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Agent Mystery Case Start

Worth Casing Wednesday returns for another year and while I entertain ideas for how I think things should proceed, I’m sharing with you a worth casing 52 week photography challenge that I will be taking part in this year.

Agent Mystery Case Start


While I don’t want to set an agenda for how you should play along, I’m definitely keen to look at ways forward for myself for Worth Casing Wednesday. Here are a few ideas I’ve been playing around with and I would love to know what you think?


One New Thing (each week)

I’m super keen to revisit my One New Thing (each week) challenge. Sharing the results here each Wednesday would certainly be a fantastic way to keep me accountable. I’m not sure I could pull off an entire year of new things but I’m certainly willing to put myself to the test.


Mystery Object 

Basically a snippet of a photo I’ve taken during the week where you get to guess what it is.


Keeping it Random

You could say keeping things spare of the moment adds to the mystery, even for me.


and lastly…


Photo Challenge

Starting one of my own could be worth casing but there really are so many great photo challenges already out there and I’m completely hopeless at keeping up with them. I tend to start well and finish badly. Each and every time. Even the short 5 day ones.


I will definitely be making an extra effort this year to play along with Toni from Finding Myself Young and her 52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge (prompt below), although, for me, I see this playing out more on Instagram rather than the blog each and every week.



52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge 2015


This week’s prompt is summer but you will have to head over and ‘case’ my Instagram feed for my photo.




If you have a blog post worth casing this week, words, wordless and everything else in between this is the place to link up.


I’m really keen to hear your thoughts on how you think I should proceed with Worth Casing Wednesday. I’m only back online briefly this week but if you take the time to leave a comment after you link up, I will definitely make the effort to head over and ‘case’ your post.  



Worth Casing while you are here:

Wise Words – The three words I’ve adopted as my theme for 2015 and why I plan on introducing a sealed section on the blog!



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  1. … Looking forward to seeing the result of your photography challenge –
    Good luck, and Enjoy It!
    Emma 🙂

  2. I too love the Mystery object idea 🙂 Happy WW.. There are too many photo challenges out there this year.. I think I may just stick to a monthly one.. easier then a 365 day one.

    • Happy WW to you too Dominique. Can hardly believe we are in 2015. I hear you about the 365 day challenges that’s why I love the 52 weeks of memories. One photo a week is doable for me.

  3. I think everything you do is great!! LOL… I would love to join you in the try something new each week thing, but not sure how I would go….have been racking my brain trying to think of something new I have done this week! I got nothing! lol…

    • Aww thanks Zita. You could just join in when you can and perhaps just a photo aka Instagram share rather than needing to blog about all your endeavours?
      Go do something NEW right now. It doesn’t need to be over the top.

  4. I always have good intentions of keeping with photo challenges. I did it for a whole month, then got distracted. :/ I do love it though. I say you write whatever you are feeling like each week, I like both the mystery photo and the new things ideas.

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