A Mystery Case Confession | I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…….

I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna really, really, really wanna ……….

Blog theme song!

In my search for the perfect theme song for the blog, something that would intro a few vlogging gigs I’m wanting to tackle towards the end of the year, I hit a pretty impressive road block and needed to call in some legal favours.

What exactly went down and why I won’t be saying ‘stay tuned’ on this one……

I must confess, I’m all about theme songs, have been for as long as I can remember {Soundtrack of My Life}. When I first started the blog, I even had a theme song of the week. I still do but these days it usually isn’t a blogging event.

I’ve often thought about giving my blog a dedicated theme song, and find myself playing around with different songs……..

Taylor Swift | Trouble

I knew you were a blogging when I walked in

Kylie Mingoque | Spinning Around

I’m blogging around, get out of my way because I like it this this….

What I kept coming back to and pretty much had my little blogging heart sold on was ‘Bop Girl’ by Pat Wilson. I’m not sure if you remember the song or the film clip but it featured a very young Nicole Kidman bopping around in a bridesmaid dress.

Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I’m in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
She’s a bop girl
She’s a bop, she’s a bop bop girl
All you follow, I’ll lead the way
Oh, the bop girl’s A-OK
Dig the bop girl, start to move
down inside that microgroove
Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I’m in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
She’s a bop girl
She’s a bop, she’s a bop bop girl
At the dance I’m with my man
Dig the flow, jump with the band
I got friction, I can’t stop
I’m a dancing spinning top
Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I’m in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
Now dig the bop girl
A-and swing that thing, owooooooo!
(repeat chorus and fade)

At this stage I was thinking BLOG GAL and why stop at just a song. Why not go all out and recreate the film clip featuring some of Perth’s more iconic landmarks with my blogging friends bopping around town in designer gowns.

In a moment of complete madness, I touched based with a couple of my blogging friends, a wedding dress designer and a photographer. Surprisingly, everyone was really keen to humour me come on board and have some fun.

Being new to parodies, I wanted to approach this in the right way, which had me tracking down Pat Wilson in her Sydney studio, to ask permission to borrow and change 2-3 lines of her song and possibly have her come on board with her band to re-record it. This is where things started to get interesting and slightly complicated.

Pat was just gorgeous but it was very much out of her hands. I was told, I would be best contacting her ex husband, Ross Wilson, through his management. Not fully appreciating what that meant but assuming I might need a different approach, things were left for the time being.

A couple of days later Pat touched base again, mentioning she had spoken to Ross and they were keen to know more. I was given the contact details of current management that I would need to approach with my ideas and after initially touching base I was sent a massive amount of questions about my full intentions.

Now I’m not going to bore you with the fine details, what I will say is that after several emails and in-depth questions back and forth, I finally jumped through my first hoop (at a cost). It was at this point, I discovered that I had more than a few hoops to jump through.  Management, two record companies, writers and more.

Each hoop had someone else’s hand out, all wanting a cut. The fine print was getting finer and I was definitely needing to find a magnifying glass or seek legal advice. All for 2-3 lines of a song and trying to do the right thing.

In the end I decided, this is possibly one of those blogging goals aka crazy ideas of mine that just wasn’t going to happen and I should just write and produce my own song…… I would say stay tuned but never say never seems more appropriate here.

Perth blogger Ms Mystery Case
Do you have any crazy ideas or goals that seem like mission impossible?
Can you guess which 2-3 lines of BOP GIRL I was planning on changing?

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  1. Wow, that’s a fascinating insight into just how complex it can be for tiny details! I would have to assume you were going to start with B-L-O-G-I-R-L. T’would be a crime to miss that opportunity. 😉

  2. What a great idea! Shame it’s just all too hard …

    I’m thinking you could change: got friction, I can’t stop, I’m a dancing spinning top
    to: got writing, I can’t stop, I’m in a blogging frenzy pop … or maybe not 😉

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  3. Sounds like an awesome idea. Sorry it can’t come to fruition. But i’m sure you could write and produce your own song. Go for it!

  4. Ha Ha that would have been hilarious! You could change “Dig the bop girl, start to move
    down inside that microgroove” to “dig the blog girl, start to type, get on-board the latest hype” and “Out in the crowd, I’m in the street, Got the whole world shaking to my big bop”to “No time for the world, I’m on my screen, Got the Blog Community thinking I’m the Queen” I have far too much time on my hands I think! Although in high school I was known for alternative lyrics. My Kelly Clarkson version of “Since You’ve Been Gone” *ahem* “Since You Baked Scones” is still a hit with my friends. Lauren from SAHM I am.

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