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M isn’t just for Mystery it’s for my lastest Mission and things that make you go MMMM. Actually I think that should be hmmmm?!

After spending the weekend internet free, I’m back in a BIG way! Armed and possibly dangerous, on a mission to…..

find a hashtag for the mission.

I must confess, in the past when people have mentioned ‘self care’ the first word that springs to mind is selfish. Probably more so since having kids, where putting myself first has become a rare indulgence or extravagance as I struggle to juggle the whole life, work & career business. As a result, if it involves anything other than general upkeep (think looking presentable for work), self care ends up being rather low on my long list of priorities.

Before my three daughters arrived on the scene, my idea of self care was probably misguided and included a massive amount of $$$$ being spent on myself. Nowadays with the mortgage, Miss 16’s $26k solid gold braces and what feels like a million other financial commitments, my pre conceived ideas about what self care needs to be for me, obviously needs a budget friendly and more rounded rethink.

Keep Calm Self Care

Following a guest post by Sarah from Creating Contentment (Self Care) that is full of easy ways to incorporate self care in to your everyday, I’m armed and dangerous on a mission.

With so many options the procrastinator in me wasn’t entirely sure where I should start. It was a post from Emily over at Have a Laugh on Me (Do you secretly have ‘home clothes’), that pointed me in the right direction. You see, working from home more often than not, sometimes going days without seeing anyone outside the family, has seen me fall into a bit of a couldn’t care less home clothes rut.

Starting next week, I’m starting small by making an extra effort in regards to how I look at my home clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start a two hour morning routine that will have me looking red carpet ready just so I can head to my home office to hit the paperwork and make my deadlines. I’m also not going to start signing up for each and every possible event, just so I have an excuse to dress up. As fun as that challenge might be, with end of financial year looming and existing deadlines, it would just end up adding to the pressure, taking all the fun out of the equation and missing the entire self care point in the process.

What I do propose, for starters, is a ten minute hair and make up routine, better home clothes outfit choices with a quick iPhone photo shared to Instagram as motivation. As I can’t stand photos of myself at the best of times and I’m currently not looking or feeling my best with 4 weeks of grey regrowth, this really is going to put me out of my comfort zone. In the scheme of things, this mission might just help me out of my style rut and possibly aid my wardrobe make over in the process or have me hibernating looking for a stunt double.

Like every good challenge mission, I think this one needs a cheer squad support group and a dedicated hashtag!

I was thinking……


but I’m not convinced. Any ideas? 

Stay tuned for my big reveal and make sure you head over and join the Self Care conversation!

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  1. #mysterystyle #dressedforsuccess
    I love my home clothes, no point in getting all dressed up to hang out the washing!! Maybe I need to do your routine too!!’
    I couldn’t post my tech free post as it comes across as judgemental and rude both of which I wasn’t being but thats how it sounds.

    • Perhaps you could publish with a disclaimer at the top? Sounds like an interesting post. I’ve just had the weekend internet free and didn’t want to come back. If only there was a way to blog without the need to be so involved in social media. I’m having another week of limiting my Facebook time.

  2. I changed my home clothes a few years ago as i did not want to feel the frumpiness any more. I now take the time to present my best (try to) anyway. I am like you not fan of taking selfies, but if I get the right angle i can live with it. I own one pair of tracksuit pants and the only time I may wear them is if I am sick and I need comfort and warmth. #yourbetterself

    • I’m still working on my right angle. Doesn’t help that thanks to a few health issues, I’m a few kilos off my ideal weight. I’m the same with you when it comes to track pants. You can guarantee if I’m in public wearing gym clothing and I’m not exercising there is something seriously wrong.

    • Great suggestions. Keep them coming! I’m hoping to evolve the challenge so while I’m starting small with the ten minute routine, I will be moving on to other ways to incorporate self care in to my everyday.

  3. I have only lately made the effort to make my home clothes less of a habit out of the house. It is making me feel better about me too. #bettercarebetterme

  4. I had a full day of pampering last Friday – upper lip and eyebrow wax plus trip to hairdresser’s. My soul needed it! I like Kell’s hashtag – #drabtofab!

  5. I talked about home clothes on em’s blog and I’m not revealing anymore! … after having to look too closely at my skin on sy … whatever next! … yesterday I did have to go out and I can scrub up ok! I’m not telling you what I have on now … it is cold here but I’m not! lol m:)

  6. Tracky dacks for me lately with being mostly home with newborn all of the time. I used to make an effort.. just too hard these days! #teamIBOT

  7. I concur with Ms Style on V, I culled my most hideous home clothes and stepped up my game recently as my daughter started school and days I don’t work I still have to leave the house looking half put together. Seeing a stylist (my first major piece of self care) was a big step forward for me, making getting ready and looking good so much easier. I highly recommend it and kick myself for not doing it earlier. I look forward to your self care tid bits Raych… Sharing is caring!! #selfcareyeahyeah #putyoufirsttoo

  8. #homeclothesrevolution? I have no idea!
    I spend most of the day at home, and have to admit I don’t really do the home clothes thing. I just can’t do things mentally if i don’t feel I’m prepared physically, and I know that sounds crazy but it just works for me. I can’t den stay in my pyjamas past 8 in the morning!
    Looking forward to seeing your pics. 🙂

  9. I’m in – I have been considering the same lately as I have been working from home and even went without a shower this morning. My standards are definitely slipping – I need help stat!

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