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Job Interview calender

With my Brownes Dairy blogger interview looming, I’m needing to produce a bio in under 100 words. I’m struggling to say the least and wondering if I’m too old and set in my sixteen years of working for myself ways for this interview shenanigans.


Like most people, I’m completely hopeless when it comes to selling myself and I think I have a huge case of blogger diarrhea which means keeping to the 100 word limit could be mission impossible.


This week, I’m looking for a support group and trying to remind myself of my point of difference. Where there is a will there is a way. Right?!



Job Interview calender



I must confess, having scored an interview after my audition for the Brownes Blogger gig (blogged here), I’m feeling slightly nervous and a tad out of my league.


My last job interview was twenty years ago, back in the day when power suits with massive shoulder pads were more of a fashion statement than anything else. In the scheme of things the big shoulders evened out the big hair, oh how I miss the bigger than big hair.


When I think about the interview, I think about my last ‘official’ full time job in the corporate world. Being made redundant when the company was acquisitioned while I was on maternity leave with my eldest (16 years ago), was a blessing in disguise. It was the perfect excuse to go on to have three girls under three and wear the SAHM (Stay at Home Mum) tag with pride but as much as I loved the role I needed more.


Constantly relocating with Mr C’s work and having three girls close in age, meant my career took a bit of a back seat. Not being near family and not wanting girls in full-time care when they were little but still needing something more to keep me sane, meant I took work where and when I could find it.


Initially, this was an online consignment business back before Ebay, where I would sell baby and maternity gear online (via SOLD.COM) for family and friends. This was eventually bought out and shut down when Ebay came to town two years later. There was also the occasional temp agency work.  Eventually, it was more virtual assistant style work from home, that fitted in around the family and could move when we did, which was often. Too often.


With our move to Perth in 2009 and Mr C’s job finally going permanent last year, I finally have some freedom to decide what I want to be when I grow up. It’s only taken me 44 years and I’m very close to calling myself a full-time blogger.


I don’t necessarily see myself making a full-time living here on Agent Mystery Case by sponsoring the blog to within an inch of its life, and risk everyone tuning out but I would like to explore options for running social media and blogging campaigns for small business and brands on their platforms. A lot like the Brownes Dairy blogger gig. Which I guess is a huge reason why I auditioned in the first place.


Having dipped my toes in the social media waters thanks to this blog (originally Ms Mystery Case) in late 2012, I have my sights set on revisiting my Virtual Assistant business but with more of a local element that is dedicated to helping small business and brands achieve their blogging and social media goals.


Having said all that, I came up with the following (in under 100 words!):


Mystery Case Perth Blogger


Raychael is a proud wife and mother to three gorgeous girls and one successful blog (Mystery Case). After 22 moves following her husband’s career around the country, Raychael is excited to finally have a place (Perth) to call home.


On a mission to decide what she wants to be when she grows up (which is 44 according to Raychael) and having fallen down the blogging rabbit hole in late 2012, Raychael has her sights set on helping small business with their blogging goals through her Virtual Assistant business. 



Far too bland for my liking and possibly more attuned for the bio on my Virtual Assistant business page (coming soon). So it’s back to the drawing board in order to meet tomorrow’s deadline. Then I really need to decide if I bother putting a CV or media kit together. Shock horror I don’t have either. I’m more of a pitch an idea and run with it quote kind of girl.


My last CV was twenty years ago. My studies and qualifications, are over twenty years old and completely unimpressive in relation to this gig. As this is only a part-time six month blogging position, I’m not convinced a CV is required or if I could produce one that would seal the deal without a bit of fudging and I have no plans for any of that!


CV Meme



As it’s my personal brand not the blog that I’m selling here, I’m not sure a blog media kit would be appropriate either? Decisions.


The ideas I’ve come up with for a six month campaign would knock their blogging socks off but I’m not wanting to hand over those goodies until I have the position.


Right now, I find myself wishing this was an Australian Idol audition and I could just turn up and sing, sing, sing really badly and only stop when the position is mine…. Do you wanna build a snowman milkman?


So how the blogging heck do I sell myself in 100 words or less? Could you sell yourself in 100 words? If I don’t put together a CV or Media Kit, what are my other options? Something virtual? Perhaps a running sheet of my blogging highlights and achievements. Remind me what they are again?



Agent Mystery Case | New Career


This supposed re-entering of the workforce is certainly keeping me on my toes this week. Did you have a lot of time off after having children or did you re-enter the workforce after being self-employed? What did you struggle with the most when going for interviews? Have you changed careers?


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  1. Good for you, getting the gig! That’s great. It’s hard to look for work…I’ll be back on that circus train soon enough….

  2. I’d do a cv. It’s not like a resume where you list bits of paper and years clocked for a named business, it’s a letter to explain the stuff that resumes don’t encompas- like your blogging success, hurdles you’ve overcome and great ideas you had that went off with a bang. I read askamanager.com as they have loads of interview, CV etc advice for all types of industries. Maybe you could find some advice there?

  3. I think a combination of the CV and Media Kit would work. It shows the things you have overcome, the strengths you have and also the success you have had in an online world.

  4. I think you have a great start there and that’s probably about as much help as I’m going to be! I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to selling or talking about myself, or even taking compliments really! GOOD LUCK! My fingers are crossed for you!

    • I’m kind of wondering why I’m bothering at this point. While it would be a fantastic experience, going through a PR firm isn’t sitting right and then there is the pay scale, which is a tad lower than I’m use to.

  5. Your skills to create engaging content and market it to your target audience! And just your general sass and skills! Best of luck x

  6. Chookas for the interview! I hate selling myself too – I’ve had a lifetime of talking myself out of things so just need to do it. I think everything you’ve said is great. Can you give a taste of the six-month campaign to leave them intrigued but without the whole picture? Blog media kit doesn’t sound right, but you could list it on a CV (that includes your blogging) as available on request if they’d like to see what you’re used to producing.
    I’m just typing things as they come to mind. Sorry. And chookas again. x

    • Thanks Emily, I’m in two minds, possibly trying to talk myself out of the whole thing at this point. It’s the fact I would be employed, so to speak, by a PR firm that isn’t sitting right with me at the moment.

  7. Congrats for getting this far Raych – well done! I worked through having my kids and have only just taken the plunge into working for myself. I would concentrate on things you have achieved like running your successful style challenges on the blog, establishing and driving the Agent Mystery Case fb group etc as this shows how you foster engagement, etc. All the very best of luck!!!!!

  8. That is very exciting and if they don’t pick you then they’re bonkers! I’m actually good at selling someone or something in 100 words, it’s the journo in me, each word carefully plucked out to give the most impact! I’d put together both if you have time. You have the numbers and once they meet you it’ll all fall into place I hope. xxx

  9. I’m impressed!!! I have just finished my first year of mat leave and am embarking on the the second (unplanned) and am seriously wondering if I’ll know what to do when I get back to my job in IT. I get butterflies just thinking about the day I get back I can just imagine how you are feeling. The excitement must be high!! good luck!!

    • I was relieved when I was made redundant when I was on maternity, it took the decision away from me. I think I might be too set in my ways, having worked for myself for far too long to work for a PR firm. Will have to wait and see.

  10. dear raychael! [ok … I’m old fashioned!]
    I’ve been feeling guilty about calling your job a gig and now I read that you are doing it! … I don’t feel so bad!
    always good intentions for you! … you are good with words!
    I have no idea what you would have to do, but I’m sure you will work out what is needed! … good luck! … love m:)X
    you’ve got some good help to tap into for help and support! <3

    • I think it went really well Nicole. I’m possibly more than they bargained for and they would be getting me at a bargain price but not sure with my kids being older I actually fit the demographic they were after. Should find out next week. It’s been a great experience regardless.

    • Thanks Sonia. One thing the interview highlighted is my passion for blogging and social media, so even if I don’t manage to get this job, I’ve decided that blogging is what I want to do and will be reshaping my Virtual Assistant business accordingly.

  11. I am not good at backing myself, but I have no problems sensationalising my achievements with big words to make them sound more fabulous. Good luck x

  12. I think the tricky thing about interviews is that the more you have, the better you get at them. Now, that seems like a double edged sword as it’s not ideal to have to keep going to countless interviews. I think the most important thing is to be yourself, be confident and think of 5 of your strong points. But from the looks of your latest FB status update – congratulations are due, anyway! x

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