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Agent Mystery Case giveaway ON THE BOOKCASE

IN THE SACK with Agent Mystery Case, helping you survive the silly season one blog post and giveaway at a time!


Today I’m sharing my worth casing book finds for 2014 and introducing On The Book Case, a new blog series for 2015 which will join On the Beauty Case as we attempt to bring more reviews to our blog lineup.




On the Book Case


I don’t have as much time as I would like to sit down and indulge in a good book, so when I do it has to be something more than a bit special.  On the Book Case is something I’ve been wanting to bring to the blog for a long time. Next year, I’m hoping to schedule more time for reading and failing that may even do a callout for a mystery reviewer to come on board.


My worth casing book finds this year…..





Nikki Parkinson from Styling You | Unlock Your Style


If you’ve been following the blog this year (Finding My Style), you would know that I’ve been struggling to find my style since turning 40, especially given with my changing weight and shape which has a lot to do with being diagnosed with an auto immune disease and an underlying mystery illness that we are still trying to pinpoint and treat.


While Styling You and Nikki’s #everydaystyle community have been a great place to head for inspiration and seek support, it wasn’t until I read Unlock Your Style that I began to find my long lost confidence and make some sense of my chaotic wardrobe. Firstly by helping me move on from the fashion rules that have dictated and caused even more chaos in my wardrobe and also by helping me turn around the negative chatter and body issues as I try to accept the body I find myself in and make the most of it.


You could call Unlock Your Style a self help book for your chaotic I have nothing to wear wardrobe. It’s easy to see why this book has made the list for top iBooks in 2014. Personally I’m not a fan of iBooks and rather like my signed hard copy.






Kelly Exeter from A Life Less Frantic | Your Best Year Yet


Possibly the shortest book I’ve ever read and definitely the one with the most punch. This impressive little book, inspired a rather raw and a little too real blog post or two (Social Media Free to do what I want any old time) and a new way of thinking. If you are needing some direction for 2015 and you are time poor, this is the book you really need to make time for.


I’m calling this book, the much needed grease and oil change for your mindset. It really is that good.




Julie Goodwin | 20/20 Meals | Feed your family for $20 in 20 minutes


Earlier on in our GIVEAWAY I asked readers what they were struggling with at this time of year and the majority unsurprisingly mentioned time. I’m much the same. I tend to give up on sleep to fit everything in and I cut corners on the home front which has seen my girls have eggs on toast on more than one occasion in the last fortnight (blogged here: Take Me Away).


While I can’t give you the gift of time, I can recommend this great recipe book to help you save not only time but money and also help you get your kitchen mojo back. I’ve been struggling in this regard and this book has been a fantastic way for me to reclaim my apron and make up for some rather questionable meals the last few weeks.



Elizabeth's Book Shop


Blind Date with a Book | Elizabeth’s Book Store


Not a book as such but a great concept and quirky gift idea for those that love to curl up with a good book. A Blind Date with a Book is basically a MYSTERY title alluded to by clues on the plain brown paper wrapper.  A perfect way to avoid judging a book by its cover and an interesting concept for a Christmas or Birthday gift.


Elizabeth’s Book Stores are located here in Perth and while buying a “Blind Date with a Book” online is a bit more complicated than purchasing in store, there is a great online GUIDE to help you.



Agent Mystery Case giveaway ON THE BOOKCASE


I’m pretty sure a lot of you have already discovered these wonderful books so our GIVEAWAY today is going to work a little differently.




1 x 20|20 meals | Julie Goodwin

2 x Unlock Your Style | Nikki Parkinson

5 x Your Best Year Yet | Kelly Exeter

2 x Mystery Books | Blind Date with a Book | Elizabeth’s Book Store




Just let me know which books you would like to be in the draw for below. No game of skill today, just a quick and easy random draw for each book we have up for grabs. You can WIN more than once. Entries close 20/12/14 (9pm WST – Perth Time).



NEXT:  If you’ve been casing our official IN THE SACK bloggers and leaving comments on their posts you might want to HEAD BACK TOMORROW, where we announce our first winners and share their IN THE SACK posts.  We have a very special mystery prize pack for someone who has commented on one of our official blogger posts.


WIN WIN WIN!!!  You can find all of our IN THE SACK giveaways here. Some end tonight so there is no time to waste!

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  1. Oh I could use some help in the style department, Im all over the place, I like so many different things. But I would go with the Blind date, sounds interesting. Thanks for linking up this week on Friday Features, we appreciate the visit and gives me a chance to come visit!!!
    *Happy Holidays*
    Oh My Heartsie Girl~Karren

  2. ‘Your Best Year Yet’ sounds like a book I could really benefit from at the moment, but I wouldn’t pass up the chance at a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ either, I really love that concept! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  3. I would love to win Julie Goodwins cookbook. I am not a great cook (very impatient) but I love her easy recipes and I love having cook books in my kitchen, it makes people think that I can cook 🙂

  4. Oh I just adore Nikki from Styling You and Julie Goodwin – I have both their books already 🙂

    I would love to have my best year yet for 2015 so I would love to win that one if possible 🙂 but I also love the idea of a bind date so I’d love to be entered in both if possible – thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  5. 20/20 meals. I love Julie Goodwin and her real recipes for real families. I also love that she turned Jenny Craig down to be their spokesperson because she is totally happy with her body and the way she enjoys food.

  6. Ok I would also like to say I am a big fan of Nikki and Kelly so in reality I would be totes stoked with any of those 3. A mystery novel would be wasted on me and my non commitment to fiction…..;-)

  7. I’m having some much needed time off this year and will be looking for a good book to read. I’m putting my hands up for all the books. Thanks

  8. WOW! I love reading and hope we never see the end of production of physical books! I would love any of these books! My fave would be Julie Goodwin’s book because I love to cook and saving money would be a bonus!

  9. I would love to win all of them, but mostly Kelly’s book and also Julie’s, Dave and I have been trying to cut back on how much money we spend grocery shopping and cooking so this would be absolutely perfect and so handy next year when we have even less money! And Kelly’s would fit perfectly for next year as I try to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer.

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