Because I’m social media FREE to do what I want…… any old time


The social media free games continue…… and it wasn’t all fun and games!


I’m BACK to blogging after my second weekend in a row where I was completely internet and social media free.




I must admit the whole process was a lot easier and the more time I spent disconnected the more reconnected I ended up feeling. In fact, after a glorious weekend which had me hanging out in the sunshine with Kelly Exeter, among other things, I’ve been finding it hard to get back into the social media swing of things.


I’m not sure if you noticed but this time round, I hired help. An intern of sorts that would monitor and follow up any engagement for a simple blog post for Show & Tell Saturday and then come to the Share the Love Sunday party with Kylie from A Study in Contradictions over on Facebook.  It would seem even the hired help was missing in action for most of the weekend.


In their defense, a distress flare may have gone up after a scheduled post failed to publish but as I had disconnected all forms of communication with the outside world, they would have needed to find a carrier pigeon to get word to me. It wasn’t until I braved the online world late Sunday evening that I discovered just how much hadn’t gone to blogging plan and just how much I couldn’t have cared less.


I’m not sure what else I may have missed in the land of social media living but what I didn’t miss out on was participating and connecting with my family in the real world. Another STAYcation at home, getting back to basics with my little family and enjoying every single fun loving minute.


Once again, I managed to pick up a book and actually read it from start to finish. Just a small book this time but it certainly managed to pack a pretty impressive motivational punch. I’d read the online version when it first hit the web and found ‘Your Best Year Yet’ by Kelly Exeter really resonated with me on so many levels.


Kelly Exeter | Your Best Year Yet


I’m not a huge fan of eBooks, especially motivational ones. I much prefer to have an actual book I can place by the bedside so it continues to motive me. I love the ability to actually pick the book up occasionally and also make notes in it. So, as you can imagine, I was over the moon when an actual book was published. As soon as ‘Your Best Year Yet’ arrived in the mail, I knew I had to schedule time to revisit the book and all that it stands for…. 7 simple ways to shift your thinking and take charge of your life.


The shift in my thinking should have started the first time I read Kelly’s eBook and in a small way I think it did but I left the book in online mode and never found the time to print it out and really digest it. My mind clearly wasn’t in the right place and I never fully appreciated just how easy it could be to change my mindset.


Stuck in a huge rut, I wasn’t convinced that I would be able to take charge of my life. You see, for one reason or another, mainly ongoing health issues, I haven’t exactly had much, if any, control over my life for a little while now. Being a control freak, this ongoing state of control-lessness (is that even a word?) has had me constantly frustrated and well out of my comfort zone.


Spending time online, and living vicariously through other people’s picture perfect moments wasn’t exactly helping the situation. I strongly suspect it was actually making things worse. Especially when, in my eyes, my picture perfect social media sharing moments are always far from perfect. Like everything else, I suspect, it’s a simple matter of shifting my thinking and taking more time out to find some much needed perspective.


Less Than Perfect | Belinda Emmett

When I have resurfaced online the first place I’ve headed is to Kelly Exeter and A Life Less Frantic. There’s something about Kelly and her knack of knowing what I need to hear, when I need to hear it and there was another light bulb moment waiting for me with Kelly’s latest post {Everything changed for me when….} that gave me the courage to share how invisible I was really feeling in social media town and basically life in general.


You see, for a little while now, I’ve been questioning my existence, thinking the blogging world and possibly the real world would be better off without me in it. Mainly because I’ve been acting like the invisible man and have pretty much been in hibernation mode. I haven’t been able to give my usual 110%, which apart from frustrating the hell out of me, has me feeling almost resentful when I do manage to come to the party and my efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. What I found myself questioning then was how and with whom I was spending my time and why this even mattered to me?


I’ve been operating for years on 110% where my efforts have gone unnoticed and unappreciated and it’s never really mattered. It’s practically a given when it comes to motherhood. Social media is a whole different ball game. It has a tendency for highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly what’s possibly missing in our own lives, even if we are just spectators at the picture perfect show. When you make the move from being a spectator and start playing along on social media, it’s rather like hopping under a judgmental microscope. Even if you’re the only one judging yourself.


Just because my life isn’t picture perfect doesn’t mean I should feel the need to airbrush myself out of it.


Offline, I haven’t exactly been a fun person to be around and the couple of friends that were in the know about how bad things have actually been are long gone. I don’t blame them. While there is possibly a lesson to learn here…. one of letting go, not needing to control everything and learning to live with an invisible illness, I honestly don’t want to learn it. I just want to go back to being slightly healthy and completely in control. I had to give up 100% control when I became a mother, and as far as I’m concerned that was enough of a lesson for me.  Enough already!



My self-worth has taken a self-induced battering and while outside limitations continue to be placed on me, the inside limitations I set myself and my negative attitude could really do with a major adjustment. It’s as simple as that and this is where ‘Your Best Year Yet’ comes into play in a big way. I like to think of it as my long overdue grease and oil change.


Just because I can’t control my life at the moment doesn’t mean I can’t take charge.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been looking outwards to determine my value. Recently, I’ve been far too busy focusing on all things negative and the things I’m unable to do, all the while failing to appreciate all the amazing things I’m still able to do (like blogging and social media to some extent). I’ve been down and outright miserable for no good reason and while I could argue (with myself) that I have a pretty good reason to be miserable, seriously what would be the point?! Just more misery if you ask me. Enough already!


Just because I’m a foodie, unable to enjoy the foods that I love, in a house full of foodies, doesn’t mean I can’t make the most of the foods I’m able to eat or become an expert at photographing the food that is off limits.

While I initially thought I would struggle with this question and to change my way of thinking, I’m pretty sure ‘Everything changed for me when……’ I discovered Kelly Exeter, A Life Less Frantic and Your Best Year Yet.

Perth Blogger Ms Mystery Case

Just because I’m in a negative place right now, doesn’t mean I need to always look for the negatives and remain in this place. A simple shift in my thinking could see me have my best year yet!


When did everything change for you?

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  1. I just wanted to thank all the beautiful people that reached out and left a comment for me on this post. Unfortunately, when merging the blogs, the comments haven’t appeared. I still have them and hold them dear offline and hoping to rescue them soon.

  2. I am struggling to find appropriate words for this Raych. That feeling of thinking the world would be better off without you in it, I’ve been there so I know how it feels. And I know that the way forward is very much two step forward, one step back, one step sideways … and finally, another step forward. And then another. And then another! So all I can say is, be kind to yourself. You’re a kind and generous person and lord knows the world needs all the kindness it can find xxx

    • While I’m completely miserable a lot of the time, it’s all self induced and even though I’m having dark thoughts, it’s all about my lack of control and being out of my comfort zone, rather than depression. For a long time my work has been mainly auditing and finding fault and I think as a result I automatically find fault and the negative first and I struggle or overlook the positives. Your book couldn’t have arrived at a better moment. Between your motivation words and the super moon, it’s possibly a good thing I put myself in social media time out over the weekend.

  3. You might feel invisible but you are far from it Ms Mysterycase.
    That book sounds pretty good, could be something I should look at.

    • Writing this post has been a bit like having therapy. While I was very much in two minds about hitting the publish button, I think if I hadn’t I would have continued on my way to becoming more invisible, if that makes sense. Just because I’m not my usual 110% self, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t come to the party. 🙂

  4. as you know Rachael, I’ve been casing your joint for sometime and commenting for a short time …
    i really like your blog and I’ve read much of kelly’s writings and i think she is doing wonderful work out there!
    this could be a mid life crisis for you! and you are allowed to honour that! … i have had many ups and downs through my life and it helps me to be able to draw, paint or write it out of me creatively … i have theories around “my art as my therapy” if you are interested! … i am a trained artist.
    many things have been huge game changes for me … including having a child, reading “erroneous zones”
    dr wayne dyer (which became my bible and the catalyst for change) … going to art school as a mature age student, leaving a 24 yr marriage etc and so it goes on! … still changing and evolving as that is what i think we are meant to do … not stay the same! thankyou for a very open and honest post racheal … love m:)X

    • I really appreciate your support Merliyn. You know I can honestly say this isn’t a mid life crisis. It’s a health crisis and for a long time I’ve been in denial that things would get better and I’d go back to my old able to do everything self. I think I need to hurry up and get to the stage where I’m resolved and accepting of how things are and just learn to deal with it. I think blogging could be my therapy and I think perhaps I need a different blogging platform for this side of me.

  5. Thanks for the eye-opener. I also went on a blog hiatus over the school holidays, and found the break refreshing. It helped me refocus my energy. I will be definitely looking at Kelly’s blog, thanks for the tip. All the best with your amazing year ahead!

    • I can’t believe I missed your message the first time round. Thanks to a technical hitch when moving the blogs, comments are once again showing. Hope you are having a lovely break and looking forward to casing your blog this year.

  6. Raych I think you are very strong and awesome for putting yourself out there in this post. I know what you mean about this book speaking to you – it did the same for me, the feelings were under the surface bubbling away but Kelly’s words brought them to the surface. Maybe it is time to look after you – just you (well and the kids hubby) but you know what I mean. We’re all here for you, waiting, not going anywhere! xx

    • I have put myself out there and I’m now wondering why. I’m also questioning why I’m continuing to blog but you know what I think I’ve given up enough of myself these last twelve or so months and losing the blogging side of things would just be another nail in the coffin. I think in writing this and changing my thinking there is a way forward and while I can’t imagine I will want to blog about this side of things ever again. I think if I do, it will need to be on a separate more private blog.

      • I have been thinking the same thing about my blog – hence my decision to get someone to create a website for my actual business so I can spend time nurturing that. It’s a fickle world this bloggy one. Don’t stop blogging this cyberspace needs someone like you in it! x

        • A landing page for my business is also on my agenda. What’s blocking or stopping me from pushing ahead with it is the notice that I need to be back at my 110% best before I take on any more work but having said that the work and blog lines are rather blurred and a lot of people see the blogging side of things and picking my brain as a free service.

          Can’t wait to see your new website.

  7. Oh Raych I hope you feel better soon. What a horrible time you’ve had. Be kind to yourself. It sounds like you’re on the right track with your weekends already. Social media is great but it can be draining sometimes that’s for sure. Having said that, I look forward to seeing you on Facebook xxx

    • Thanks Denise. I think I am finally on the right track. Slowly coming to realise I’ve been grieving the old version of me that isn’t coming back anytime soon.

  8. Oh Raych. I am glad that you admitted all this to yourself. I am glad that you pressed published and shared with us. I sympathise and I support you. I so want you to find a happy moment today and treasure it. I want you to see that you are beautiful and so special, that you are kind and generous and needed in this community. I want to give you a hug. xx

    • Thanks Sarah, Urgh, while I’m not completely regretting my decision to publish I’m feeling rather uncomfortable about all this. While I think I did need to get this out on paper, I’m still not convinced it needed to hit the blog but you know what it will help me stay on track, be accountable and it’s cheaper than therapy which I possibly need to start. I think I can finally appreciate I’m grieving the old version of me and she isn’t coming back and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

      I’m also rather keen for the blog to continue with more self care and wellness posts.

  9. Do you know what I think from reading through the comments below? Your blogs right now are all in aid of helping other people’s blogs and profiles. And I wonder if all that hard work for other people is slowly eroding your identity and that’s why you are feeling invisible? Maybe it’s time to start a new blog around the things that make you buzzy? Bring a bit more Raychael to the table? Just a thought xxx

    • It’s interesting that you mention this, I have thought the same thing but helping other people is always who and what I’ve been about and there is enough of Raychael in Mystery Case, I just need to get back to setting my own agenda and I have been doing this to a small extent for a little while now. I think the invisible bit comes from possibly wanting to be invisible when I’m not at my best.

      I remember the first time, I showed a bit of Raychael not only on the blog but in Perth in general, it was shortly after my high tea with Amy Zemilas and someone made the comment that I would have been better off not revealing myself. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure how to take this and I chose not to take it to heart or as a personal attack (or even have them clarify) but I did wonder when a lot of Perth and networking seems to be about who you know not what you know and I was pretty much the new girl in town. How I chose to see it was the mystery factor has more appeal and intrigue and creates more interest.

      Rather than bring more Raychael to the table I should change my name to Mystery.

  10. I am not really sure what to say exactly as I have never been in this position. I have always been one to just let things go and move on (must be the gypsy in me) but many of my family and friends have explained their feelings and emotions just as you have and it sounds like you are losing yourself. Losing who you are. Maybe the rediscovering who Raychael is and what she is about will help bring some light to your life. You have a huge support both in real life and online. We love you. xx

    • I’m normally one to let things go to but my health issues are ongoing and there is no escaping them. I realise I’ve been grieving now. Perhaps everything else is just a distraction from this.

  11. I think your feelings about blogging will resonate with a lot people, the questioning of why we put ourselves out there and continue to blog. In a way, blogging has helped organise my thoughts and feelings about my own self and life which has turned out to be a positive for me. Perhaps this is something you could look at as a purpose, and your reason for continuing on doing something like purely, not just for you, but purely for yourself also. I’m starting to love ebooks and the little bits of wisdom that they can bring to your life x

  12. Biggest hugs. Sometimes sharing is enough itself. And social media and blogging breaks were what helped me reconnect with blogging when I thought about walking away (several times) xx

  13. Big hugs, honey. I doubt my self-worth often and honestly, I have no reason to. I want to get over this hurdle because it’s hindering me from reaching some dreams. I’ve heard so much about Kelly’s book. I need to get myself a copy stat. Hope you feel better soon, Raych xxx

  14. What a big step you’ve taken. Admitting where you’re at, honestly is a huge thing and one can only really build and better themselves when they know where they’re starting from. Thank you for sharing this with us too. That’s brave and shows real character. It’s true control can be taken but that doesn’t mean you’re not in charge of what you do have and who you are.

    This book has been getting people ticking. I think I might need to make a little purchase. I hope that is keeps your think in the right direction and propelling you forward. Big hugs xx

  15. The life of a writer seems to be generally filled with more angst than normal. Perhaps it’s the creative heart, or just that constant feeling that you are putting your art out for all to see. It’s stressful, and if there are lots of other issues bubbling away, then it all just compounds. Prioritising looking after yourself both physically and mentally is a great first step.

  16. I feel like I’ve almost ‘outed’ myself on the blog today. As most of you know, I was rather hesitant to hit the publish button on this one but sometimes things are better out than in. Of course that doesn’t mean you need to blog about it but on this occasion I crossed the line and decided to.

    A huge thank you for all your kind words and support. While the post is rather dark, for me, please don’t feel like you need to tread carefully with your words or thoughts. While the post was written over the weekend, it was a long time coming and only something I would and could have written/published if I wasn’t already in a better state of mind.

    I’ve had a few concerned emails from people worried I’m suicidal, having a midlife crisis and depressed. While I did say that I was having feelings that blogging and the world would be better off without me, my only real thoughts to act on this were of going into hibernation mode, which I’ve pretty much been doing for a little while now. While I’ve been rather miserable, I’m not depressed. I’ve been grieving the old healthy version of me and have been stuck in denial.

    At the end of the day, I need to come to terms with my ongoing invisible illness and not let it continue to consume me, even if it is currently controlling and impacting on most areas of my life and my ability to give 100% to everything.


    • Thanks Kirsty. I’ve been thinking about you today. I’m still undecided if publishing was the right thing to do but yes getting it out and on paper was needed as was my blogging and social media break. I don’t want to give up blogging or social media altogether but I will continue to look at better ways of coming to the party and how I spend my online time.

  17. So many people have said so many wonderful things about you and everything that makes up you but in the end none of it really matters(?) The fact that after penning your post you had the courage to hit the publish button says more than anything else. Well done young lady 🙂

  18. Oh my goodness! I have so much respect for you… both for writing this post and being able to avoid social media all weekend! I’m terrible.. it’s pretty much the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing at night. I can’t even remember the last book I read! You’ve definitely inspired me to try to step back a little (although I can’t promise big things lol!). xx

    • I started small and was a nervous wreck which pretty much cemented for me that I needed to do something about the social media side of things. While I do need to be on there for work, it can be time consuming and distracting. A bit like falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole and not being able to find your way out again. 🙂

  19. I am definitely keen to read this book! I agree that these things need to come into your life when you are ready for them and only you will know that time. I don’t think you can force it, it will happen when it needs to happen and it will be great! I can relate so much to this post Raych so thanks for being brave enough to say it. I’m still waiting for everything to change for me but am taking baby steps to get there.
    I have taken a whole weekend off social media once and need to get in the habit of doing it more often I think! I have turned the notifications off on my iPhone which is helping! It dawned on me when I was in the shower last night at about 6:30pm that I hadn’t been on Facebook since earlier that morning because I wasn’t getting those notifications…and I felt totally ok with that and when I did get on it was a simple quick flick through and then I got off again as I could not be bothered to read it all…
    Good luck to you Raych, for what it’s worth I enjoy stopping by and Casing your blog! *hugs*

    • You really MUST get a copy of the book Zita! Well done on turning those FB notifications off. I must do the same thing with my emails. Your blog post today has inspired me to write a blog post about foot in mouth syndrome and I was thinking a blog conversation with Zita might be a good way to start.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your innermost thoughts with us. It’s not easy to do. I have to say it was lovely to learn a little more about you and what makes you tick. I’m glad you found the book so helpful. You’re the second person to write about it today. I think I’m going to have to get it.

  21. I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with feeling a loss of control at the moment. You’ve spoken before about feeling like this place isn’t the space to share the more personal posts, so I wonder if it would be beneficial to have a personal (password protected if you need or even just a paper version) journal so that you are still having an outlet, without feeling like you are stepping over the boundaries. One thing I have learned about my time with dealing with a mental illness is that the more I keep to myself, the more resentment I feel for anything that happens to come my way

  22. Hi Raych. What a brave post! I don’t even know what to write but felt compelled to write something. I am in awe of you, and you are far from invisible. I wish you all the luck in the world to take one step at a time, slowly. Hugs n kisses xo

    • You know I think that is also my problem, the whole forced going slow taking one step at a time thing, really isn’t my thing but I’m slowly realising and accepting it’s just not possible to go at full pace at the moment. More importantly, I don’t think anyone has really noticed I’m not at full pace and if they have it certainly hasn’t mattered.

  23. Sounds like the book was a great catalyst for you, it takes courage to make changes, thanks for sharing your story!

  24. Wow. Really sorry to read things are so crappy at the moment. I went through some shit a little while ago. I am now in a better place. I stopped being online for a bout three weeks I began writing ion paper, I began exercising and spending time with good friends and then just eased myself back into the online world.
    I now write for me and post to Facebook when I feel like it. I could not give a shit about the likes and the stats at the moment. You can get caught up in it and it becomes unhealthy. Reconnect with your soul it sounds like your family are helping with that. Strength to you !

    • Although it doesn’t look like it, I took a huge step back from blogging and social media about a month ago and it was just what I needed but oddly enough it’s something I do want to come back to. I think having given up so much lately, I don’t want to give this up as well. I honestly just need to be well and while I have no control over this and I’m doing everything possible to try and control and be well, I’m resolved to move in a more positive manner regardless.

  25. Huge hugs to you right now Raych. I hope you get some perspective on where you sit in the blogging world.
    I have been wondering about my blog for a while now too, what it is all for, is it worth it? I now batch post on Sunday nights (only 2-3 a week) and schedule my FB posts for the week. I have am focusing on my freelance writing which has given me some relief and I have started to relax and have fun blogging again. I agree with Druime and Kelly, you might need to step back and refocus on yourself. Thank you for being so brave in sharing this raw post. Blogging is a funny beast. So much emphasis is put on social media, the amount of posts you have to churn out, the popularity/comparison thing is a fast lane to burnout. Take care of yourself xx

    • Thanks Lisa. Well after a few hours sleep, I’m feeling like I’ve had a bit of a pity party or thrown an impressive look at me blogging tantrum. I love your approach to blogging, it’s really sensible and manageable and I have been doing a similar thing for about a month now. I’m not focused on the stats or kicking any blogging goals and possibly using the blogging as a much needed distraction with my health so precarious.

  26. It’s a matter of putting the phone down, and stepping away from the laptop…just set hours when it’s okay to do it, and hours when it’s not. Connect to whatever you are doing…and take breaks completely!

    • I completely agree Lydia and I’m pretty sure I’m back on track in this area and I will continue to limit my time on Facebook and have social media free weekends as often as possible. If only I could wave a magic wand where my health is concerned.

  27. Lady, You are one impressive person to do everything that you do. Social media is like life on steroids or perhaps children in the playground. There’s an anarchy and frenzy that scares me sometimes. Hugs and sunshine x

  28. I struggle with self worth quite a bit, and asking that ‘when did it change for you,’ can be quite confronting, and need a lot of head space to deal with.
    I have noticed that SM can be the opposite of helpful. For me I notice it just because it always demands from me. Keeping on top of it, and creating fresh content is exhausting when you have not a lot to give. And then you don’t give your best, which makes you feels worse and it can be a struggle.
    Maybe give yourself a break. Yes the stats will drop, but that’s so much better than you falling and not being able to get yourself back up. xxx

    • Funnily enough, while I continued to be impressed and surprised by the blog stats, I’ve never chased them. I think if my health wasn’t such an issue the rest wouldn’t really be impacting me so much. Not that many would have noticed but I’ve had the last month off from blogging and social media in a big way and there is no real change in stats.

      I also have 170ish draft blog post up my sleeve. They tend to spurt out of me while I’m waiting in specialists rooms or stuck at the hospital. I’m not entirely sure what I was hoping to achieve by posting this but you know what I think I’ve decided I don’t want to lose the blog or give up blogging altogether. I just need a healthier and more workable approach to it while I’m struggling with everything else and I need to get back to my blogging agenda.

  29. I’m so glad I came over from Essentially Jess and read your blog post. Words from the heart and a book to read as well. Thank you.
    As you’ve found it’s needful to disconnect at times, either because of unexpected happenings or for health. I’m glad you found your need and embraced it. All the best with all you set out to do…tiny steps are good.
    …and for me, I’ve been absent for a little while as I can’t help and support many family needs that take my attention at the moment and blogging. A life and a time and a season for all…spend the time now for the needs or regret the lost times later as some cannot be clawed back.

  30. Wow, what a great post! Very brave of you to put it into words and I think this will help a lot of people. It sounds like you’re making some really great changes in your life to bring you back to a place of positivity and this is truly admirable 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Anastasia, that means a lot to me. A lot of people have mentioned the word ‘brave’ with this post and I can honestly say it wasn’t a word I would have used for this but yes I think you could be right.

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed discovering your blog and your positive posts.

      • Sometimes it’s hard to see your own acts of bravery, but it truly is brave 🙂 To be able to vocalise your inner thoughts this publicly shows great vulnerability and there is something really humbling about that. I wish you all the success in the world in your journey towards more positivity 🙂 xx

  31. Raychael, what a powerful post! I think there are more people who identify with you and what you said way more than you realize. I’m one of them. I only post three days a week to not get overwhelmed. Even then, some days are still hard.

    I actually love that you’ve moved from “Ms Mystery Case” to Rachael and we see you more! And we do care about you as a person. You’ve spent so much time helping others who appreciate you.

    So why are your numbers growing even though you’ve been away? Because you have provided great content. Not because you are invisible.

    When I took a three month hiatus in Jan, Feb and March of this year to recover from surgery, I put up a notice that I would be gone and my numbers really didn’t change much. I was surprised. I thought I’d lose a huge number of people, but I didn’t. (Oh, my numbers are no where near yours….) But they waited, periodically leaving comments about looking forward to my return. I returned and it started growing again.

    And I feel so connected with my readers. I hope these comments make you realize that you’ve given out so much that you can take a break and get better. And that WE UNDERSTAND!

    You’re not invisible. You’re empowering. You help others. And we appreciate that about you!

    • Thanks Mary, I really appreciate your support. If anything the post and replying to comments has made me realise I don’t want to give up blogging completely. I just need to schedule more time out and look at ways of dealing with my health diagnosis.

  32. Wow. I’m blown away by this. Your honesty is amazing. So many will be able to relate to this. I went through a stage after having my little boy that I was so down and had no idea how to get myself out of this dark hole. It is all about mind set but sometimes it’s worth seeking help and reaching out. Admitting openly how you feel and then implementing the right steps to move forward. It’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders once you don’t feel that way anymore. For me I needed an outside source, a person who understood and put things in perspective for me and also helped my understand my triggers and push me through my mental barriers so I could go out and get what I wanted. Try to see how special you are and all the amazing things you do and achieve. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this. Maria.

  33. Wow. I’m blown away by this. Your honesty is amazing. So many will be able to relate to this. I went through a stage after having my little boy that I was so down and had no idea how to get myself out of this dark hole. It is all about mind set but sometimes it’s worth seeking help and reaching out. Admitting openly how you feel and then implementing the right steps to move forward. It’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders once you don’t feel that way anymore. For me I needed an outside source, a person who understood and put things in perspective for me and also helped my understand my triggers and push me through my mental barriers so I could go out and get what I wanted. Try to see how special you are and all the amazing things you do and achieve. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this. Maria.

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