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Brunch, it’s basically morning tea on steroids. A substantial meal slotted in somewhere between (and generally in place of) breakfast and lunch. A meal that I’ve often reserved for those lazy start to the day Sundays. Over time and since having children, I now find it’s the perfect meal and time of the day to catch up with friends, no matter what the occasion or day it is.


Today, I’m sharing the first of my top five places to brunch NOR (North of the river) here in Perth. This time next month I’ll be heading into the CBD to share my favourites there and then who knows. I may even break a few NOR/SOR rules and head South of the river with some mystery guest bloggers, as I finally bring food reviews back to the blog in a big way.


For the most part, for me, this isn’t a free ride or a free meal. You can read all about my extensive review process here.


One thing I do struggle with is the pricing side of things. I must say, it’s taken me a good five years dining and reviewing restaurants (offline) in Perth to appreciate what would have once been unreasonable, pricing wise, to me over East is now reasonable. A lot like the whole NOR/SOR shenanigans, it’s a Perth thing.


I’m also having a lot of frustrating fun playing around with a worth casing food review app and a plugin for the blog to streamline the review process, so we can eventually include guest reviewers. Because…. you know me, I don’t have enough on my plate as it is.


Speaking of plates. I believe there is a movement that is calling on restaurants to get back to actually serving food on plates rather than bread boards, chalk boards and a whole host of other alternative and eclectic crockery.  Personally, I don’t mind quirky. I rather like different. As long as the food tastes fabulous and makes it to the table, why should it matter?


Sunday Brunch | Rosemount Hotel - North Perth


A lazy start to Sunday never looked so good. Especially when someone else is doing the cooking. With gourmet brunch on offer, $10 Bloody Marys and free kids activities.... what’s not to love about a Sunday Brunch at Rosies?

Every Sunday during summer from 10am

459 Fitzgerald Street North Perth

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While I wouldn’t say Rosemount Hotel have an extensive brunch menu and they only serve brunch on Sunday from 10 am, there really is a little something for everyone. If you are partial to a stiff drink at that time of the morning, why not try a bacon Bourbon bloody Mary garnished with pickles, olives, cheese and bacon?! That’s right bacon.


Personally, I prefer my Marys of the virgin variety but bring on the bacon and why not throw in a splash of sriracha sauce for some extra spice, because some like it hot.


rosemount-hotel-brunch Bloody Mary with bacon


rosemount-hotel-brunch breakfast review


The brunch menu isn’t exactly traditional here, there is an impressive gourmet bacon and egg roll but the rest of the menu certainly has an interesting twist to it.


For starters, the Margaret River tempeh, slaw and satay burger ($11) and Mondo’s bratwurst hotdog with caramelised onions ($10) are guaranteed to give your taste buds an interesting start to the day. Then there is my favourite (pictured above) home fries with chorizo, fried egg, peppers and spring onions ($12).


rosemount-hotel-brunch chickpea burger


rosemount-hotel-brunch hotdog


There are also a variety of bagels on offer from The Holy Bagel Company, starting from $7.


The meals are mouth watering and on the substantial side. They are also reasonably priced for Perth. All produce is sourced locally and there are gluten free options available.


Disappointingly, there are only two choices available for your little ones. Pancakes which come with a side serving of honey and sliced banana ($6), and eggs and soldiers ($6) but seriously, what child doesn’t like pancakes?!


rosemount-hotel-brunch kids meal pancakes


I’m not normally one who thinks kids and hotels mix but this is a gorgeous award-winning outdoor space that has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s also early in the day and rather kid friendly with FREE organised activities which include face painting and getting hands on with the musical instruments on the main stage.


rosemount-hotel-brunch garden view from the deck


rosemount-hotel-brunch Deck


If you head in on the last Sunday of the month, the vintage markets will be in full swing in the back car park. It’s a lovely way to follow up brunch and start your Sunday family fun day.


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Do you like to brunch?


Sunday brunch sessions at Rosie run each Sunday during Summer. Their lunch and snack menu is also worth casing.


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