket (blogged here), the one I’ve been wearing for 20 years, that is now on trend. Just a shame mine is actually thread bare and not fit to be seen in public.


But trends don’t necessarily need to be fashionable or fashion related. I must confess, there are more than a few trends out there that have me shaking my head at the moment.


On Trend, Off Trend or just OFF?!


  • Announcing the sex of your baby via a cake cutting ceremony.
  • Over the top wedding proposals, especially the ones that end in disaster.


and back to the fashionable side of town…




Now I probably should go to great lengths to justify my judgmental self here.


I’m definitely not calling a war on short shorts or those that think it’s ok for a 3-year-old to hit fashion week and perfect her pouting selfie pose because after the attack on my lack of a thigh gap recently, I could do without a visit from the trolls this month.


Although looking at the positives, you trolls guys finally helped me break our 280k pageviews a month plateau tipping us just over the 300k mark. If only I had a $ for every pageview last month….


Like the troll side to blogging, these so-called trends are definitely shaking my head ‘please explain’ moments for me.


So moving right along…. I must confess, I’m halfway through writing an e-book, it’s called 52 crazy blogging ideas you will want to steal and call your own. It initially started as a bit of a joke, after I shared a snippet of a crazy blogging idea with a so-called friend, looking to collaborate, only they literally ran with the idea themselves.


52 Blog Ideas | You will want to steal and call your own | Agent Mystery Case


Live and learn…. to be more specific, is probably the lesson here but the e-book is actually coming along rather nicely and if you’ve been following the blog or any of my social media antics of late you will know I’m full of crazy ideas. Blogging and otherwise. Some things are better out than in and shared with the masses. Right?!


Start a New Trend


Which brings me to idea 22 on the 52 crazy blogging ideas list – Start a New Trend! Easier said than done but seriously you would be surprised at how easy it is to sow a subtle seed and for it to pick up a viral infection gain momentum in this digital age.


It could be as simple as taking over a link up for a week or two and calling it the new black….. now there’s an idea!


I must confess it's the new black



Other options for starting a new trend


  • Reverse balayage sporting 90% grey regrowth. Seriously if this trend took off it would save me a small fortune at the hairdressers.


  • Frizzy hair. Again, I’m thinking of all the time, energy and money I would save by going au naturel in the hair department and for me that means frizz, frizz, frizzy!


  • Odd socks. I’ve decided that until I can afford to throw out all the odd socks and only purchase the same socks ten times over, odd socks will be from this point onwards… on trend!


Now it’s over to you! Do you have a favourite trend you would love to see make a comeback? What are the trends you were glad to see the back of? Will you be starting a trend of your own?


The Rules… are fairly relaxed regardless of whether Kirsty is away or not but posted below just in case you would like to case them….


I Must Confess

– I Must Confess is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Feel free to go with the prompt for the week or add your own confession, whatever suits.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

– We’re always open to suggestions for the weekly prompt!


Next week’s prompt – I must confess : One New Thing – Tell me about the last time you tried something new and/or stepped outside your comfort zone?  Otherwise, why not put something new on the agenda and blog about it! I can’t wait to hear your confessions!





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  1. I’d love frizzy hair to make a comeback – would also make me most fashionable! Thanks for taking the reins over the coming weeks and I wish I could have brought everyone along – we’re having a blast!

  2. Wow congrats on your great numbers for page views… Fantastic… Should under arm hair growth come back like in Europe … Miley Cyrus thinks so

  3. Congrats on the stats. (Ha… am a poet… etc etc). My stats wallow at a pitiful level. I make a concerted effort to buck trends by staying at home and wearing my PJs (and not a onesie!) around all day! 😉

    • Thanks Deb. Actually I wouldn’t mind staying home and wearing my PJs all day today. I’ve woken up with the sorest throat and absolutely no motivation to do anything.

      I must confess, I’m in two minds about onesies!

  4. I’d like Farrah Fawcett flicks to make a comeback. I totally rocked that hairstyle in the 80’s! I could so go there again! 🙂

  5. I tried to get my butt into gear and write a post for today but it totally didn’t happen. I have a paragraph in my drafts lol but it wasn’t making sense {because I wrote it near midnight} so I gave up so I’ve shared Friday’s post… bad linker! I guess you could say I started a new trend with my photography challenge… maybe although its not gone viral or anything.

    • No need to link something new Toni but the link is open all week, if you decide to finish your draft post.

      Love your photography challenge. Although, I’ve been more than a bit slack these last few weeks and haven’t had access to my external hard drive of photos to cheat either.

  6. I’ve started using the hashtag #AlmostPoshKeepsItReal on some of my Insta posts that aren’t all neat outfits and statement lips. I’d like to see what’s on the other side of the selfie stick; the bucket and mop in the corner next to the messy hose, the drying rack with toddler clothes hanging on it, the crap all over the dining room table that isn’t an elegantly styled centrepiece . . . or is that just my house?!

    • I was gifted a selfie stick for Christmas and I haven’t pulled it out of the box. I might need to join your keeping it real movement. Just not sure today, the last day of the school holidays where the house is the most chaotic it has been for a long time, is the right day. Although having said that, I’m fairly OCD, so my bad isn’t everyone’s idea of bad. The good news… my inlaws arrive from interstate soon and I tend to put things in ABC order while they are staying with me. Not sure if it is a coping mechanism or an outlet.

  7. I really really really wish that tights as pants NEVER became a trend!! I was at Target this morning and noticed a whole lot of white tights and I am so nervous at what is going to happen with them!
    I love the sound of your new trends!

    • Oh not the white tights. Worse than the 80s white heel trend. Only one thing worse than white tights worn as pants and that’s nude coloured tights. So wrong on so many levels, wouldn’t matter what size or shape you are.

  8. Oh I would love it if frizzy hair became a trend! So much time saved! And odd socks are always a trend around here, especially for the girls. It drives my Mum crazy that she has 5 children who all wear odd socks and don’t give a damn about it. She hates wearing odd socks!

  9. congratulations raych!
    have no idea what or how it all works but am curious!
    some en trend things just shouldn’t be! … shorts being one! … no I do see they are handy for the young! … kids I mean!
    I figure, if I keep something long enough it will come back into fashion!
    sad really! … hope your throat is ok! lots salt gargles, lemons and garlic!
    love m:)X

    • Thanks M, I’m making garlic soup for dinner which should help.

      Couldn’t agree more about keeping something and it will come back into fashion. My aunt had the most amazing collection of clothing. Dragged it around for almost 40 years and then had a massive throw out. It all came back into fashion a few years later.

  10. Congrats firstly on the 300K and be uber trendy yourself! Trends I certainly am happy to see the back of was hypercolour – I had bypercolour bikepants in the 80’s – totally wrong on so many levels. But I’m glad to see happy pants back as I love that they are comfortable and odd socks has always being my thing (I swear my washing machine eats them!)

    • Thanks Caroline. Oh dear, I think I’d blocked the hyper colour pants from the memory banks. Have to agree, wrong on so many levels. I think we might need a hashtag for the odd socks.

  11. Ha, I can’t say too much on the baby gender reveals as we did something special to share the news with our family when we found out. No cake though! 🙂

    And on having the toddlers at fashion week – my little one is still just a baby and already he wants to be everywhere and play with everything. I don’t think a fashion show is the best place for a child but if you have one well behaved enough to sit and watch the runway quietly, well why not do it? 🙂

    • No the night shows are definitely not the place for toddlers but I suppose I’m more making reference to the toddlers used and photographed as almost fashion accessories.

      Well spill the details, what did you do to share your baby news? It’s all news to me. I didn’t even have a baby shower and we through a surprise wedding so I tend to do things a little differently myself.

      • I didn’t want a baby shower, but first grandchild on both sides..the grandparents threw one anyway haha. it was really fun in the end, I’m thankful for it.
        We did different things for different people to announce the gender – bit of a long story, but something we got to have fun with anyway 🙂

  12. I will never forget the trend as a teenager of wearing bandanas just about everywhere on your fashionable self, thigh, belt, wrist, headband. It was about the same time as smiley faces adorned jeans and tshirts! I have yet to find a good product that helps my frizz, fly away hair. I’ve spent two years growing my hair, and at the moment I just want to cut it all off!

    • I missed the whole bandanna and smiley face phase. Don’t cut your hair. Been there done that, once you get the right length then you need the right cut and then some good quality product. Or we could just #freethefrizz

  13. I remember feeling the pressure to be on trend when the kids were babies and apparently the brand of your pram and the clothes your little one wore mattered. What a crock of shit! It didn’t take me long to figure out the only trend in child rearing I needed to hook onto – was me! Being Good Enough is enough and trends don’t count for much except for funny photos in the future. Mel xx

    • Love your way of thinking Mel and I couldn’t agree more. I was told early on in the piece when my girls started school that I was the wrong shape and drove the wrong car for my girls to be included in certain groups/parties. Up until that point I was blissfully ignorant. Thankfully we moved out of the area soon after.

  14. Gosh an ebook, you are amazing. I have to say I am in awe and also very happy for you page views, such a great success you are my friend! The trend I would like to see come back is the tired/haggard look, I’d be stylish all day long! x

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