So Happy Together {Worth Casing Wednesday Link Up}

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together

My rather abstract attempt at keeping up with Finding Myself Young‘s 52 Weeks of Memories photography challenge. This week’s prompt is together and I’m sharing one of our favourite ways to spend time together as a family.


Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together


I must confess after celebrating a rather lazy and social media free long weekend with my little family, I wanted more, more, more. I had full intentions of returning online Monday to share my exciting news about taking the blog on the road later this year, starting with a mystery event in Melbourne but online just couldn’t compete with fun quality time with the family.


Looking for fun ways to incorporate family time with keeping my fitness goals on track, I charged both my JAWBONE UP (fitness band) and Geocaching GPS device then headed out with the family with a view to finally hitting the big 100 for our Geocaching finds here in Perth.


Before heading offline, I posted a glimpse of our Geocaching adventures on Facebook and was surprised to learn that not everyone was aware of Geocaching?!




If I had to describe my favourite family fun time hobby to you in a nutshell, I suppose…. it’s a bit like a modern-day treasure hunt using your iPhone app or a GPS. You follow clues, mainly map co-ordinates and find caches. Caches come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the terrain and sometimes the cache itself.



Geocaching find Floreat BeachThis Geocache was an easy one.

Once we found the location, it was a matter of finding a tin hidden under a rock.


Some caches even have little treasures or trinkets inside that you can swap and others just have a log book for you to record your name.  Once you’ve found the cache, you generally sign the mini log book with your Geocaching handle and then log your finds online.


You can download the free getting started app through iTunes or head to for a more detailed explanation and to search for caches hidden in your local area. I was rather surprised when we first started at just how many there are.


Outdoor October Yanchep National Park Agent Mystery Case


For us, it’s a great way to have some family fun with the opportunity to discover some new and interesting locations while out and about searching for caches.


We’ve become a tad obsessed with one particular cacher here in Perth. They go by the handle ‘bling’ and seem to have taken hiding caches to the next level. Two in particular spring to mind (Polevault and Scarborough High Rise), both took three attempts/visits before we actually found the caches. You never really know what to expect with a ‘bling’ cache, just when you think you have their style sussed they spring something a little different on you.



Outdoor October Yanchep National Park


We’ve also come across some interesting wildlife along the way. On one particular adventure we encountered a swarm of bees and a black snake. Needless to say, after the black snake, slithered directly under the pipe my eldest daughter was standing on at the time, we went home empty handed and didn’t attempt to head bush with Geocaching for a little while.


I was amazed at how calm my daughter remained. Her two sisters were actually at ground level with the snake about 5 meters away and I clearly remember how calmly she spoke to her sisters “you might want to hop up on the pipe girls and then make your way back up to mum, as I have a black snake under me”.


My brave daughter then waited till her sisters were out of harms way before making her move.  I was absolutely no help. At all. I didn’t even manage to get a photo once we were all back on the bridge.


The following photos are of Floreat Beach, more of the sunset and the walk we did after finding the cache but mainly due to the unwritten code amongst cachers that you don’t give too many clues or photos away, so not to spoil the fun for everyone else.


Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach Sunset

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach

Worth Casing Wednesday | So Happy Together | Floreat Beach


All Floreat Beach photos have been resized but are otherwise unedited and were taken using the Sony Xperia phone that I’m road testing at the moment.


I must confess, I thoroughly enjoyed my social media free extra long weekend and getting back into Geocaching with the family.  When I finally resurfaced online, Instagram and Facebook were both out for the count. Clearly a sign that I was meant to have even more time off.  


What have you been up to this week? Have you tried Geocaching and what’s been your most interesting find or cache location?





If you have a blog post worth casing this week, this is the place to link up. We are always looking for new blogs to case!






Geocaching photos of my girls were taken during an organised event for Outdoor October, as part of a media campaign for Yanchep National Park. Those particular photos are thanks to Miranda Holker/Swan River Trust on behalf of Department of Parks and Wildlife, all other photos are my own.

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  1. Your brave daughter, there is no way I would go anywhere near a snake. Pics are really good, very professional.

  2. great shots raych! …
    we were walking around granite island, victor harbor sa
    and a guy was fossicking under a tree and we asked if he’d lost something … being helpful! … and he told us what he was doing and explained all about geo caching! … interesting! love m:)X

  3. I’ve never even heard of geocaching before, sounds interesting, except for the black snake part and the bees (Im allergic to bees swell up like a balloon).

  4. I had never heard of geocaching before and now you’ve got me intrigued!! Your daughters (I think they are?) are beautiful girls! They look tall! Gorgeous photo’s! What a sunset! 🙂

  5. I haven’t tried Geocatching before. It does sounds really fun and great activity to do outdoors with the kids. Great capture of the sunset.

  6. I had heard of it but my interest was first piqued during an episode of Switched at Birth… this guy Daphne was having the hots for mentioned it but I think the producers did it on purpose to not let them explain what it really is. My son is 7, so perhaps later we could give it a go.

  7. I’ve heard the term “geocaching” before but never knew what it meant. Sounds like a really fun activity my kids would definitely enjoy. Will look into it.

  8. That sunset looks great! I went to Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast on the weekend … no geocaching but I did chase some waterfalls. I haven’t posted the pics yet, but I will soon. Thanks for the link up. I’ll definitely be back for more and hope you bring your blog on the road up to Brisbane!

  9. I’ve always wanted to try geocaching. Our metroparks here do something similar called Quests. We did one of those this summer and it was fun. Your pictures are lovely and what a brave daughter you have!!

  10. Gorgeous Pictures!! I love geocaching! So glad you wrote about it!! Have a great Wednesday and thanks for the linky! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  11. I haven’t geocached myself, but my brother in laws family are very keen geocachers. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know anything about it. Beautiful photos Raychael x

    • I’m hopeless when we travel. I always forget about geocaching. Luckily there are still so many to do in my local area, with new ones added all the time. Let me know if you do decide to give it a try.

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