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After my rather raw and a little too real “food for thought” post yesterday, today’s post is all about the food factor and our most recent delivery from Dinner Twist. A home delivery service here in Perth that does the menu planning and shopping for you, where the meals always have an interesting twist.



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Having lost my cooking mojo and being rather time poor, this service just ticked all the boxes for me. While we are a family of five and the box is for four, we still managed to have leftovers most meals. The recipes are quick and easy but rather impressively bursting with that ‘slaving over the stove with love all day’ flavour. The dinner twist ‘twist’ is something that sets each dish apart from your everyday menu and something that will have you polishing off your domestic goddess crown in 40 minutes or less.



Dinner Twist Foodie Box | Ms Mystery Case


Normally, having kids, I opt for the family box and it always goes down a treat.  This time round and realising my entire family are more adventurous than most when it comes to their food, I opted for the foodie box. It didn’t disappoint.


Worth Casing Mystery Case Meals | Dinner Twist | Spiced Carrot Soup
Spiced Carrot Soup served with smoked almonds, yoghurt and crusty bread



When I first spied the menu for the week, I was convinced the Spiced Carrot Soup would be mine and mine alone. First up, we are not in the habit of just having soup for dinner, it’s more of a starter and next up my girls aren’t really big fans of soup or carrots. But this soup was packed full of flavour and really filling, the rustic bread that we toasted to go with it, which I think had a hint of fennel in it, made this the perfect meal for the wild winter weather. The smoked almonds that were sprinkled on top needed to be under lock and key prior to the meal. The smokey flavour was insane and they were just so moreish.



Worth Casing Mystery Case Meals | Dinner Twist |
Chicken koftas with dried fig pilaf served with natural yoghurt



I’m a huge fan of figs, so the dried fig pilaf that accompanied the chicken koftas on night two really appealed to me and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I can easily see this meal making a comeback on our regular tried and tested worth casing menu. It was that good!


Worth Casing Mystery Case Meals | Dinner Twist | Snapper with baked fennel
Snapper with baked fennel & served with an onion relish and baby spinach

Miss 13 is not a huge fish fan, so I wasn’t surprised when this only just passed the test for her but let me tell you there wasn’t a single complaint or a leftover in sight when it came to the rest of the family. The baked fennel and the simple but flavoursome, cooked from scratch, onion relish really added to this meal.


Worth Casing Mystery Case Meals | Dinner Twist | Lamb steaks & ratatouille
Lamb steak & ratatouille



It was a ratatouille first for our household, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have nothing to compare this version of the dish to, but you know what, the fact it only took 35 minutes to prepare was rather impressive. The lamb steaks on their own have certainly changed the way we look at lamb, they easily had enough flavour and could have been served with a simple side salad. The girls weren’t huge fans of the white lima beans in the ratatouille but as far as the adults were concerned we will be back for more.


My entire family enjoyed each and every meal this box, as they normally do and the only issue, for me, was trying to grab a half decent photo of each dish, when the smells wafting from the kitchen had everyone super impatient and rather keen to just devour their meal.



Do you have a favourite tried and tested recipe?
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  1. all the meals look delish! I bet we would eat a lot better & more often with a service like that. thanks for stopping by & linking up!
    Faythe @Grammymousetails

    • Yes. It’s a little too easy and I always feel like I’ve morphed into Nigella when we do get them.

      My girls went through stages of being fussy eaters. Rather than let it frustrate me or have me cook different meals, I just use to have them help with the process and decisions of what to cook. It’s amazing when you have to get someone to help you taste test and suggest what should go in to make it acceptable. Once they’ve owned the recipe by giving it a few secret ingredients and their seal of approval they usually end up eating it, when they don’t at least they have sampled something new and are slowly expanding their taste bud horizons.

  2. I dream of the day I can cook more adventurous meals!! You can’t beat a spag bol for a quick and easy dinner. I grate carrot and zucchini in mine and 5 out of 5 eat it. Winning!! I forgot to credit you in my post, promise to next week.

    • Loved your flowers. You don’t need to credit me in your post, just linking up is impressive enough for me! No rules here. Have a great day, even if it is cleaning out a pig sty??? Did I read that right?

  3. Now this is my idea of convenience, I dont mind cooking and I dont mind clean up, its all that before, planning and shopping. It looks to have been a lovely meal.
    Take care of you!!!

  4. Food ALWAYS tastes better when someone else cooks it! 🙂 I love to make a good roast with rice. My mom made it for Sunday dinners. It’s still one of my favorites!

  5. This dinner twist sounds like a great way to try different meals too. I’ll have to check them out!
    Whenever I cant think of what to make for dinner I usually make a pasta of some kind. A creamy bacon and mushroom pasta, spaghetti bolognaise, or tuna, lemon and parsley spaghetti.

    • My girls are not normally fans of lamb either and I’m not sure if it was the cut or the seasoning that we added following their recipe, it just turned out better than any lamb we’ve ever cooked before.

    • I was surprised at how easy this soup was to cook. Cooked from scratch (using stock cube though) on on the table in under 40 minutes. All my previous attempts at soup have meant hours at the stove and I’m the only one that ends up eating it.

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