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*Revisiting this post after a barrage of negative comments over the weekend, this being the nicest of the bunch…..


“Thigh Gap Is TOTES ADORB! (Guest):

Nasty — just cuz your fat don’t protect your insecurities to every one. Men love thigh gap. Shows you skipped the donuts, buffet, and desert –”


There were a lot more and all were a lot worse. It is these sorts of comments and actions, that make me wonder why I bother with blogging at all.




Thigh Gap Meme featuring runner

If thigh gaps really are a way to measure your self worth….. I’m screwed.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been a bottom heavy shorty or for the more fashionable among us… pear shaped. For me, it just means that when it comes to finding clothing there are some styles that work better on me than others and my wardrobe adventures over the years have quite often ended up as pear shaped misadventures.





While I can remember being a much smaller version of myself, I honestly can’t recall if I did or didn’t have a thigh gap. It just didn’t matter to me. It still doesn’t but as a mother of three teen girls perhaps it should matter more?!


Now you might be under the misconception that my lack of thigh gap has everything to do with my lack of working out.  While that probably does ring true these last twelve months, as I’ve needed far too much time out from working out due to health, even before this when I was able to exercise six to seven days a week there was little to no gap.


I must confess even when I’m at my healthiest and fittest, I’m still rather pear shaped and thigh heavy. Always have been. While I’ve possibly been doing all the wrong exercises and adding to the problem, I’ve been focusing on being fit and healthy rather than watching the gap. I’m pretty sure, for me, a thigh gap is physically impossible and I would need to have some serious surgery or adopt a rather unhealthy approach to obtain and maintain one.


Thigh Gap Meme featuring yourecard running


The lack of thigh gap does mean however, that over the years, I’ve needed to spend a small fortune on exercise apparel. I have opted for the more budget friendly brands as well but just end up needing to replace them more often as they either fall apart at the thigh seams, pile or even worse…. lead to some serious eye watering chaffing.


I must confess I’ve had some pretty dodgy exercise outfits over the years. I still cringe at the Lycra, leotard and leg warmer days and find it hard to believe I was brave enough to leave the house, let alone attend an exercise class in the get up. I’m rather grateful that social media and smart phones weren’t around at the time but you know what, I’m pretty sure the super tight unforgiving outfit motivated me to keep my health and fitness in check without needing a set of scales. Although I still can’t recall obsessing about my weight, looks, size or shape as much as I do now. I certainly don’t remember ever measuring my thigh gap. Can you?


This month I’m getting back on the exercise track and I’ve been road testing activewear from Vamadoo Australia with some interesting results. Not as expensive as some of my favourite top of the range workout brands, but definitely on par as far as quality and durability go.


Vamadoo Australia


Being a shorty I opted to road test the Mazzaa 3/4 pants in black and they ended up being just the right length for me. I was gifted the pants to wear to the Colour Rad Run back in May, an event I ultimately had to miss due to popping my shoulder. At the time, I was super impressed with the material and design but I wanted to put them to the real test with a full month of washing and wearing before making any Worth Casing decisions on the pants or the brand.


Will these pants make you run faster? Motivate you to work out? Burn more calories?


Seriously, only you can do this?!  But if you are looking for a no excuses approach to getting back into exercise like me, having the right outfit and shoes does go along way in helping. Of course just looking the part isn’t going to cut it, you eventually have to put one foot in front of the other and start working out.

After a year of rather limited exercise, I’m less toned and there is a lot more of me to go round. The last thing I would have thought I would want to do, is pull on a snug pair of exercise pants and head out into the real world but the quality fabric is particularly slimming and I’ve actually had positive comments from family and friends when I slip them on.


The moisture wicking fabric keeps me cool and comfortable. The medium to almost high waist is a huge bonus for me because I have a keeping it a little too real three under three kiddy apron or pouch stomach & apparently a lot of junk in my trunk (what does that even mean?), so I tend to struggle with anything too low rise and clingy.


Will these pants stand the test of time?


So far, so good. While I’m only a month in to easing back into exercise, these are definitely standing up to the wash & wear test of time. While exercising, the pants actually stay in place and shape, unlike my budget or baggy activewear alternatives and after a month of continued use there is no sign of them losing their shape or their appeal.


Honestly, I’m that impressed with the pants that I will be ‘casing’ Vamadoo Australia’s Bras and Tops next, as I continue to get back on track with my exercise routine and chasing my fitness goals.


One thing I won’t be chasing though is the elusive (for me) thigh gap……


meme thigh gaps flamingo.


All women are ‘Real’ women no matter what their size, shape or bloody thigh gap. Exercise benefits all of us. Only you can decide your real worth. For me your thigh gap doesn’t even come into the equation, it’s what is on the inside that matters most!

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  1. Thigh gap discussions seem to be everywhere! As a woman who has pretty much always had a thigh gap, I feel like women get picked on (especially by other women) over the silliest things- no matter what shape and size they are. Even in high school I was called “Chicken Legs” but now I love my legs, thigh gap and all, as they are strong from running and I wasn’t even supposed to walk so I am just grateful that they work! But at the end of the day, my kids aren’t going to think, “oh Mum had an awesome thigh gap”, they are going to remember the fun things we did together. It is too easy to get hung up on how your body looks. That being said- I do struggle to find flattering running pants so I will definitely be checking these ones out! Lauren from SAHM I am.

    • I know they do seem to be everywhere, which as a mother of impressionable teens has me worried. Not that they will think I should or shouldn’t have one but that it puts unrealistic pressure on them to obtain one. I’ve had a close family member battle anorexia and I’m keen not to pass my body issues on to my girls.

  2. good post Rachael, couldn’t give a …. no thigh gap here and I’m slim! … it’s a body shape thing I think!
    the same as my sister who is skinnier than me … go figure!
    we did ballet and callasthenics for ten years growing up … never a thigh gap!
    I’m lazy so I eat good food to compensate exersizing …I do yoga and go up and down stairs through the day, walk and dance when the mood takes! I did belly dancing for five years and then without warming up one day at a party I messed up my knee … (showing off!) … dangerous this excersize stuff … enjoy!
    bend and stretch the mind I say! … lol m:)X

  3. I was anorexic as a kid and the very tops of my thighs still touched – though then beneath that there was a gap (twas just my shape). I also had no period for over 2 years and the resulting eating disorders continued for 30yrs (and I’m now about 50kg overweight!). Of course the the thigh gap wasn’t a thing back in the 1980s – but ‘no cellulite’ was. I run on the spot in front of a mirror (like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance) to make sure I had no visible thigh dimples! Argh!

    • Thanks for sharing your story Debbish. I’m sorry to hear you’ve battled eating disorders for 30 years. My sister was anorexic at one stage and I’m while it no longer appears to be an issue, I’m sure her eating is still rather disordered if not an actual eating disorder.

      I’m convinced there must be a good use for cellulite, we just haven’t discovered what it is.

  4. As someone with ‘chicken legs’ also I can honestly say I hate the thigh gap! I wish I didn’t have one or that it was something for me to have to consider when buying clothes. I’ve never been comfortable wearing shorts or skirts and skinny jeans……. forget about it! I know when people comment on my skinny legs they think it’s a compliment but it’s really really not and at almost 40 years of age I’m still self conscious about it. At the end of the day I’m happy to have two fully functioning legs, I love going for walks even though no amount of walking seems to make any difference to the size of my legs! I also struggle to find decent work out clothes because everything just accentuates the problem. So please remember not everyone you see who has a thigh gap has strived to get one, and pointing it out may not make that person feel good about themselves!

    • I completely get that. Really I do. I wasn’t having a go at people that have a thigh gap more the people that think a thigh gap is something worth striving for and is a measure of an individual’s worth because I don’t get that. Not one bit.

      • I know you weren’t having a go, sorry if my comment came across like that! There has been so much talk of thigh gap’s lately it makes me wonder if people see me and think I have purposely strived to look that way, which in my case is the complete opposite! I can’t fathom why people would choose to look that way either!!. I’ve had many discussions with my daughter about body image and being happy with how she looks regardless. Arghhhhhh it’s so damn hard!!

        • It really is hard. I’ve put on weight this last year, thanks to my health issues and it wouldn’t matter what I did diet or exercise wise, it’s just not shifting. I’m convinced people take one look at me and assume I’ve been over indulging or have an eating disorder. The truth is I’m hardly tolerating anything but raw foods and green smoothies.

          • Awww that sucks, I hope you can get on top of your health issues. Nothing worse than a body working against you, mine does all the time due to an under-active thyroid. I swear it’s out to sabotage me at every turn! Such as shame we all have to be concerned with what others are thinking about us. Best wishes to you for continued improvement on how you feel health-wise xx

          • I know and I’m getting closer to being beyond caring what other people think and I’m tackling all of this in a rather raw and a bit too real blog post tomorrow but I felt I needed to get it out and on paper, so I can move on.

  5. I exercise virtually everyday but no thigh gaps for me due to enjoying one too many cupcakes. Ahem. I hope you feel better for exercising, that’s the main thing.

  6. I so don’t get the whole thing about thigh gaps, who cares? The only reason why I might want one is to not have to worry about the dreaded chaffage, but then, that’s what owkrout pants and shapewear are for, right? I might have to check out those pants, I like the idea of them being higher waisted, my tummy is definitely the worse for wear after two kids in quick succession! Although at the moment I can’t exercise at all until I see the podiatrist to work out a treatment plan for what I have found out is heel spurs and moderate plantar fasciities (doctors words). It’s killing me that I finally find something that I enjoy (running) and I now can’t do it and will probably have to have at least a couple of months, if not longer, off from doing it! Know of any exercise bikes that are worth casing, or anyone looking for someone to road-test one because I am in the market!

    • I’m frustrated with my limited exercise as well and looking for more workable options. I’m contemplating aqua aerobics and will be dusting off my exercise bike and putting it to good use. heel spurs and plantar fasciities wouldn’t be any fun. I wonder if you can find a hydro pool and run up and down that till you are on the mend or would that makes things worse?

  7. I have no problems with the food/diet part of the cycle, exercise has always been a struggle for me. I start exercising, go well for a few weeks, get an injury or miss a session, then I stop exercising and the cycle continues. I have a small thigh gap but muffin tops are more my concern, Best of luck in your new gear xx

    • Is there a certain exercise you can do to target the muffin top? I’m a bit like you when it comes to exercise and diet. I have the food down pat but I’ve had more than a few injuries. I normally shoulder because I love my exercise but this last year, I’ve been following drs orders to the letter and have stuck to walking occasionally because I’ve really needed to but I’m really at the point where I need and want to up my exercise.

      • I have tried online PT training, the running Couch to 5k (put my back out for weeks) and now I try to alternate online youtube videos with some strength/weight bearing exercises I have downloaded off health & fitness blogs, printed off and stuck to a pin up board. I find gyms too expensive (especially with 3 kids to babysit as well, Hubby works away so babysitting a struggle). I now tick off in my diary calendar when I have an exercise day and hope to build those days up to 3-4 days a week. Muffin top visit Jillian Michaels (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ8Zdj0OPMI) but not sure if you can do them with your shoulder! Maybe you should see a PT trainer or physio for 6 weeks to help you then you can do it on your own.

        • I really should look at a physio again but they were super expensive and I felt I was going backwards more than forwards.

          I have some fantastic walking dvds which I’m starting to get back into. They are easy enough but also work on toning your arms with stretchy bands.

  8. I’m pretty sure the thigh gap is an inherent part of your body shape. I do have one whereas my daughter who is also tall and naturally slim doesn’t have one at all – being healthy and happy is far more important than some ridiculous media driven vision of perfection. Women who are happy are the most beautiful of all.

  9. From someone who has studied the female form intimately over the years can I say that the thigh gap is the most overrated “bit” a man looks at. Healthy bodies are the new black.

  10. Sounds like I am built very similar to you…no thigh gap here and not sure there ever will be! I saw quite a funny (and crude) meme explaining that thigh gap was proportional to the size of your … so if you have a big thigh gap then… am sure you get the picture..! lol..

  11. I’ve never had thigh gap but considering some of the extreme examples I’ve seen lately with the short short phenomenon, I think all I’m missing is a weird looking crotch region!

  12. Even when I was struggling with an eating disorder I didn’t have a thigh gap. I too am built heavier in the thigh area, which before children was a major pain as my hips were smaller than my thighs. Now my pelvis seems to have spread a little so I don’t have to go up a size to accommodate my thighs anymore. I still wear the budget stuff (best and less I have found to be the most durable) and it’s doing it’s job for now.

    • Glad to hear you’ve found some budget friendly workout gear. I’m rather particular with fabric, I tend to sweat more than most and end up with terrible rashes if I’m not careful.

  13. I don’t think I’ve had a thigh gap since the day I was born. And actually the older I get, when I see stick thin thigh-gappy people, all I can think is “You must be hungry”. While I like to feel compfortable in my skin I just don’t obsess about it anymore. Life’s too short to measure a thigh gap xx

    • I have a few friends that struggle to put on weight so tend not to look assume anything when it comes to body shape but it does my head in people that think having a thigh gap is an achievement.

  14. Nasty — just cuz your fat don’t protect your insecurities to every one. Men love thigh gap. Shows you skipped the donuts, buffet, and desert —

  15. I’m surprised this got negative comments….I’ve not heard of thigh gap as a thing, but have heard of box gap (and that makes my eyes roll).

  16. I am surprised and horrified that people could be bothered to comment and be so nasty on something that is personal. I am often confused by these keyboard warriors and it’s sad that it made you think of giving up blogging…please don’t!!

  17. Must admit to checking for a gap but am very pleased to report no light leaks! Crikey it’s hard enough getting the motivation up to exercise let alone worrying about thigh gap crap. Loved your article, great perspective and a big ‘thigh five’ to you!

  18. How ridiculous. They obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Maybe their days would be better spent perusing the English Dictionary.

  19. I never had the thigh gap but always wanted one (so stupid now but I know teens still think the same thing). Keep up the good work with your training… looking forward to watching you progress (or at least wash and wear the pants).

  20. Raychael – you are right on! Don’t let anyone make you think differently. If someone is naturally built in such a way that they have a thigh gap, then fine. But for most women, our bodies just aren’t built that way and never will be. Even in my fittest days of dancing competitively 6-8 hours a day, I NEVER had a thigh gap. It is a ridiculous measurement of the fitness level, physical attractiveness, or worth of a woman. I could rant for a long time about the ways I think the fashion and beauty industries are largely responsible for these ridiculous standards, but I’ll spare you. I just wanted to say I support you, I’m sorry for the brainwashed and mean spirited trollers, and keep doing you. – Emily Waugh of http://www.DecomposingJaime.com

  21. People can be so horrid. Please don’t give up blogging because of a bunch of men with small dick syndrome. A story that my psych often tells me is about her brother in law who was quite a large man. She said that he was unhappy with his appearance and so would take it out on other people. He saw nothing of leaning out his car window and telling women he saw in the street that they were sluts, dogs etc. So whenever someone feels the need to stoop to personal attacks based on appearance, I just picture them as a pimply, smelly troll. There problem isn’t with me, the fight is with themselves.

  22. Try to ignore the offensive comments. The post has obviously been shared somewhere where trolls reside and they’ve had some fun. Try not to take it personally – keep blogging on my friend x

  23. I would just delete them raych! … then they have NO power and they go somewhere else!
    it plays right into their hands when one gives these people acknowledgement!
    use psychology to your advantage! love m:)X

  24. That’s disgusting. I’m sorry you had to put up with that. And seriously, thigh gap is adorable? Men want to see it? I forgot I exist for the sole purpose of providing eye candy to men!
    And I haven’t been to the desert for ages. But what does a lot of hot sand have to do with a thigh gap?

  25. That’s disgusting. I’m sorry you had to put up with that. And seriously, thigh gap is adorable? Men want to see it? I forgot I exist for the sole purpose of providing eye candy to men!
    And I haven’t been to the desert for ages. But what does a lot of hot sand have to do with a thigh gap?

    • Exactly, although it was a fairly time consuming process and I perhaps should have just hit delete on the entire post but I suppose then they just look for the next one.

  26. Raychael you are far kinder than I am because troll was way too nice in describing what a horrid person left that comment! It truly hurts my heart to read that comment. How could someone have so much hate, bitterness, or whatever you want to call it to say something so incredibly hurtful and rude! I just wish whomever it was would have been brave enough to have not hid behind their computer screen. I mean if you have the audacity to leave a comment like that you’d think you would have the courage to at least show your face to the world!

    My first reaction was to say that I’m sorry such a mean and nasty thing was said to you but I sure in the hell will not appologize for a low life like that! I do however feel sorry for them because in my personal opinion they lost out on a chance to know what an incredibly kind and thoughtful person you truly are! Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing this with all of us! You are my hero for the week!

    Wishing you a beautiful night or wait isn’t it daytime there?!?!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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