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Plus Size Workout | Musings of the Misguided | Guest blogger Agent Mystery Case

I’m excited (and slightly nervous) to welcome our latest featured blogger to AMC who is touching on issues faced when trying to find practical and affordable plus size fitness fashion.   After the vicious attack on my lack of a thigh gap recently, I put the brakes on the fitness style challenge but I’m hoping all of that negativity is now behind us and looking forward to kicking our latest style challenge into overdrive with a giveaway and guest blogger callouts.

Plus Size Workout | Musings of the Misguided | Guest blogger Agent Mystery Case

It’s the start of the year and just like every other person on the planet I have made the commitment to get healthy this year.  I could bore you with my reasons and how it’s different this time, but no one needs to hear that!  


I am going to be completely honest with you though, I am the heaviest that I have ever been and yes that does include while I was pregnant.  I am also a size 26.  Now for those who are unitiated in the plus size arena that means that I am in the last size before I need to start finding special shops.


Have you looked at the price difference for speciality shops lately?  There can be $100 difference between a dress in a ‘normal’ size and the exact same design in a plus size.  Best and Less have changed this and offer the same designs from a size 8 – 26 for the exact same price.  It makes fashion a lot more affordable.  They also have a decent range of workout gear that I have been filling my wardrobe with.


‘Just lose weight you fatty’ is something that I hear and read often.  It’s even something that I say to myself at times.  However the reality is, that right now I am size 26, I need to buy clothes in that size.  I deserve to feel good about the clothes that I am putting on my body, especially if those clothes are being worn to lose weight.


As I have been scouring the shelves looking for clothes to work out in, I have noticed one thing, the plus size aisle for workout gear is one rack, while there is 3-4 racks of clothes that are size 16 and below.  I am buying clothes because that is all that is available, rather than because I like them.  I’m being told I need to work out, but then struggling to find clothes to do it in.


I don’t think that I need brand name clothes in order to work out.  I do however need clothes that are made well and fit well so that I can exercise comfortably.  I feel comfortable in 3/4 pants and I am happy with a singlet or shirt.  I see gorgeous 3/4 pants in size 16 and below, but the plus size seems to be limited to black, black with stripes, or a little panel of colour near the knee.


I’m not happy with my size and I am endeavouring to do something about it.  I wish that the clothing industry would come along for the ride.  I don’t expect miracles, I just want clothes that feel good and won’t cost me the earth.


Musings of the Misguided 


Plus Size Workout | Fitness Fashion | Mystery Case Style Challenge

Top: $5 pants: $12 (Best & Less on sale)

Shoes:$8 Socks: $2 for a pack of 3 (Kmart)


Note from Mystery:

I’m pleased to report that Tegan did manage to find one outfit and for under $50 but after a month of casing a lot of the top and affordable brands, it really hit home just how slim the pickings are when you are plus size. It’s almost a workout in itself trying to find fitness fashion that fits the bill but we will endeavour from here on in to include our picks of the plus size fitness fashion when we find them.



I would also like to add, that this post was originally scheduled to hit the blog earlier in the month but after I was personally attacked here on the blog for being size 12 and not having a thigh gap (blogged: mind the gap), I took a little step back from our Fitness Fashion style challenge and this post, not wanting anything negative directed at anyone other than myself.


Please, if you don’t have anything helpful or nice to say just move on. All negative comments will be removed.  


If you would like to ‘case’ fitness fashion on our behalf, no matter what your size or shape is, head back to the blog on Saturday for our #fitfashionfinds GIVEAWAY.


What do you struggle with when it comes to fitness fashion?

Do you think looking the part helps to motivate you?

Have you found a plus size fitness brand that ticks all the boxes for you?

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