Mystery Case Mission | Finding my Style | Everyday Outfits

Finding My Style | Mystery Case Style Challenge

Finding My Style | Mystery Case Style Challenge


After a week, of working my wardrobe and finding my everyday style the mission continues…..

and surprisingly enough, I’m not reaching for the balaclava or heading back into hibernation mode!


Honestly, I can’t say I’m enjoying the whole photo taking and sharing process, especially when my photographer of choice (Miss 13, my only choice) gives me less than a few seconds to strike a pose, where it’s very much a case of point and shoot, gotta run to school…………that’s all you are getting from me kind of photography.


Finding My Style LBD


What I have loved about my mission, is the amazing advice and support I’ve received, especially from Nikki (Styling You) and all my favourite style bloggers and stylish and supportive friends.


Janet (Middle Aged Mama) with her tips on how to avoid the dreaded double chin. Rachel (Redcliffe Style) for the confidence boost and tips on posing when I was struggling. Vicki (The Fashionable Mum) and Sarah (Creating Contentment) together with all my other friends who have been holding my hand and offering encouragement every stylish and not so stylish step of the way.



Day 1 | Grease is the Word


Mystery Case Style Challenge | Finding My Style

Looking back it would seem I started out on the right foot. Inspired after opening night at Grease is the Word, I was really rocking the part. If only I could run away with the musical and be their dedicated groupy because surprisingly I think this look really suits me.


What I’m wearing:


Katies Black Jeans ($23 in the sales)

The ones that suck your wobbly bits in but still allow you to move and breath. I could live in these jeans they are so comfy and slimming. I’m going to head back and see if they have them in the dark denim as well.


Big W Lee Cooper Pleather Jacket ($26 on SALE)

I felt like I was heading back to my younger days when I lived in my favourite black leather biker jacket. Of course these days I prefer pleather over leather but I’m rather fussy when it comes to pretend leather. It can’t look too pretend if you know what I mean?


Black Cami ($20)

Picked up in a little shop in Maylands, a little while ago now, I’m wishing I had of picked up the fluro pink number as well. Perfect for layering and while I’m possibly a little too black heavy, that’s the look I was going for here. Remember, Grease is the Word!


Valley Girl Biker Boots ($20 on SALE)

My favourite black boots kicked the bucket last month and I’ve been searching for replacements ever since. While I’m still on the hunt for a more stylish pair, these biker boots from Valley Girl were a fantastic buy.


Jessica Bratich Scarf ($20 on SALE)

This gorgeous scarf was the perfect way to add a little colour and a bit more Grease is the Word to the outfit. While I could possibly do with a tutorial on different ways to tie a scarf, I don’t think I did too badly here?


Tamara Harrison Design Earrings ($10 on SALE) 

I wanted something a little dangly but with a rock chick edge and the THD earrings I picked up at Christmas Perth Upmarket on sale were perfect. Not too heavy, not too light…. just right!




Day 2 | Well Plaid?


Finding My Style | Plaid Shirt


I’m finding it rather hilarious that I’ve added plaid to my wardrobe, given I’ve been rather allergic to check & plaid after my mother dressed me head to toe in the stuff back in 1975.


I wasn’t convinced with this look, so I styled it two ways and asked for opinions via Facebook and Instagram. As it was, I had one comment saying I looked like I was heading off to a drag race meet without the jacket, so I’ve opted to look for a drag race meet pop a jacket on when I leave the house but for working from home when it’s just me I’m warming to this look.


What I’m wearing:


Big W check shirt ($14 on SALE)

A soft lightweight material with navy pleather trim, this shirt has endless possibilities in my wardrobe. The sleeves roll up to 3/4 and had my photographer given me more time, I would have styled it this way.


Big W Peter Morrissey Skinny Jeans ($20 on SALE)

I’m rather knew to skinny jeans because lets face it I’m no skinny minny and I was under the assumption that you had to be, to wear them. At 5ft nothing ish, I also struggle to find jeans that don’t need taking up, and while these possibly could do with an inch or two off the length, when I’m wearing stilettos, which is most of the time, I can probably get away with this length.


Rivers Shoes ($20 on SALE)

These cute little shoes were purchased for a photo shoot. I remember insisting that all models be my shoe size, so I had an excuse to add to my wardrobe. Since then I’ve only worn them a handful of times because I think at my height when wearing long pants, darker shoes seem to add height and are more slimming? Having said all that though, they really are super cute and super comfy and I should make an effort to get them out of my wardrobe more often.


Mix Apparel Navy Cami ($6)

I’ve got a few of these stretch cami’s from Mix Apparel, they are perfect for adding layers and warmth without adding bulk to your outfit.


Jewellery | Earrings are from Jet & Ruby and fast becoming a favourite & the necklace is one of Miss 13’s creations (yes Miss 13 also designs jewellery in her spare time).



Day 3 | My outfit under $100


Finding My Style | Outfit Under $100 | Mystery Case

In preparation for my outfit under $100 challenge coming soon to the blog, I was on a mission to make sure my outfit remained under $100 today.  While I’m possibly looking a little bland or 50 shades of black and grey here, there are a number of easy ways I can add some colour to this outfit but for my working from home wardrobe, I’m more than OK with this look.


Full outfit details coming to the blog soon, including a chance for you to WIN $100 so you can join me for the challenge!

 Outfit Under $100 Style Challenge



Day 4 | LBD Casual Style


 Finding My Style Mystery Case LBD


My two style challenges collided this day, when I styled The Perfect LBD Casual Style. You can read all about my outfit and LBD Challenge blogged here. It’s the one where I really did only manage to get a warts and all (in this case… double chin, looking like a Llama) photo from Miss 13.



Day 5 | Knit Wit?


Finding My Style Mystery Case


Blame menopause and the hot flushes for the lack of Knitwear in my wardrobe. I prefer to layer up with cotton where possible and as much as I love the look of chunky knits, I can hardly stand the feel or how I feel in them and I would need someone following me around all day with a fan.


Throughout this challenge though we’ve had 1 and 2 degrees at 8 am in the morning, which almost had me ‘casing’ knitwear in a big way.  I did manage to pick up a top that almost fitted the bill, but being new to knitwear, or in this case almost knitwear, I have no idea how to style it. So I’ve kept it simple and would love your style suggestions on this one?!


What I’m wearing:


Big W Cowl Neck Jumper ($20)

This looks like a heavy jumper when in fact it’s a rather comfy lightweight material. Perfect for layering. I loved the colour and the neckline on this but having said that the colour and the neckline possible limit the ways you can style this. I’m looking forward to all your suggestions and lots of experimenting.


Target Black Pants ($39)

My favourite pants for working from home. Straight length with a slight stretch and perfect for dressing up or down.


Vangoh Heels ($26 on SALE)

Possibly the most ridiculously high heels for around the house but I’m short and I was expecting tall company.


What comes next??


Even though, most of these looks would work well for casual weekend wear, I’m moving on to my weekend wardrobe next and will be ‘casing’ this fantastic post from Nikki from Styling You {What to Wear for Winter Weekend Casual} for starters.


I tend to ‘case’ a lot of events over the weekend, so I’m wanting to lift my outfit game here with the main aim being a more workable wardrobe no matter the day or the occasion. I’m not sure if I will, or even should (?), continue with the photo sharing on Instagram. You will have to wait and see!


 Nikki Parkinson Unlock Your Style

Unlock Your Style | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You | Available for Pre-Order


While I’m eagerly awaiting Nikki from Styling You’s book ‘Unlock Your Style‘ before I go too heavy handed with revamping my wardrobe, I will be looking at doing a few ‘Should it Stay or Should it GO NOW?!’ blog posts, where I share some of the more questionable and designer items from my wardrobe and have you help me make some fashionable sense of it all.


I have BIG plans to rerun my Finding My Style mission each season and I’m also super keen to kick start my outfit under $100 challenge. Who wants to join me?

 Agent Mystery Case signature



Disclaimer: Personal challenge, not sponsored and no affiliate links here!


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  1. That’ll teach me to instagram first and read blogs later!! You’ve done awesome this week and those jeans from Katie’s look fab, very tempted to get some.
    My fave look of the week is the check shirt – love it!

    • I picked them up for our trip to Sydney and I’m slightly concerned that as they were on clearance they are no longer making them. They were in short size, so it meant I didn’t have to spend money having them taken up.

  2. I think you’ve had an awesome week! Day 3 is my favourite, but then that’s more my style so I s’pose that’s why it appeals more but seriously your confidence shines through! I so love the Grease look too…very edgy! I love #everydaystyle on Instagram, you quickly work out what works and what doesn’t!

  3. Oh Raychel you did so well. All the outfits are great. You just need a little encouragement with knits. Your idea for a wardrobe sorting post is awesome.

    Day 3 looks great on you and scarves are really you.

    I use a tripod and my camera set to low action mode. It’s a good way to get shots solo. I also take heaps of photos and almost always I’m happy with the results. Jo ××

    • Thanks Clairejustineo. Wasn’t sure I would have time for blog hopping over the weekend, so it was nice to have a place to head with some fantastic bloggers linking up in the one place.

    • School holidays kick off here on Friday, and we have plans to hit the Factory outlet in a big way in the first week, and my outfit under $100 challenge will hit the blog soon after.

  4. I love your Day 2 look. The plaid shirt really suits you. I would love to join your outfit under $100 challenge. Shannon x

    • Thanks Katypotaty. I think I need to now focus on getting back in shape and fitting into the rest of my wardrobe and the time frame my Nikki’s book arriving might be good motivation.

  5. You’ve done a great job! I can’t pick my favourite, but I’m thinking….maybe…day 2 Plaid. I do love a great plaid shirt. Keep it up and I think little Miss 13 might start to love taking your photos when she starts noticing feedback for them – tell her I think she is doing a smashing job. Rachel x

    • Thanks.I think I will like the plaid more once I can start exercising and toning my arms after dislocating my shoulder a little while ago now. I’ve only just started back with exercise this week and have a long way to go/tone. Miss 13 loves photography and is hoping to do a course soon. I’ve just gifted her my old DSLR but her little point and shoot camera probably has just as many features.

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