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Go Greece Lightening?


A little play on words and another short but sweet post from me this week, as I welcome my hubby home from sea after almost a month and prepare to send my eldest (Miss 16) off on the trip of a lifetime to Greece this Friday with a small school group.


I’m an extremely anxious proud mother to say the least. Impressed that my daughter has saved the entire almost $5k to pay for the trip and spending money out of her earnings from her after school job but also anxious about being so far away from her. Especially when I’m told there will be lots of free time to go exploring on their own without teacher supervision.


Agent Mystery Case | Miss 16

Agent Mystery Case Miss 16

Mr C & Miss 16 | Agent Mystery Case


If you have a blog post worth casing this week or you are playing along for Wordless Wednesday (something I clearly struggle with), this is the place to link up. I’m always looking for new blogs to case.


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Do you remember your first big trip away? Where did you go and what exactly did you get up to?

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  1. She’s a really sweet girl. Hope she enjoys her school trip to Greece. My eldest is going on a school trip too but next month and they are going to Ho Chi Min City , Vietnam.

  2. I am impressed with your daughter too! 🙂 That is something I wish to cultivate with Little One too! I hope she would enjoy her school trip too!

  3. Wow! she did very well to save all that on here own well done …she looks very pretty, nice photos 🙂

    I am sure she will enjoy her trip immensely 🙂

    Have a proudtastic week 🙂

    • Thanks Karren, we have a rare 2 days where the whole family is home, so going to make the most of it and have a bit of time offline. Will catch up with blog hopping over the weekend.

  4. She is very pretty and I am sure very smart also. Does pictures are great, a trip on her own at 16 can be very stressing for the parents but sometimes we have to let them experience the world.

    You have build a base and now it’s time for her to keep building on top of that foundation.

    I wish her the best, to have fun and always be safe!!

  5. She is such a gorgeous girl. She’ll have an amazing time, what an experience! And well done Miss 16 for saving up so much cash!

  6. Your should be so proud of her. Greece….how cool! I grew up with Greek neighbors. I just loved them! She’ll have a great time! I hope we get to see some pics when she gets back!

  7. That’s great that she earned the money for her trip. She is a beautiful young lady you have every reason to be incredibly proud of her! It sounds like an amazing opportunity and what a gorgeous place to visit. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece myself. I hope she has fun, but not too much fun (I am a Mom after all lol) on her trip and that her travels are safe!

    Wishing you a fabulous week and a very Happy Easter!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

  8. Well that’s just awesome. Not only for saving the money but travelling at 16! So good to see the world and gain perspective! Love the bougainvillea too 😉

  9. Gorgeous pictures. Sorry bit late to linking up. Is the link up Tuesday or Wednesday? Love the colour of Miss 16’s dress, hope she has a great trip.
    Jules x

    • Not late at all Julie. It’s worth casing Wednesday but I tend to hit publish early as I’m always playing catch up on Wednesday and a few of my favourites like to check in on Tuesday evening.

  10. Wow how lucky that she can visit Greece at 16, I would have killed for that opportunity so young. Hell, I’d kill to visit Greece now!

  11. congratulations to your daughter for saving the cash to go on this trip. What a wonderful opportunity and how amazing it will be. I wish I had had the chance to travel young. You just need stay calm about it!
    Have a great week and thanks for the linkup.

  12. What a wonderful adventure this trip will be for your daughter! And well done to her for earning the money to pay for the trip herself! Very impressive! I hope she sends you regular texts and/or photos whilst she’s away to allay your anxiety!

  13. She looks stunning – what a wonderful adventure! I totally get the anxiety but you know she is going to have the trip of a lifetime! At least, you’ll have your mind on other things, now that hubster is home! Huzzah! It feels like that went really quick from this end, how was it from yours? Hope it’s a happy homecoming and a fond farewell xx

    • I wish I was going with her. As far as hubby away, it seems like it was only yesterday that he left now, but gosh it went super slow. Had a week if not more of barely coping, so really glad he is home.

  14. She is absolutely beautiful! And I’m just wee bit jealous that she is going to Greece and I’m not! Thank you for joining us at the Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday! I look forward to seeing you again next week!
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  15. Golly, your daughter is stunning! She’s obviously very hard working too – that’s an impressive achievement to save so much at such a young age. Hope she has a super, safe and serene trip. x

    • Thanks Tonia. I do worry that she has been focusing more on the money making side of things and her trip and less on her studies. Hopefully when she returns, the focus can change.

  16. Your daughter is beautiful! I love that she matches the flower bush behind her. *fun and safe sparkles for her trip*

  17. your daughter looks gorgeous raych! that purple is beautiful on her! .. with matching flowers on the bush! … lovely!
    it is hard letting go! but it must be done! … I’m sure she is very sensible!
    lucky hubby is home for moral support and diversion!
    all the best and hope she has an ab/fab time! what an experience at her age!
    love m:)X

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