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The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case

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Brunch, it’s basically morning tea on steroids and the perfect excuse to catch up with friends. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to share my top 5 places to brunch in Perth, north of the river (NOR). Next up I’ll be sharing my CBD worth casing finds and then who knows, as food reviews slowly make their way back on the blogging menu here.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough


When we first moved to Perth just over 5 years ago now, The Hardware Store on Brighten Road Scarborough was just that. A hardware store. A place I liked to frequent for good old-fashioned service not to mention the actual hardware side of things, having always shied away from the giant hardware chains. You know the ones, where you arrive with two things on your list and two days later you are making your way home with a rented trailer to fit all your purchases in.


With hubby travelling often and something guaranteed to require fixing while he was away, it was my go to hardware store. The kind of place where the staff knew their customers by name and no matter how busy the store was, they always had time for you with lots of helpful tips and a few subtle handyman suggestions as well.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case


These days it’s a cafe & eatery that pays homage not only to the great customer service that I was accustomed to but also the iconic Hardware Store it once was. The toolboxes containing cutlery, the exposed brick work and the rustic hardware decor all add to the cafe’s charm but you know what as great as all that is, these reviews are not about how photographic the venue or food is.


What I will say, the place is fairly popular with the locals, so you may end up having to squeeze in and take any available seat but even at its busiest the customer service is standout and your food is always delivered in a timely fashion.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case Window view


The extensive breakfast menu runs till 11.30 am, making it the perfect place for brunch, with a number of breakfast dishes available all day. Just don’t arrive at 11.30 am expecting to order from the menu because they have a half hour break in between breakfast and lunch.


You can still order during this time, although it’s restricted to drinks and anything from the display cabinet, which has a variety of foods on offer. Everything from sweet to savoury including bliss balls, cheesecake, muffins, bagels, wraps, croissants, banana bread, slices, quiche and much more.


Prices are on par for Perth, although having said that I’m still accustoming myself to Perth prices and tend to be guided by the locals when it comes to these matters.


The kids menu, is on the slim side with just two choices. A small serving of pancakes ($10) or the tool box which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown ($12). The small serving of seasonal fruit salad with Greek yoghurt ($6) might also be another child friendly option or perhaps a kid’s milkshake ($5).


For the big kids, especially those that like their gourmet food, you might have trouble choosing, I know I always do. There is the grown up tool box ($24) with eggs your way, bacon, sausage, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and a hashbrown that seems to be rather popular.


My personal favourites though and yes I have a few, starts with the smoked chorizo brekky board ($22). I seriously have dreams about this dish, it’s that tasty. Eggs poached in a soul warming broth consisting of tomato, red pepper, butter beans, jalepenos and spicy chorizo served on a board (for the record I don’t have issues with boards) with crispy tortilla bread together with guacamole and a mouth-watering tomato salsa.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case | Brekky Board


Next on my favourites list is the egg white omelette ($18) served with field mushrooms, rocket, marinated feta and cherry tomatoes. I have a bit of a thing for egg white omelette, so I’ve cased a few in my time and this is definitely one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


Herbed crumbed poached eggs ($22) would be next on my must case list. In a herbed nutshell poached eggs sprinkled with crumbled herbs served with a chive and potato rosti, prosciutto, pickled enoki mushroom and an impressive hollandaise sauce that will have you tempted to lick your plate clean.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case | Herbed Eggs


They also do a couple of mean and green smoothies (that’s a good thing in my books). The brekky run (banana, mango, honey, oats, low-fat milk or Soy, Greek yoghurt, ice) and go go greens (kale, spinach, banana, mixed berries, almonds, coconut water). Both just $10 with cold pressed juices start from $7.


Also worth casing according to our mystery reviewers….


  • Toasted tortilla – fried eggs, roasted peppers, refried beans, cheddar, avocado, fresh jalapenos ($21)
  • Raspberry pancakes – white chocolate ganache, pistachio & almond praline ($21)
  • Green balanced bowl – poached eggs, mixed greens, sautéed kale, asparagus, mushrooms with pepita, sesame, poppy, sunflower seeds & salsa verde ($21)


There’s plenty more to choose from the menu, as well as the display cabinet if you’re not wanting something substantial. You could also order a serving of toast (ciabatta, sourdough, multigrain or gluten-free – $6) or eggs your way on toast ($12) with sides or extras ranging from $2 to $4.


The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Scarborough | Brunch Review Agent Mystery Case

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The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery also know a thing or two about coffee (not that I’m allowed to drink the stuff anymore – sob). Their lunch menu is also impressive and they have recently started opening for dinner. Now that might be worth casing.


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  1. that place looks interesting raych!
    love the toolboxes etc and the food looks great!
    we’re about to have similar soup here tonight as is windy and rainy!
    … best comfort food!
    I’m good thanks raych and hope all is going well with you or at least on the improve! <3 … love m:)X

  2. Brunch is my favourite meal. Ask me what I want to do for a special occasion and I will always say BRUNCH!!!! I like to plan brunches for other people too. Husband’s birthday is this weekend and I organised a brunch but he pulled the pin. Turns out he doesn’t like brunch. He likes dinner. He can have his dinners …
    I live for BRUNCH!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • Please come, brunch is on me. LOL All jokes aside, I’m taking my brunch series on the road starting with quick blogging trip to Melbourne early May. Then I’m open to suggestions?! Would love to catch up with you.

  3. I would eat the hell out of that smoked chorizo board. I love eggs poached in a tomato based sauce/broth and the sides of salsa and guac take it to the next level! My mouth is literally watering. If I could walk out to the street and have exactly that meal right now, I’d be very happy.

  4. I’d be ordering the herb crumbed poached eggs for sure. I love poached googies but they can be a bit bland or vinegary so this looks delicious. I love the theme of this cafe. There’s so much scope!

  5. Oh I love a good place that serves yummy breakfast, and brunch is my all time favorite. I love Poached Eggs but must admit I haven’t tried smoked chorizo brekky board – that looks so very yummy. Now I am hungry again 🙂

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