Summer Loving at Scarborough Beach

Agent Mystery Case | Summer Loving at Scarborough Beach


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Agent Mystery Case | Summer Loving at Scarborough Beach



I thought this week it was high time I introduced you to not only my local beach but a new series we have coming up here on AMC…. ‘Summer Loving at Scarborough Beach‘.


I’m rather fortunate to live 3 minutes from this amazing beach. It’s quite often my daily walk destination and a place our family spends a lot of time over summer.


The Amphitheater with the sun setting over the Indian Ocean is the perfect location for all manner of events.  The summer lineup will certainly keep everyone in my family entertained, starting with (for me) the latest event, Summerset Arts Festival 2015 which kicks off with Carnivalesque this Friday.


It’s going to be the perfect event to test my new Sony Xperia phone and it’s 20.7 mega pixel rear camera. I took it for a test run the other evening because a lot of the events coming up that I’m wanting to ‘case’ are on sunset or after dark.



Scarborough Beach Perth | SandPit | Agent Mystery Case


With so many features packed into this phone I’m thinking I may need more than a few lessons. It’s also on the super skinny but rather large side for me having upgraded from what now feels like a tiny but bulky iPhone 4s.


The top cover photo was taken using the Sweep Panorama feature where basically you sweep the phone from left to right slowly to get a panoramic photo. Here are a few more photos taken on the phone, resized because they were massive but other than that unedited.



Scarborough Beach | Perth | Agent Mystery Case

 Scarborough Beach | Slam Festival | Perth | Summer | Agent Mystery Case


Perth Summer | Scarborough Beach | Sunset | Indian Ocean


Scarborough Beach Perth Clock Tower


I completely failed after dark as I didn’t spend any time investigating the features before heading out but I did manage to grab a photo for this week’s guess the mystery object:


Agent Mystery Case | Guess the mystery object



Can you guess what this is?



Any tips for night-time photos, either on the phone or using a DSLR?



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  1. That looks like a beautiful beach! I am getting tired of the long cold winter and ready for spring and summer. Have a terrific afternoon!

  2. I must admit that I am rather jealous because you live so close to that gorgeous beach. My most favorite place in the whole world is the beach. It is where I am completely at peace with the world. Please stop by and link-up with us at the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday Link Party.

    Wishing you an amazing week!


    • Oh gosh, not the markets upstairs in the old building? They are/were hideous. The Fremantle markets are worth casing. I’m really hoping someone does something about the old markets at the beach. We do have lots of on the beach style events and some have started included markets, but more pop up style. It would be nice to see something like the Fremantle ones permanently at Scarborough.

  3. I didn’t even know about the Arts Festival, how long is it running? I may have to check it out 🙂 Thanks for the tip! Oh, and I have zero idea about the Mystery Object!

    • Blog post coming soon. You can click on the link above which will give you the full program. There is so much on at the moment, that I’m wondering how I will fit so much in. Really looking forward to Friday night.

  4. We have a Scarborough beach here in QLD too and its my go to beach, but unfortunately I live half an hour away. I wish I lived close enough to walk there each day. I have no idea what the mystery object is???

  5. What a lovely place to live. It’s always fun exploring and getting used to a new phone. maybe for night you can get a mini tripod to reduce camera shake and blur and esp with your DSLR as you can use a slower shutter speed. Jx

  6. That’s so nice to stay near such a lovely beach. I normally take photo without flash for camera phone as the pictures would be “nicer” that way.

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