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There are many reasons you may be thinking of taking on a juice cleanse. Today I’m sharing mine together with the highs and lows of my five day juice cleanse with Pure Glow Cleanse.


I also have a one day cleanse up for grabs for one lucky Perth follower


This isn’t about styling pretty pics, this is the keeping it real side to juice cleansing and detoxing. Photos or it didn’t happen doesn’t necessarily apply. Because honestly you don’t need photographic evidence of every explosive moment.


If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about juice cleanses, this is the place to ask.


The Why Factor

  • Allergies
  • Immune system
  • Chronic illness
  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Mental health
  • Skin conditions
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight loss
  • Women’s issues


I recently opened up about my ongoing health issues (Pieces of me – living with an invisible illness) and I could probably tick most of the above, especially the weight side of things but my health issues mean weight loss, even though it would benefit me, wasn’t on the agenda here. 

I didn’t head stomach first into this, expecting to be juicing my butt off, so to speak, this was all about detoxing with a view to kick starting my five weeks of wellbeing. A big part of which is focusing on my diet and giving my poorly functioning digestive tract a much needed rest. 


Pure Glow Cleanse?

When I first looked into juice cleanses last year, Pure Glow Cleanse was one of the first to hit the Perth market. I personally knew one of the founders Annette through Wellness WA.

Having put me through my health and wellness paces on a number of occasions, I knew I was in the right hands with Annette and Pure Glow Cleanse was a program I could trust.

I was also impressed with their Nutritionist Angela Ferguson.  Angela is a holistic nutritionist and health coach who is there to support you in managing and minimising your health conditions.  Her approach and focal belief that food = medicine and what you eat influences how you think, feel and look, really resonated with me.

I thought briefly about going DIY but with my health issues, I needed to take the nutritional guess work out of the equation. I also wasn’t keen to fork out money on equipment, I knew would only be used occasionally.



Even if you don’t have health issues like me, if you are thinking of undertaking anything longer than a three day juice cleanse or you are taking current medication, your detox journey really needs to start with a trip to your GP.

I don’t drink alcohol and due to food intolerance (& health issues) have a fairly restricted diet as it is. I’ve been having a lot of green smoothies over the last twelve months and moved away from overly processed foods, which I think helps make the detox process not so vicious.

With the rest of my family continuing their foodie loving ways, I was unable to clear the fridge and house of all temptation. Luckily I’ve become accustomed, for the most part, to smelling and watching my favourite foods being devoured in front of my eyes over the last year.

So far I haven’t killed or eaten anyone that is eating in front of me but my family have taken over cooking their own meals and I generally avoided the dinner table at meal times throughout the cleanse.

My cleanse kicked off the day after my daughter’s 14th birthday where the family indulged in cake with lots of leftovers. I finished the morning after her sleepover party where party food was in abundance. If you have absolutely no will power, I wouldn’t recommend this approach.


giving up coffee


In the lead up to my five day juice cleanse with Pure Glow Cleanse, I cut back on my coffee intake and then cut it out altogether two days prior. I also had a hearty brunch the morning before which included two thin slices of sour dough bread, bread being something I normally can’t stomach. Which lead to nothing more than a green smoothie for dinner and a lot of detoxing that night.

My thyroid medication needs to be taken an hour before my first meal of the day. Which includes juices. So I took the hour for some light stretches, a long cold glass of water and dabbled rather badly with some meditation.

I was advised by my GP not to exercise while on the juice cleanse but that was only due to my health issues. I did partake in some light yoga moves of an evening. The majority of people are able to go about their daily jobs and routines while completing the cleanse.


My 5 day cleanse journal | The Good, the Bad and the TMI

My first lot of juice arrive, a whole 18 bottles worth and I focus on my intention for this cleanse. I take a quick photo or ten and wonder how the other glowers that have gone before me, manage to get out and about, looking so friggin glamorous and deliriously happy in their Instagram photos while partaking on their juice cleanses.


 18 Green Bottles Sitting on a wall | Pure Glow Cleanse | Juice Cleanse | Agent Mystery Case


Day 1

6am Sunrise Elixir: This reminds me of my sassy water (water infused with lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint) that I try to drink a few times a week but with a bit more punch. I’m off to a good start but my Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of drool worthy food photos.

8am Glowing Greens: When I read the tip about chewing this if you are feeling the need to chew, I laughed out loud but you know what, the consistency is thick. This one is more like the green smoothies I’m use to and it was a real thrill to find a tiny piece of kale at the bottom of my juice. I really made a meal of that one.

10am Green Guru: I feel like snacking at this point but embrace the green and juice factor. I’m behind in my water intake but don’t feel like I can drink much more.

11:11am There was movement at the station for the juice had got around…..rather than make you sick to the stomach with the blow by explosive blow details. Let’s just call it the air freshener factor from here on in. 1. being not so offensive and 10. worse case. Actually, I probably should just keep this side of things to myself.

12pm My stomach is strangely talking to me at this point or should that be talking to me strangely. I put my next juice off for a bit and enjoy a cold glass of water. As a general rule, you aim to drink one juice every two hours.

2pm Good Karma: Back on track and looking lovingly at the orange variety factor in the latest juice. 

3pm Distracting myself with a bit of online retail therapy. I feel like snacking or chewing at this point but pour myself a cup of decaffeinated tea instead.

4pm Buddha Juice: My eldest daughter is home from school early and snacking on vegetable dumplings. OMG the smell is doing my head in.  I didn’t realise just how much I love dumplings. I’m sipping on my green juice trying not to hate her.

6pm I should be sitting down to my last juice for the day but headache from hell has set in and I’m sipping a tea that I made earlier and left to cool in the fridge.

6:30pm A cold shower and washing my hair has helped slightly with the headache.

6.45pm Chai Vanilla Dream: I’m actually not hungry even though the rest of the house is sitting down to a cooked and smelling divine meal. I’m in another room, relaxing with my last juice for the night. Taking things slow and loving the nutty and spicy flavours of this one.



Pure Glow Cleanse Review | Agent Mystery Case | Sweet Dreams


Day 2

Weighed myself this morning, appreciating that this isn’t about the weight but keeping track all the same. Down just under 1 kilo.  Suffered a bit of nausea overnight but feeling much better this morning.

It took me 40 minutes to drink my juice this morning. I wasn’t the least bit hungry. Even pictures of mouth watering Choc Bourbon Waffle Donuts on Facebook didn’t phase me.

I normally have no issue with drinking 1 to 2 litres of water each day but I’m struggling with this side of it.

I feel like I’ve breezed through day two. I’m slightly concerned. I was expecting worse. Much worse. Still one juice to go but I’m heading out to a move preview and will save it for my return. Hoping things don’t go pear shaped and I get to see the entire film.


Day 3

Feeling better than I expected I would. Last night was tough at a movie preview. It was like I could smell each individual coffee bean that the couple in front of me were sipping on. I could smell the popcorn a block away and we had the walk in the valley of doom with all the open air style eateries on the way to the cinema. Both sides of the road, so no avoiding them.

I’m not hungry and I’m really taking the time to sip my juices today. I’m indulging my sense of smell and helping with the skin detoxing with a coffee face and body scrub. The smell of the scrub is insane and it takes all my will power not to make a coffee for myself.


Agent Mystery Case | Scrub it Away face and body coffee scrub


My stomach around lunch time was feeling a tad upset but in the scheme of things not as bad as I’ve experienced previously.

I’m starting to think about what food I would like to have once finished. Strangely the super fresh red capsicum that is sharing my oversized veggie draw with my juice is calling to me. I’m also thinking about fresh salsa with red onion and lime.

My stomach is speaking a strange and foreign language this afternoon. Another movie preview tonight, so I’m hoping it quietens down soon.

This time it’s an open air movie for opening night and includes free pizza, wine and bear. Hubby makes a meal of my share and I’m doing surprisingly ok. Another walk down the valley of restaurants, this time in Leederville. My sense of smell is heightened, especially when it concerns food.


Day 4

My last two days of juices arrived last night and I’m feeling better than expected. Not hungry in the least. I’m finding the juices a little too filling, so really taking my time to sit and make a meal of them. Have upped my water intake but it’s still not close to 2 litres.

I turned to scented candles from Evaglo this evening with some hilarious repercussion. They’re the sort of candle that you can use the heated oil on the body for a massage.

Only when I asked hubby to decide on the scent of the evening ‘aphrodisiac’ or ‘french pear’, he clearly thought something else was on the agenda and asked for a side serving of oysters. As if.


Evaglo Candle


Day 5

I’m going to be completely honest and say while I’m doing really well, I’m getting a bit bored of the same juices, even if there are six different varieties per day but each day it is the same six in the same order.

I’m craving some live online support at this stage by way of an actual group or community rather than just the email support. I head to Instagram and case others also doing the juice cleanse this week.

I’m also craving beetroot and capsicum like you wouldn’t believe and then there’s coffee. Oh how I want a coffee, but my sleep stats for the week have improved and I think cutting down on the coffee over the last month, in the lead up to this and going cold turkey two days out has given me some real results in the sleep department.


For survey purposes I questioned hubby after my cleanse

I joked in the lead up that I should probably come with a warning. I was expecting major ongoing headaches and detoxing that would leave me debilitated and irritable, especially when I was in the vicinity of people (mainly my family of foodies) eating food.


Me: Am I glowing? Hubby: Yes

Me: Have I been detox moody? Hubby: No more moody than normal

Me: How long would you last on a juice cleanse? Hubby: about 5 minutes


Proof is in the pudding

Or in this case the five day juice cleanse with Pure Glow Cleanse. I almost hit my sleep target on the final night after averaging three to four hours for months. I also managed to reach my 10k step target before my first non juice breakfast in five days. A massive step in the right direction if you ask me.


Jawbone Up fitness band results agent mystery case


Did I lose weight?

Yes, almost 4 kilos BUT and it’s a big one, I have a thyroid issue and I’m on medication that impacts my ability to lose weight, so I don’t expect this weight loss is anything more than fluid loss. Which isn’t a bad thing, considering I’ve been retaining fluid like I’m 42 weeks pregnant for several months now.

It was a great feeling to wake and actually see my wrankes (water retaining ankles) had transformed back into cankles.


Do I think I’m glowing?

Possibly, if you ask anyone around me the answer would be YES. I think if I didn’t have all the health issues and meds impacting me, you would see even more of a difference.

My skin broke out day two, I probably also didn’t drink nearly enough water throughout the entire process. I’m use to drinking 1 to 2 litres a day but when you add the juice factor to the equation it was just too much liquid for me.

What goes in must go out, so there were a lot of trips to the bathroom throughout the day but surprisingly, not overnight.


Pure Glow Cleanse make up free selfie

The celebratory after cleanse make up free selfie.

Head HERE for the before photo


Did I miss food?

I generally missed sitting down at the table with my family, catching up on the activities of the day. I only managed to do this on two occasions, the rest of the time, I just felt it was better for all involved if I avoided my favourite people and food at meal time.


Did I go to food crazy town the minute I finished?

Pleased and proud to say a huge no to this. With my daughter’s 14th party in full swing and a full cooked breakfast on the menu. I opted to go for a long walk before breakfast with a friend.

Pure Glow Cleanse recommend you ease your way back into eating with a green smoothie but after 12 months of feeling like I’ve been living on the stuff and five days of not chewing, I really wanted to crunch on something flavoursome.

Before heading off for my walk I had a huge glass of water and a handful of grapes. I also made up my non tahini version of hummus and sliced fresh veggies so it would be ready and waiting for my return, knowing eggs, bacon, pancakes and chocolate Danish were on the birthday breakfast menu and wanting to avoid the temptation.


Would I do this again?

Yes, if I time travelled back and had my chance again, knowing what I know now, I would definitely do this over again.

Next time round though and yes I’m planning on a next round, I would possibly look at a three day cleanse and then something different for day four onwards with a view to extending the cleanse to a complete week and adding a bit more variety.

I would also seek out a buddy or touch base with others doing the cleanse at the same time.


What NOW?

I would like to attempt a 99% raw diet for the next three weeks, to continue to give my digestive tract a much needed break. I’m concerned though that doing this on my own is too much of a nutritional guessing game, something I can’t afford to do with my health the way it is. So once again I will be looking to the experts.

I’m not convinced my picture of raw food is everyone elses. Basically, I just want to get back to basics with my fruit and vegetables over the next three weeks as I slowly introduce more variety of food back into my diet with a view to moving even further away from processed foods.


Shopping healthy | Around the outside


I’ve always shopped around the outside, starting with fresh produce and will continue to do so. The 1% will possibly be fish or eggs and an occasional treat, so I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.


What have I missed? 

Now my experience, especially taking my health issues into consideration, isn’t going to be everyone elses. After completing my cleanse and review, I went looking for further Pure Glow Cleanse reviews and I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite Perth Bloggers who have cased the one & three day juice cleanses.





The Fashionable Mum 

My one day juice cleanse was actually a lot less difficult than I imagined it would be for a green juice Virgin like me! The juices were so tasty and filling too. I’d definitely think about giving a three day cleanse a whirl.


Pure Glow Cleanse | Vintage Chic


Vintage Chic

All in all I found the juice cleanse fairly easy to get through as I wasn’t hungry at all for most of the day.





Inspiring Wit Pure Glow Cleanse Juice Review


Inspiring Wit

I found the cleanse to be really easy. I got hungry only between juices during the middle of the day and when I felt bored of them because I liked the look of my partner’s meals.


Oyster and Pearl Pure Glow Juice Cleanse


Oyster and Pearl

Throughout the cleanse I maintained my usual routine. I went to the gym each day after work and stuck to my normal workout, which is mostly weight based.


Where the style things are pure glow cleanse


Where the styled things are

My biggest challenge…giving up food for 3 days and replacing my diet with cold pressed juice! I am the kind of person who says “Food is your friend” and have never been on a shake diet or thought it was necessary.



Want to know more? Just ask or head over and case Pure Glow Cleanse for yourself. 




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  1. I have loved following your clense on instragram and facebook and since you started I have been busy investigating them. I would love to try it out!

      • Thanks…. when I do it I may be messaging you for support 😉 if I win or not I think im going to give it a go. Im so tired all the time and I have decided this is the year to start looking after myself!

        • Happy to be your support buddy Megan. So to hear you are feeling so tired all the time, I can totally relate. I still have a rather rare spring in my step this morning and still craving real and nourishing food.

  2. I would love to get my glow on! I have been thinking about doing a juice cleanse for a while now, and would prefer to start out with a 1-day cleanse. I have been feeling really sluggish and fatigued lately with increased workload and other stuff, so feel like I need to hit the reset button!

  3. I would love my glow on too. I am thinking 4kgs down would be great and the Chai Vanilla Dream looks yummy.

  4. Problems with my gut that still go unsolved is why I would like to try a juice cleanse. There’s also the PCOS that runs absolute havoc that makes it hard for me to loose weight. I sleep well and run every second day but I am seriously considering giving the 1 day cleanse a go to give my body a kick.

  5. Well, I think your photo says it all, you look really well. I think I could manage a day but no longer . . . and the green ones might be an issue for me. The others sound really pleasant though! I’m glad you’re feeling a result and that your 5 week mission is off to a good start.

    • I think if you have small kids and you are still making their meals as well, it would be complete torture. I’ve already had the torture about 12 months ago when I was on clear fluids and in-laws were staying and demanding a full cooked (by me) breakfast after their all you can eat cruise. How everyone involved survived that week, is beyond me.

  6. Ok I am totally convinced and will need to look into one close to me when I get home! Have always wanted to do one but worried about craving ‘real’ food and being hungry but all the reviewers have said they weren’t hungry so that’s good. Also wondering about the toileting! Haha, guess I got my answer!

  7. Well done ! You look great. I am inspired. I am not sure how long I would last but I would like to give it a go. I need to go on a serious sugar detox.

  8. I have a hard enough time drinking small amounts of Mick’s Witches Brews let alone a juice detox. But I totally get that some folk have health issues and intolerances and it’s the only option. A friend of mine suffered from intolerances and IBS and started doing something called Raw Until Four and she swears by it. You look great in the photo. Hopefully you feel better too. That’s the main thing. xo

    • I don’t know what I’m feeling at the moment after the biopsies on Tuesday. I was feeling like I had more spring in my step after the juice cleanse. Keen to hear more about Mick’s Witches Brews and Raw Until Four.

  9. You look great in that pic Raych! The cleanse sounds great – will have to have a look for similar cleanses here on the east coast. I’m really interested to see how the rest of your wellness journey goes as we are also trying to up our real food intake and reduce the processed crap. Fingers crossed it will make a difference to how you feel x

    • Thanks Kirsty. I was at a media preview of That Sugar Film last night. If you get the chance you really should watch this documentary. I’m now looking twice at the supposed healthy stuff in my fridge and pantry and even more determined to just get back to basics which means for the most part fresh, unprocessed, real food.

  10. After reading your journal, I definitely want to try it. I’ve got IBS and although I try and steer clear of all the foods that are no good for me, I’m not always so strong. I’ve got a penchant for fruit but I generally only like fruit in juice or smoothie forms, so this would be perfect – kill 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak!

  11. Name a diet and I’ve tried it. I’ve heard heaps about the juice detox and I think I’d like to get me glow on without actually carrying a baby! If detoxing my body and giving away food for a few days just to get my glow, bring it on. My mum always told me you must suffer to be beautiful! Mother knows best!

    • I suppose a lot of people would take this on to kick start a diet. Apart from missing my coffee, I really didn’t feel like I suffered on the juice cleanse. I’m actually contemplating doing a 1-day one soon.

  12. What a fantastic review. I’ve been keen to know more about juice cleanses and wouldn’t mind trying this one for myself. Not sure I could do 5 full days but the 1 day one seems manageable. I’ve recently lost 10 kilos with 5 kilos to go. This would give me the gentle push I need to get back on track.

    • Go you on the weight loss. Well done. I really could do with losing 15 kilos myself but I’m trying to focus on just being healthy because weight loss for me really is mission impossible at the moment.

  13. Wow! Five days must’ve felt like forever! Good on you for getting to the end. You look wonderful in your selfie. It’s also great that the Pure Glow Cleanse people are so qualified. Unfortunately, I live outside the delivery zone, but your post has spurred me on to continue my current ‘clean-er’ eating.

  14. Great review! I’d love to give this a try after slowly gaining weight from 3 knee operations in 14 months from a sporting accident. This would be the kick start I need.

    • Ouch Kylie that must have been painful and terribly frustrating for you. Hopefully you are on the mend now. This would definitely be a great kick start for you. Thanks for entering.

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