GIVEAWAY | Dannii Minogue | The Money or The Book

Ms Mystery Case GIVEAWAY | The Money or The book | Dannii Minogue | Target

Even if you are not super short like myself, you are just going to love Dannii Minogue’s Petites range for Target!

How you can score the entire collection worth $1910 PLUS our very own Dannii Minogue The Money or The Book GIVEAWAY!!

I’ve been joking about being 5ft nothing-ish for a little while now but at a recent medical where my official height was finally recorded, I was shocked to discover I’ve possibly shrunk and now find myself at just 5ft nothing. No wonder I don’t wear flats!

Even when I thought I was a few inches taller (well more than a few), I still struggled to find clothing that didn’t require outlaying addition money with a trip to the seamstress.

When I heard a rumour that Dannii Mingoue was designing a Petites range for Target, I couldn’t wait for it to hit the shelves. Now that it has, I can safely say that 99% of the collection could easily make its way into my wardrobe, thankfully without any need for expensive alterations.

After sharing a glimpse of Dannii’s collection on Facebook, it would seem there are some misconceptions about what a Petites range actually stands for.  A few were taken aback that the range starts at size 4 and goes all the way up to size 16 and that me and my bulky size 12 bod shouldn’t be looking at petites in the first place. Others thought they might be a tad too tall for the collection and hadn’t even given it a worth casing glance.

Well let me tell you, while this range is more about being a shorty than anything else and finding the right fit without the need for alterations, something that Dannii has also struggled with over the years, it’s not just for shorties or for the super skinny. You only need to look at the models that showcased the collection earlier in the year to appreciate just how versatile this range really is.

Worth Casing Dannii Minogue Petites for Target

If you are thinking you might like to ‘case’ the Dannii Minogue petites range at Target, make sure you grab and share a photo of yourself wearing your favourite piece using the tag #danniifortarget and @targetaustralia (Instagram) or @targetaus (Twitter) to be in the running to WIN the entire Dannii Minogue Petites collection worth $1910 {Click for competition details}.

To celebrate Dannii’s collaboration with Target, I’m opening the mystery prize cupboard and finally bringing out the signed My Style Book from Dannii, I’m also bringing a Target Gift Card into the equation and letting one winner decide which prize has their name on it with…… The Money or The Book!

Dannii Minogue | My Style | Worth Casing GIVEAWAY

  • Leave a comment below letting me know if you would choose The Money or The Book and why. 

Terms: Entries close 9pm (Perth time) 31st August, 2014. This is a game of skill. One WINNER will get to choose from a signed Dannii Minogue My Style book or a Target Gift Card. Winner announced here on the blog 1st September.

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  1. The signed Dannii book please. My husband worked with Dannii 20-odd years ago (for one day!) and has fancied her ever since. Oh, to own a book once touched by her!

  2. I have eyed off her collection in Target and loved the colours, they are perfect for Spring! Im a little vertically challenged as well and find it impossible to find pants or maxi dresses that dont drag along the floor. I’d love the money prize so I can buy myself something from Dannii’s range that doesnt need altering! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the great comp xx

  3. I would take the money for sure,
    My current clothes are such a bore.
    Far too big and out of date,
    A new wardrobe would be more than great.
    It would help me look the way I feel,
    With delight I sure would squeal!

  4. Oooh!
    I have met Dannii many times. (And her Sister! I worked as an actor once upon a time). So I’d skip the signature thing for a true fan who likes that type of thing.
    I would have to choose the money so that I could get me some of that good stuff Petites clothing instead!
    I saw her range in the latest Target catalogue. I am hopeful by my next visit to a store there might be a scrap of something left on a hanger for me!
    Great giveaway!

    • Ohhhh well that’s a little bit exciting. More that you worked as an actor but also meeting both Dannii and Kylie. I’ve met Kylie twice but haven’t had the pleasure with Dannii.

  5. Tough decision! Love both prizes! I would probably take the money as I can think of nothing better than a shopping spree in Target. I’m 5ft 4in which I always thought was “normal” height, but Miss 17 regularly informs me that I am “short” – I think she is about 5ft 7. Pfffttt.

  6. I’d take the money and run… or walk sensibly back into target and take a peek at the new range. I’m tall(ish) but have a long body and (what I would have called stumpy but will now call) petite legs. Maybe there’s something there for me too.

  7. Money Money Money, summer’s on the way so I’d pop into Target and purchase something petite for myself. I deserve (don’t I, yes I do).

  8. The money, I’m looking for work and her range is absolutely perfect for those job interviews, plus the perfect fit, no need to get anything taken up for a change!

  9. The Money – I already have the book and I LOVE it! Her book is super fabulous – just like Dannii πŸ™‚

    I am 5ft 1ish (it’s ok to round up isn’t it?) and I cannot wait to try her range on when I go into Target next week…may even try to enter that fabulous competition to win the whole range (wouldn’t that be amazing!)

  10. yes for me it has to be the money i love to buy new clothes that make me look good and this range from Target could be it my new look

  11. It would be the money for me!! Am so disappointed that Dannii’s range has not made it to our store here in Toowoomba.,, and my body I’d just too weird a shape to go through all the hassle that would be involved to purchase online! πŸ™

    • What? More asking about why Dannii’s range hasn’t made it to your store than your weird body shape. It’s almost worth taking the chance and ordering your favourite piece. You can always return it if it doesn’t work out.

  12. Definitely the money, I would literally go crazy choosing a while new wardrobe for the spring season,. A book would be fantastic to read but sadly I cannot wear it (unless I have love Lady Gaga style inspiration in the next few days!)

    • Make sure you take a photo and enter the official Target giveaway, which has the entire collection up for grabs. Good luck with our draw, I’m sure the mystery gift card will help add a piece or two to your wardrobe if you win.

  13. I HATE jeans shopping being curvy. I would love the cash as I have my eye on some Danni jeans, blazer and that emerald dress.

  14. Ahhhhh…. the choice is much too hard!
    I think I’d have to pick the card.
    All the things I’d choose would fill a trolley.
    Like jeans for me and for my daughter, a dolly!
    I’ve already started dreaming of the things I’d get.
    Without all the worry… without all the debt!

  15. Money, money, money!! As nice as the book would be, it’ll just get read, shown off to everyone for a while, then gather a lot of dust.

  16. I’d love a long look,
    at the tips and tricks in the book,
    if I could get half of Dannii’s style,
    it would make it more than worthwhile.

  17. I’d choose the gift voucher. Dannii’s style obviously works for her and she’s made a lot of money from it but it’s not anywhere close to what my style is like. A gift voucher, on the other hand, is full of possibilities for everyone!

  18. The Target Gift Card would be the answer for me, a new wardrobe is essential you see, with summer coming around the bend, I need new clothes to meet the trend!

  19. I am loving the Danii Minogue range! I bought the jeans! Also a pair of the high waisted skinny jeans. Went back the next day to get the bat winged cardigan! πŸ™‚

  20. Love Danni but I would choose the Target Gift card, as I have three birthdays and Christmas coming up and a lovely big family to buy for, and on a pension, finances can be over stretched at this time of the year.

  21. Have to say the book, Nothing is soothing to the soul then a good read! However don’t get me wrong, I love a shopping spree to! xx

  22. I’d definitely take the card and run,
    My daughter and I would have lots of fun,
    We’d love to sample Danni’s line,
    To score a new outfit each would be divine!

  23. I would love the book as we don’t not have a target over here, someone needs to send me all of the clothes in that range as I always have to hem my pants! Lauren from SAHM I am.

  24. the money – i LOVE danni’s range, the green shift dress is simply gorgeous and i’ve been eyeing it off forever.

  25. I would choose the money! I need a wardrobe update and just can’t stop pawing the target catalogue with her range in it. AT 5′ 2”, if that, I may well have shrunk too, I could do with some petite line love without having to turn up the cuffs of my pants!

  26. I am so inlove with Dannii’s new range, like everyone else I’m 5ft nothing and it pains me to buy clothes knowing that I have to get them taken up so the $150 I just spent on pants is really $180 buy the time I get them taken up πŸ™ Although I just recently cheated and brought a pair of jeans which were ankle length (or suppose to be) but YAY me, cos they fit me in length perfectly πŸ™‚ So yes, the gift card for me, to spend on some “normal” size clothes from Dannii’s collection πŸ™‚

  27. The money. It would be great to purchase a piece that actually fits and looks good at the same time. There are some lovely pieces, with my favourite being the Tuxedo Jacket.

  28. I would adore the Book. I read her book Dannii and loved her honesty. Im short (5ft 2) but sadly not petite. Im like a little round barrel and although I am trying hard to drop a few kilos its a long slow process. Perhaps Dannii could offer some advice to help me when I finally hit Size 16. In the style department I really do need help as I became a Mum 26 years ago and started living in Pants and t-shirts and now all my clothing confidence has gone. I really do need help in getting it back.

  29. I would love the gift card, because with the savings I would buy the book, read it, and then be better informed about what to purchase with the gift card!

  30. The money – I just love Dannii’s range and wish I could buy it all! I’m 5ft 2 and find buying pants/maxi dresses annoying. I have to get everything taken up! I have a pair of the pants from Dannii’s range and the length is perfect.

  31. I’m a fellow shortie [at only 5.0 ft] so its wonderful to see Danii flying the flag of us vertically challenged ladies and pulling it off with great aplomb.

  32. I’d REALLY love the gift card as I’m really β€œshort” on cash
    to buy a new suit for my upcoming job interview. Hopefully, with a new job
    under my wings, surviving the hustle and bustle of daily life won’t be a β€œtall”
    order. Style would realistically come later when I’ve gained enough experiences
    and better choices in life through a healthier bank balance with the job!

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