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28 day low sugar lifestyle program, That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)

That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)


Change, it doesn’t need to be extreme. Although that’s possibly a tad rich coming from all or nothing me but the thing is, following my 5-day juice cleanse which I followed up with 3 weeks of super healthy eating, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. Which is saying something, given my auto-immune condition, digestive issues and complete lack of energy that I’ve been suffering (really suffering) with for over 18 months.


So good, that I’m wanting to drag my little family (hubby and three girls 14, 15 & 16) with me but the extremism of my diet (basically green smoothies together with lots of fruit and vegetables) isn’t for everybody, why it’s not sustainable or sensible in the long-term, even for all or nothing me.


I’ve also been under the misconception that my family were on a pretty healthy diet BUT ‘That Sugar Film‘ was a real eye opener and game changer.  I honestly haven’t been able to look at packaged so-called diet and health foods the same way since. If you haven’t already seen it, do yourself and your family a huge favour and go watch it.



That Sugar Film‘ for me, was alarmingly informative. Facts backed up by science to a degree and one hell of an experiment where an extremely healthy dude (actor Damon Gameau) adopted a so-called healthy albeit packaged diet and went down hill rapidly (fatty liver for starters) in a matter of weeks. There were no chips, chocolate or ice-cream. Just packaged healthy food my family eats day in day out. I was shocked.


I was surprised to learn the average person on a healthy diet, consumes 40 teaspoons of mostly hidden sugar each day. Just for the record, the recommended average is 12 teaspoons for males and 6 for females.


On my old approach to healthy eating, my diet yoghurt topped with low-fat healthy cereal pretty much had me going over my daily sugar allowance before 6am. It’s hard not to walk away from that film and want to go to extreme lengths when it comes to my family and their diet.


But it wasn’t just ‘That Sugar Film’ or sugar in general that had me looking at how my family approaches food. It wasn’t the only reason I knew we needed to change.


All our three girls are knee-deep in tests at the moment. It’s an anxious time, especially with our eldest in Year 11, who has more pressure and stress than I ever remember at that age. I’ve noticed lately she seems to be picking up more colds/bugs than usual and seems rather run down. I’ve also noticed how much she relies on sugar and sugary drinks to pick herself up. Things we never really had in the house but now with her after school job and her own money, I have little control over.


For the record though, with my girls at a certain age, I’m not wanting to control their diet or put anyone on a diet, far from it. Diet is honestly a dirty word in this household. What I am wanting, is to lead by a better example. I’m wanting to show them a better way, without going to extremes or forcing anything down anyone’s throat.


Shopping healthy | Around the outside


For me, I know it’s a simple case of getting back to food basics on the home front by shopping around the outside starting with fresh produce and cutting out the crap (not that there really is much crap) but I also needed to take the guess work out of things. I wanted a family friendly program that helped me do this.


I wanted more than a bunch of quick and easy healthy recipes. I wanted expert advice, I wanted support and lots of it.


Which is why I turned to qualified nutritionist, health writer and mother Michele Chevalley Hedge the owner and founder of A Healthy View. Michele is often referred to as the ‘modern-day nutritionist’. Someone who loves to eat and also cook. Someone that believes ‘extremes’ do not work. Someone that believes in getting back to basics with real food.


Michele’s 28 day low sugar lifestyle program kicking off on April 20, is going to help me get my family’s eating habits back on a better track.


This is why…..


  • No extremes of quitting sugar or being Paleo Perfect
  • Easy recipes with ingredients you can get from your supermarket
  • Meal plans and advice from a nutritionist and mum
  • Clean, real food and personal support
  • Better physical, mental and emotional health for my family through a Low Sugar Lifestyle.


It was the fact Michelle is not only a nutritionist but a mother and her recipes are nutritious, family friendly, no-fuss, catering for all ages and tastes that sealed the deal for me. Whole, real foods with ingredients sourced from your local supermarket.



The 28 day program is normally $79 but to celebrate the release of ‘That Sugar Film’ they are currently offering everyone $20 off the April Program.  For me, it’s well worth the investment for my family.


I’m really looking forward to ‘casing’ this program and sharing my journey with you. I’m also looking for two mums/families to join me and thanks to A Healthy View we have two 28 day low sugar lifestyle programs up for grabs. Just follow the Rafflecopter prompts to enter.


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28 day low sugar lifestyle program, That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)



Want to know more or want a free taste of the program? Head here for your FREE download.



Have you seen That Sugar Film? Did it change the way you look at healthy and diet food?

Would you attempt a low sugar approach with your family?


*I was gifted two 28 day low sugar lifestyle programs for this giveaway.

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  1. i am trying very hard to limit my sugar intake, problem is i have a sweet tooth. We don’t do desserts much these days, but my challenge is chocolate. I just struggle with it!

    • All my family are chocoholics Stephanie. We limit our sugar intake as well but That Sugar Film really opened my eyes as to how much hidden sugar is in health foods. For the record though, nothing wrong with good quality chocolate and a bit of sweet stuff in moderation.

  2. Sugar is the key for me, I just indulged in the weekend and am paying the price with pain, feeling sluggish and craving more! I never buy anything ‘diet’ and love ‘full fat’ x

    • Feeling sluggish and craving more is exactly right. While I’m not 100%, and fear I’m not able to get back there, the slight changes have made my day to day stuff more manageable. I just know this program is going to help get all of my family on a better track.

  3. Ahhhh you’re speaking my language. I’ve come to the conclusion that food is medicine and medicine is food and that old saying “you are what you eat” is very true! I hadn’t heard of either “that sugar film” or the low sugar lifestyle program but agree with both. It’s basically about avoiding processed foods and like was mentioned – shop around the outside edges of a supermarket where the fresh produce is … and avoid what is in the middle … processed foods with hidden sugars – blah! So glad to hear you are feeling better! 🙂

    • I still have a long way to go health wise and not sure if I will ever get back to my old self but it’s a start and one that I want to hopefully continue with through better food and lifestyle choices.

  4. I haven’t seen it but would love to. I have done no sugar before but fell off the wagon and would love to get back on. Low sugar is better than no sugar.

  5. I haven’t seen the movie but I will. I’m fascinated that sugar has such an affect and o know it’s hidden in pretty much everything that’s on a packet. I’m with you that everything in moderation is the way to go when you have kids, though.

  6. I would love to reduce the amount of sugar our family ate for both my own health reasons and I think my daughter’s athletic endeavours would also benefit from this. I’d love to receive good advice on how to do this. I try to cook most of our dinners from scratch but some nights I do resort to prepared sauces which I know are not the best. Breakfast cereals are another bug bear of mine. The children love them, they are quick and easy but I suspect not the best for them. I’m looking forward to winter and serving them porridge again!

    • I think cooking from scratch and knowing exactly what is in your food, really is the best approach. Breakfasts as far as my girls are concerned are probably our biggest problem area because with 5 people trying to get up and out the door at the same time with 1 1/2 bathrooms, time is of the essence and cereal is quick and easy.

    • Congratulations Ingrid. You have been selected as one of our two winners, to join the program. Could you please make contact ASAP to confirm you are available and still willing to start April 20.

  7. I am in Raych this is exactly what I need those liquorice allsorts need to be gone. Really great post ! I must watch that movie I had read about it and knew I needed to see it. It’s quite scary actually.

    • LOL I’m not a fan of liquorice allsorts, chocolate use to be my downfall. I think since watching the film, I’ve been back cooking from scratch and shopping around the outside more than ever.

  8. I saw the movie last weekend. It’s fantastic. Not a huge eye opener for me in a lot of ways … except for some of the stats and scientific findings. OMG thems some scary stuff, eh?! I’m recommending to everyone who’ll listen that it’s a must see … adults and kids alike (kids especially!) It reinforced what I’ve been working on with my family for the last few years. What I do know is that completely killing off sugar in our household is totally unrealistic … because … chocolate!!! Wherever possible I use honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup, coconut sugar … all of the less processed, lower GI options. I do struggle sometimes with inspiration for new and interesting, easy to prepare midweek meals for my family. Nothing will make me pick up a processed jar or packet mix anymore though. I’m done with that muck! jx

  9. I haven’t watched That Sugar Film yet but I remember being made aware how much society’s sugar consumption has increased astronomically since the 50’s and 60’s.
    I’m not on a no sugar diet but I do steer clear from soda drinks and lollies.
    I’d be interested in trying Michele’s program. It doesn’t sound as extreme as others.

  10. I have not seen the film yet, but my newsfeed etc. is full of quit sugar things today. Thank you Universe, message received loud and clear, it is time to tackle my sweet tooth and the few goodies that I love way too much. I love the idea of not killing it off completely but finding a healthier balance.

  11. I had not heard of that film but looks so interesting!! I am already planning my detox and diet for when I get home! This trip has not been good for me food wise (white rice, white rice, white rice…every day!!!) and I need to make sure I get back on track the minute I step off the plane! This would help so much!!

    • The film is definitely worth casing Zita, you won’t look at packaged health or diet foods the same way. I’m not great with white rice, so that diet would have me pretty miserable. Happy to support your detox endeavours when you return.

  12. I look forward to following your journey on the program. I try to reduce our family’s sugar intake where possible too, but I find it is harder to get my little and big boy on board too!

    • I really wasn’t sure what to expect with That Sugar Film, but it was surprisingly informative and proof really was in the pudding, so to speak. You must watch it. Cooking from scratch as much as possible is a great start.

  13. Yes! I loved That Sugar Film. The message was told so well…I have been telling every person I see to go watch it! I’m interested to see how the program goes for you and your family!

    I don’t like labelling myself, however I have “quit sugar” and follow a low fructose diet. For me personally, I couldn’t just cut down – I was too addicted! But that’s just what worked for me, everyone is different. I just focus on preparing as much as I can myself so we avoid preservatives as well as sugar.

    Thanks for linking up with Wellness Wednesday! 🙂

    • I come to love veggies and have a lot of fun experimenting with them. Gone are the days where you have to boil the guts out of vegetables before you put them on the table.

  14. Isn’t it crazy to hear of the hidden sugars in things?! But you’re so right, there’s got to be a balance of sustainable and realistic when it comes to ‘diets’. I think sometimes it’s just getting through that ‘withdrawal’ period with the sugars, and once you’re past that, it doesn’t feel like you really need them at all. Good on you! x

  15. In the past month or so I’ve made a dedicated effort to eat ‘cleaner’. I’ve lost weight and feel great, but preparing meals that aren’t boring is getting tedious. I need some tasty ideas before my family retaliates!
    I have “That Sugar Book”, which I confess I haven’t started on, but I’m really hoping to take my family to see the film.

    • That Sugar Film is definitely worth casing. It really has me looking at just how much packaged and prepared food we are eating and more importantly the hidden sugars and additives in them. Have to agree keeping the meals interesting is hard work.

    • Congratulations Paula, you’ve been selected as one of our winners. Could you please touch base ASAP to confirm that you are still willing and able to commence the program April 20.

      • Thank you so much Raychael! I am willing and able to start on 20th April.
        I really need to work out how to get notifications on blog comments.
        P.S. I thought I deleted my Easter pic before I posted! It shows the mixed messages my Easter Bunny was sending me.

  16. I’ve lost 10 kilos and need to lose another 2 to get to my goal weight, Unfortunately I’ve hit that dreaded plateau and nothing I’m doing ( low fat diet and extra exercising) is changing the numbers on the scale. Its been this way for 6 weeks now. This program may be the answer to my problems and Im keen to explore it

    • When you say low fat Wendy, are you having processed diet products? Because I’m guessing they will contain a lot of sugar. Have you seen That Sugar Film? Well done on losing 10 kilos. It’s always the last few kilos that are the hardest to lose.

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