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28 day low sugar lifestyle program, That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)

That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)


Change, it doesn’t need to be extreme. Although that’s possibly a tad rich coming from all or nothing me but the thing is, following my 5-day juice cleanse which I followed up with 3 weeks of super healthy eating, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. Which is saying something, given my auto-immune condition, digestive issues and complete lack of energy that I’ve been suffering (really suffering) with for over 18 months.


So good, that I’m wanting to drag my little family (hubby and three girls 14, 15 & 16) with me but the extremism of my diet (basically green smoothies together with lots of fruit and vegetables) isn’t for everybody, why it’s not sustainable or sensible in the long-term, even for all or nothing me.


I’ve also been under the misconception that my family were on a pretty healthy diet BUT ‘That Sugar Film‘ was a real eye opener and game changer.  I honestly haven’t been able to look at packaged so-called diet and health foods the same way since. If you haven’t already seen it, do yourself and your family a huge favour and go watch it.



That Sugar Film‘ for me, was alarmingly informative. Facts backed up by science to a degree and one hell of an experiment where an extremely healthy dude (actor Damon Gameau) adopted a so-called healthy albeit packaged diet and went down hill rapidly (fatty liver for starters) in a matter of weeks. There were no chips, chocolate or ice-cream. Just packaged healthy food my family eats day in day out. I was shocked.


I was surprised to learn the average person on a healthy diet, consumes 40 teaspoons of mostly hidden sugar each day. Just for the record, the recommended average is 12 teaspoons for males and 6 for females.


On my old approach to healthy eating, my diet yoghurt topped with low-fat healthy cereal pretty much had me going over my daily sugar allowance before 6am. It’s hard not to walk away from that film and want to go to extreme lengths when it comes to my family and their diet.


But it wasn’t just ‘That Sugar Film’ or sugar in general that had me looking at how my family approaches food. It wasn’t the only reason I knew we needed to change.


All our three girls are knee-deep in tests at the moment. It’s an anxious time, especially with our eldest in Year 11, who has more pressure and stress than I ever remember at that age. I’ve noticed lately she seems to be picking up more colds/bugs than usual and seems rather run down. I’ve also noticed how much she relies on sugar and sugary drinks to pick herself up. Things we never really had in the house but now with her after school job and her own money, I have little control over.


For the record though, with my girls at a certain age, I’m not wanting to control their diet or put anyone on a diet, far from it. Diet is honestly a dirty word in this household. What I am wanting, is to lead by a better example. I’m wanting to show them a better way, without going to extremes or forcing anything down anyone’s throat.


Shopping healthy | Around the outside


For me, I know it’s a simple case of getting back to food basics on the home front by shopping around the outside starting with fresh produce and cutting out the crap (not that there really is much crap) but I also needed to take the guess work out of things. I wanted a family friendly program that helped me do this.


I wanted more than a bunch of quick and easy healthy recipes. I wanted expert advice, I wanted support and lots of it.


Which is why I turned to qualified nutritionist, health writer and mother Michele Chevalley Hedge the owner and founder of A Healthy View. Michele is often referred to as the ‘modern-day nutritionist’. Someone who loves to eat and also cook. Someone that believes ‘extremes’ do not work. Someone that believes in getting back to basics with real food.


Michele’s 28 day low sugar lifestyle program kicking off on April 20, is going to help me get my family’s eating habits back on a better track.


This is why…..


  • No extremes of quitting sugar or being Paleo Perfect
  • Easy recipes with ingredients you can get from your supermarket
  • Meal plans and advice from a nutritionist and mum
  • Clean, real food and personal support
  • Better physical, mental and emotional health for my family through a Low Sugar Lifestyle.


It was the fact Michelle is not only a nutritionist but a mother and her recipes are nutritious, family friendly, no-fuss, catering for all ages and tastes that sealed the deal for me. Whole, real foods with ingredients sourced from your local supermarket.



The 28 day program is normally $79 but to celebrate the release of ‘That Sugar Film’ they are currently offering everyone $20 off the April Program.  For me, it’s well worth the investment for my family.


I’m really looking forward to ‘casing’ this program and sharing my journey with you. I’m also looking for two mums/families to join me and thanks to A Healthy View we have two 28 day low sugar lifestyle programs up for grabs. Just follow the Rafflecopter prompts to enter.


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28 day low sugar lifestyle program, That Sugar Diet and The Way Forward (for my family)



Want to know more or want a free taste of the program? Head here for your FREE download.



Have you seen That Sugar Film? Did it change the way you look at healthy and diet food?

Would you attempt a low sugar approach with your family?


*I was gifted two 28 day low sugar lifestyle programs for this giveaway.

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