12 Days of GIVEAWAYS – Day 9 – Under My Sunbella

Sunbella Parasol GIVEAWAY | Agent Mystery Case

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IN THE SACK DAY 9 | Under My Sunbella


I often find myself dreaming of a white Christmas but the reality is, the silly season and summer come hand in hand here in Australia. For my family that means the beach and picnics in the park for starters. It also means a tonne of sunscreen.



Summer Fun Christmas Agent Mystery Case


Living five minutes from the beach, means it really does play a big part in our summer fun. With this in mind, I’m always looking for Christmas gift ideas that suit our lifestyle and encourage sun-safe summer fun.


Last year, I found the cutest beach bags for my three girls and filled them with my favourite top quality sunscreen, thongs, swimmers and a sweet summer dress that doubled as the perfect throw over after a day at the beach.


This year, like most years, my girls (13, 14 & 16) are wanting books for Christmas. At a time when I thought I would be struggling to get them away from the computer screen, I’m still nagging them to put the latest book down. I think I was much the same at that age but then again that was back in the dark ages and computers and the like were only just starting to become more accessible.


So this year, knowing my girls would be dragging their books to the beach, I went looking for sun shelters and in my travels found the most delightful Sunbella Parasols. Designed here in Australia for our outdoor lifestyle, these gorgeous Coast Parasols combine style with the highest possible UV rating, making them a fantastic gift for my three girls this Christmas. Available in three summer fun colours of white, ocean and watermelon.


Sunbella Parasols | Beach | Agent Mystery Case GIVEAWAY


Sunbella have also released a City version just in time for Christmas. This range combines the style and UV rating of their Coast range with the added benefit of being able to fold up to fit in your handbag. Available in white and sun-faded navy.


Wanting to give the Parasols a test run and knowing my girls wouldn’t appreciate being photographed in their bikinis at the beach for the blog, we opted for our second favourite summer fun activity, a picnic in the park.


We possibly picked the windiest and sunniest day to go for a picnic but surprisingly the Parasols worked a treat and my girls loved them. Of course, my ability to find a hidden ant nest and set up camp aka picnic on top of it, is a rare talent and one my family have become accustomed to. These photos were taken moments before the ants attacked……


Sunbella Parasol GIVEAWAY | Agent Mystery Case


Sunbella Parasol GIVEAWAY | Agent Mystery Case


Sunbella Parasol GIVEAWAY | Agent Mystery Case




Thanks to Sunbella I have 5 Parasols up for grabs for today’s GIVEAWAY.


To enter, just leave a comment below letting me know which colour Parasol you would choose and how you and/or your family like to enjoy the outdoors at Christmas.

Sunbella Parasol GIVEAWAY | Agent Mystery Case


5 winners each receive a Sunbella Parasol of their choice delivered Australia Wide

Game of Skill

Not associated with Facebook or any third party

Entries Close 15/12/14 (9pm WST  – Perth time)

All prizes sent directly from Sunbella.

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  1. I love these Parasols so much! I’d choose Ocean and use it exactly there – by the ocean! I love the idea of not wearing a hat, too, I can’t find a nice one to fit over my huge hair!

    • I love them too. I think it might be time to declare a war on hats for huge hair/heads and Indian Restaurants. Don’t worry I won’t throw your name in the mix this time round. Unless you are up to ‘casing’ Indian restaurants with me?!

  2. It’s my mum-in-law’s birthday next week and she had mentioned she wants to find a light-coloured umbrella to use in the summer as a parasol so I was planning to get her a proper one. So if I won, I’d choose the white and present her with it at Christmas instead!

      • Christmas lunch is usually a Weber outside and looking forward to hosting said mum in law and my parents on our patio this year for our first Christmas in this house! I’m tipping a walk down the nearby creek to aid digestion after lunch – maybe even a little Christmas geocaching if anyone else is keen 🙂

          • Isn’t it fun!? We’ve only learned about it earlier this year and absolutely love it. It’s just finding the time to go on the hunt. My sister who lives in Darwin and I are planning to launch trackable travel bugs in caches near our houses and see which one reaches the other first.

  3. Oh these are lovely – I adore the white – probably crazy with 2 kids but I love it!! We walk to and from school every day and some days I bring the umbrella to keep the sun off – this would be so much more elegant! We live very close to the beach (5 min drive) so we spend a lot of our summer and Christmas at the beach!

  4. Colour, Watermelon, my family eating luscious, mouthwatering, juicy watermelons on a hot Christmas day, watermelon juice dripping down sunburnt faces, then thoughts turning to daydreaming, conjuring up sounds of Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaría’s great latin pop jazz standard “Watermelon Man”, as we enjoy an outdoor Christmas concert & images of a tall, suntanned (not sunburnt!) woman strolling along the streets of Cuba under a watermelon sunbella parasol!

  5. My gosh they are just gorgeous (as are your daughters by the way). I would love the watermelon colour. Our favourite activity at the moment with two young girls is running under the sprinkler. They think it is the best fun ever! #teamIBOT

    • The first photo of my daughters is from three years ago, gosh how they have grown in that time.

      I can’t remember the last time we had the sprinkler out. We are on pretty strict water restrictions most of the summer which I think may rule sprinklers out.

  6. I would love to win a Sunbrella in Ocean please, It would be perfect to shade me while I watch my sons play Cricket for 4 hours on a Saturday and Sunday. Not all venues have shade.

    • Cricket can be a long day. This would be perfect for you. Thanks for entering Tracy. Make sure you enter all our IN THE SACK giveaways while you are here, there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

    • I’m thinking I’m going to have to ask Santa for one of my own Laurie. Thanks for entering make sure you enter all of our giveaways while you are here, we have some amazing prizes up for grabs this year.

  7. Hoping to be rocking the Ocean Sunbella in Rotto during the festive season with family and friends. Was just talking to a friend last week about how I really need something like this. It’s perfect! Crossing my fingers 🙂

    • I might join you Michelle. Thanks for entering. Make sure you enter all our comps while you are here, especially the Smooth SALE-ing one for Perth followers. We have some amazing prizes up for grabs.

  8. We just spend a lot of time in our backyard. We have acreage and lots to do: trampoline, swings, slide, cubbyhouse, bikes, scooter, balls, bats and the dog. I like to organise us a bit and ride or walk down the street searching for dinosaur bones or pinecones. Often we’ll eat outside, picnic or BBQ meals on the grass or at a table. I like to spend time out in the sun. The energy is better than in the house. Plus I love keeping all the mess outside for the animals to clean up.

    I really like the watermelon and the dark navy is quite lovely too.

  9. Watermelon for me, love anything with a colour named after a fruit. We love sitting out the back by the pool while the kids are having a swim. Probably one of the best parts of summer seeing them enjoy their surroundings.

  10. Wow these are so lovely. I have taken to using my umbrella to shield myself from our blazing sun much to my kids total embarrassment. I had been trying to find a Chinese lacquer parasol since I quite like my portable shade but these look much more practical. I love the White but my practical self says the faded navy city version would be the winner. Summer always means eating and playing outdoors – preferably with water involved. Anything from a bbq a home or the park, picnic by the river or a play on the beach in the evening before fish and chips. Love it!

  11. I’d love one in every colour. How could you choose. Possibly the watermelon? I love everything about Christmas and we do a lot of entertaining outdoors.

  12. These are absolutely gorgeous!
    Ocean would be my colour of choice.
    Christmas is a time for fun,
    water play and sports out in the sun.
    While mum sits in shade..
    a Sunbella Parasol would make my day!

  13. Oh I would love one of these! I’m so excited by the idea of summer at the beach, because for once we can do it!!
    I would love the pink one. Because it would remind me that if I don’t put on sun cream, I’ll be the same colour as it. 😉

  14. Like you Raychael, I long for a white christmas. I hate the humidity and sweat associated with Christmas in Australia and would love to wear a Xmas sweater (just once). I love these parasols they are fabulous. The coral is my fave. I also live about 5 minutes away from the beach so I like to take the dogs out on the kayaks for some mummy and puppy time. Shannon x

  15. remembered to case you today raychael!
    these umbrellas are super cute and useful! and your girls look lovely!
    I especially love the aqua one!
    with our intense sunshine I’m always donning a hat at least!
    have a good day! love m:)X

  16. Definitely the ocean colour for me!
    We always spend our Boxing Day with the whole extended family on the river at Point Walter, all afternoon and into the early evening chatting, eating and splashing in the river with the never ending game of cricket going I think I might need one of these!

  17. Your daughters are gorgeous. I think I would love the navy city parasol. It would fit neatly in my handbag at all times and would be rather useful where I’m living at the moment, my skin doesn’t do well in the sun.

  18. I would love the white; so elegant and goes with everything! I would use it when I take the unholy terrors (aka Masters 7 & 5!) to the park over the school holidays. It would also be fabulous over the Chrissie/New Year break in Mandurah – it can be absolutely scorching walking to town!

  19. I actually love the sun-faded navy of the Sunbella City range.
    We’ve been known to take a dip in the calm waters of Coogee Beach on a Christmas morning. We beat the crowds and ‘sunburn time’. Sunbellas would help me not to be so paranoid about my family member’s super fair skin.

  20. I would love a blue one (so hubby would actually carry it).
    We love to enjoy spending time with each other, hubby works away and i work part time so being able to have the time off around christmas to spend with our toddler is super precious to us, we will be spending it with family and at the beach, we are a beach loving family (except hubby, he hates all things beach so he just sits and watches and is our photographer, so the parasol would be perfect for him to sit under)

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