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Mystery Case Style Challenge | One LBD 52 Ways | The Perfect LBD

ONE LBD 52 Ways | Mystery Case Style Challenge

If last week’s prompt ‘WILD‘ taught me one thing, it would be there really is a fine line between pleasure and pain when it comes to adding animal print to your wardrobe, especially at my age. A little goes a long way.


Speaking of long ways, this week, my LBD challenge is taking flight. Hopefully literally, as I have been invited to attend a fitness product launch event in Sydney on Tuesday. It’s a breakfast affair with a demonstration overlooking Sydney Harbour. I can hardly wait.


The Perfect LBD Style 41 Taking Flight


Logistics for this trip, are making it look like mission impossible at the moment. If I do manage to pull this one off I will be flying out of Perth around midnight which would see me heading straight from the airport to the event.


There will be no time for a quick change on arrival in Sydney, so I need an outfit that will suit a 5 hour overnight flight and have me breakfast and event ready on arrival.


 Mystery Case Style Challenge | One LBD 52 Ways | The Perfect LBD




This week, I’ve also been busy ‘casing’ Target for our current Fitness Fashion style challenge and upcoming GIVEAWAY. While in-store, I headed over to their accessories department, where I stumbled on some amazing bargains. Starting with the Missoni for Target flats, heels and scarf, all just $10 each. That’s right $10 each!


I’m not normally one for flats, given I’m rather height challenged at just over 5 foot but I think these will do the trick for racing from the airport and will fit neatly in my $15 Missoni for Target bag till after the event.


After my breakfast event, I’m planning a full day of Sydney shopping. I attempted a day of shopping in my heels the last time I hit Sydney for the day and ended up bruised and blistered with my back out. This time round, with flats on standby I should be able to fit even more shopping in.


While shopping at Target I also spotted their $20 jewellery sets. Having a thing for keys, I couldn’t go past the one featured with my LBD but I’ve also selected five others that I think are also worth casing, along with my favourite bargain buy finds below.





 Finding My Style | Worth Casing @ Target | $20 Jewellery sets 


 Shoes glorious shoes | Worth Casing bargain buys @ Target for under $20 




One Dress 52 Ways


For me, Bianca really has been The Perfect LBD for this style challenge and for my style in general, no matter what the occasion. An empire line dress from The Perfect LBD online boutique with full skirt, notched neckline and 3/4 sleeves.


This really is the perfect dress for my pear shaped body but would also suit oval, hourglass and column body shapes as well. The fabric is a fantastic wash and wear, which also does an amazing job at hiding a multitude of sins and having had three under three kids, I have more than a few rolls sins to hide. It really is the perfect dress for travelling.


If you’ve been looking for a little black dress (LBD) to add to your wardrobe, it’s worth popping over and ‘casing’ The LBD online boutique. With so many LBDs on offer, I would start with their style your shape guide.


Want to play along?


Our regular stylers are back. They are a whole lot of fun and I’m looking forward to introducing you to some of our LBD style lineup over the coming weeks both here and on Instagram.


We are also looking for new faces to join in.


You don’t need to be a fashion or style blogger to play along. You don’t even need to be a blogger or know your way around a style board.


You could just pop on your favourite little black dress and share a photo on Instagram. Just remember to tag me in if you are playing along on Instagram, so I can keep track and share your style.


You can also link up your photos, blog posts, Polyvore boards below or post directly to our Facebook page. If you can think of another way to share your LBD style, I would love to hear about it!




Are you playing along this week?  You should also head over and case our Fitness Fashion Style Challenge. GIVEAWAY details coming soon.


Agent Mystery Case Style Challenge | Fitness Fashion Finds



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  1. that’s great raychael! hope you do it!
    bianca is ideal! … an easy, classic and classy outfit!
    great buys at target too! good casing hun!
    definitely flats for shopping! only way to go! … love m:)X

  2. The Missoni heels are $10???!!! Gots to get me to Target! Love the tote too. Sometimes I think Missoni is overrated but those black and white items rock.

    • Yes!! Just $10. I couldn’t believe it. I’m like you and think the brand is overrated and over priced but you can’t ignore a bargain like this and they are rather good quality.

  3. I nearly bought those Missoni aqua and yellow flats before leaving Australia in November. I didn’t buy because I didn’t have anymore room in my suitcases. Make sure you take a sleeping tablet or an over the counter sedative (Mersyndol etc) before leaving Perth. I’m not a drug pusher, but the excitement of Sydney plus bad sleep… you need to be on your toes for all that shopping! I look forward to the post about the trip.

  4. That looks like the perfect outfit for a challenging travel/event/shopping schedule. And those Target bargains!! I love the Missoni wedges…I’m going to have to check them out to see if they’re still available in my size. (Came here via #FYBF)

  5. Hmph! The idea of a dress, let alone a little black one, is a bit beyond frumpy ole’ me at this point, but I can still look!

    Love some of the Target shoes and necklaces – must pop in and have a look.


  6. I do love a key when it comes to jewellery. One day, I might even treat myself to one that comes in a special blue box . . . (and it’s not the Doctor’s key to the TARDIS either . . . actually, to be honest, I’d probably like that better). Totally agree on a back-up flat option for motoring around too!

    • How weird. I was just over ‘casing’ your blog! We must have left each other comments at the same moment.

      Sydney trip is looking unlikely. I just can’t manage to get a flight back that night and I need to be here first thing the next morning.

    • Urgh, It’s looking highly unlikely. I couldn’t secure a flight back in time and I can’t afford to be away more than the one day. Thankfully my trip to Melbourne is booked for early May, so I have something to look forward to.

    • A lot of the Missoni range was down to just $5 at the weekend. I need to put the shopping blinkers on as well. Hope you have a great and safe trip. Will be thinking of you and watching your every move on social media.

    • Thanks. Love Target for a great bargain. I hear a lot of the Missoni range dropped to just $5 each over the weekend. I might need to head back and pick up the beach towel and umbrella.

    • Me too, especially the none fashion bloggers who have jumped on board. It’s a little bit of escapism for me. Speaking of escaping and my trip to Sydney. I couldn’t find flights back in time so will be skyping in, which just isn’t the same. 🙁

  7. Looks like I need to get myself into Target! What a shame you won’t make the breakfast. It sounded like a fab event x

  8. You have totally inspired me to hit up Target – love those missoni flats!! Not that I need much encouragement for retail therapy!! Have a safe flight and hope it all goes smoothly for your trip!

  9. Oh, no! I think I read this 14 hours too late and missed meeting you at the product launch this morning – eek! Boo hoo. Next time x

    • I couldn’t get my flights to line up Cybele, so didn’t make it in the end. Trust me, I would have come and introduced myself to you. I’m planning a blogging trip to Sydney later in the year and will definitely be looking you up.

  10. Your making me want to go shopping for stuff I don’t need and will never have an opportunity to wear. I love the stripey black and white wedges. I hope you enjoy Sydney I love it there.

  11. Always looking for a shoe bargain thanks! Those jewellery sets are very pretty too. Such a shame you didn’t make it to Sydney, maybe next time x

  12. Target is bringing up the goods lately. I best not visit because I reckon I could spend a fortune in there! I wear flat shoes all the time now that I’m a mum. I fall over in heels!

    • I honestly look like I’m drunk when I wear flats. I had to borrow a pair once after a day on my feet. It was hilarious. Of course, these days, I’m not much better in heels. Getting old.

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