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*Revisiting this post after a barrage of negative comments over the weekend, this being the nicest of the bunch…..


“Thigh Gap Is TOTES ADORB! (Guest):

Nasty — just cuz your fat don’t protect your insecurities to every one. Men love thigh gap. Shows you skipped the donuts, buffet, and desert –”


There were a lot more and all were a lot worse. It is these sorts of comments and actions, that make me wonder why I bother with blogging at all.




Thigh Gap Meme featuring runner

If thigh gaps really are a way to measure your self worth….. I’m screwed.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been a bottom heavy shorty or for the more fashionable among us… pear shaped. For me, it just means that when it comes to finding clothing there are some styles that work better on me than others and my wardrobe adventures over the years have quite often ended up as pear shaped misadventures.





While I can remember being a much smaller version of myself, I honestly can’t recall if I did or didn’t have a thigh gap. It just didn’t matter to me. It still doesn’t but as a mother of three teen girls perhaps it should matter more?!


Now you might be under the misconception that my lack of thigh gap has everything to do with my lack of working out.  While that probably does ring true these last twelve months, as I’ve needed far too much time out from working out due to health, even before this when I was able to exercise six to seven days a week there was little to no gap.


I must confess even when I’m at my healthiest and fittest, I’m still rather pear shaped and thigh heavy. Always have been. While I’ve possibly been doing all the wrong exercises and adding to the problem, I’ve been focusing on being fit and healthy rather than watching the gap. I’m pretty sure, for me, a thigh gap is physically impossible and I would need to have some serious surgery or adopt a rather unhealthy approach to obtain and maintain one.


Thigh Gap Meme featuring yourecard running


The lack of thigh gap does mean however, that over the years, I’ve needed to spend a small fortune on exercise apparel. I have opted for the more budget friendly brands as well but just end up needing to replace them more often as they either fall apart at the thigh seams, pile or even worse…. lead to some serious eye watering chaffing.


I must confess I’ve had some pretty dodgy exercise outfits over the years. I still cringe at the Lycra, leotard and leg warmer days and find it hard to believe I was brave enough to leave the house, let alone attend an exercise class in the get up. I’m rather grateful that social media and smart phones weren’t around at the time but you know what, I’m pretty sure the super tight unforgiving outfit motivated me to keep my health and fitness in check without needing a set of scales. Although I still can’t recall obsessing about my weight, looks, size or shape as much as I do now. I certainly don’t remember ever measuring my thigh gap. Can you?


This month I’m getting back on the exercise track and I’ve been road testing activewear from Vamadoo Australia with some interesting results. Not as expensive as some of my favourite top of the range workout brands, but definitely on par as far as quality and durability go.


Vamadoo Australia


Being a shorty I opted to road test the Mazzaa 3/4 pants in black and they ended up being just the right length for me. I was gifted the pants to wear to the Colour Rad Run back in May, an event I ultimately had to miss due to popping my shoulder. At the time, I was super impressed with the material and design but I wanted to put them to the real test with a full month of washing and wearing before making any Worth Casing decisions on the pants or the brand.


Will these pants make you run faster? Motivate you to work out? Burn more calories?


Seriously, only you can do this?!  But if you are looking for a no excuses approach to getting back into exercise like me, having the right outfit and shoes does go along way in helping. Of course just looking the part isn’t going to cut it, you eventually have to put one foot in front of the other and start working out.

After a year of rather limited exercise, I’m less toned and there is a lot more of me to go round. The last thing I would have thought I would want to do, is pull on a snug pair of exercise pants and head out into the real world but the quality fabric is particularly slimming and I’ve actually had positive comments from family and friends when I slip them on.


The moisture wicking fabric keeps me cool and comfortable. The medium to almost high waist is a huge bonus for me because I have a keeping it a little too real three under three kiddy apron or pouch stomach & apparently a lot of junk in my trunk (what does that even mean?), so I tend to struggle with anything too low rise and clingy.


Will these pants stand the test of time?


So far, so good. While I’m only a month in to easing back into exercise, these are definitely standing up to the wash & wear test of time. While exercising, the pants actually stay in place and shape, unlike my budget or baggy activewear alternatives and after a month of continued use there is no sign of them losing their shape or their appeal.


Honestly, I’m that impressed with the pants that I will be ‘casing’ Vamadoo Australia’s Bras and Tops next, as I continue to get back on track with my exercise routine and chasing my fitness goals.


One thing I won’t be chasing though is the elusive (for me) thigh gap……


meme thigh gaps flamingo.


All women are ‘Real’ women no matter what their size, shape or bloody thigh gap. Exercise benefits all of us. Only you can decide your real worth. For me your thigh gap doesn’t even come into the equation, it’s what is on the inside that matters most!

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