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Arriving fashionably late to the confessional party for I must confess Monday as I talk about love, love, love and why at the moment I’m all out of it!

Who ever said ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’…. had a hidden agenda!

I must confess, I didn’t actually make it to the confessional party yesterday. No real excuse this time round. Yes it was a public holiday here in Perth but I’ve known about the link up all week. If I’m honest, with myself, I think this week’s prompt ‘love’ might be to blame.

I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you

I half contemplated outsourcing this one, I even posted a CALLOUT via our FB page. In an effort to make it to the party on time, I had every intention of discussing love songs and in particular wedding songs. Considering my wedding song was ‘The Honeymoon is over’ by The Cruel Sea I soon ditched that idea as well.

I’m all out of love, what am I without you

You see…. as I enter my third week of doing this temporary single parent gig with Mr C at sea, I’m not feeling the love. I find myself knee deep in my usual ground hog day activities with the added pleasure of doing Mr C’s share as well. While my three teen girls are a huge help and comfort, I still find myself under whelmed by the whole experience and missing Mr C dreadfully, especially of an evening.

I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long, lonely nights

It doesn’t help that due to the ship’s remote location and the cost factor involved, I’ve had one lonely email since he left. Mr C was enquiring about the State of Origin results of all things and as he supports New South Wales, I replied telling him Queensland won. They did didn’t they?

I even photo shopped a press clipping backing up my statement, rather proud that I was finally taking my wedding vows seriously. You see I vowed, almost 20 years ago, to take more of an interest in Rugby League. In return, Mr C vowed to cook, clean and slave after me. Something that I’ve become accustomed to, even if it did take me a good fifteen years or so to train him.

All jokes aside, I must confess I’m not cut out for this Ship-in-Ship-out life. It’s not what Mr C originally signed up for when he took on this job but due to job cuts and also wanting to keep his job and more importantly keep on top of his game, it’s something we must come to expect on a semi regular basis.

When Mr C returns home (hopefully within the next week) I’m hoping to put up the ‘de-briefing’ sign on the blog and have some much needed time out literally de-briefing catching up. The reality being rather different I expect. Having been out of the office for an extended time and knowing the work carried out at sea will require urgent processing, it will be a good fortnight or more till things are back to 9 to 5 normal. If at all.

Worth Casing | Perth Blogger Ms Mystery Case | In bed with Mr C | The spam factor
One thing I can guarantee will not be happening when Mr C returns home | My Most Embarrassing Moment

As a much needed distraction, I will be playing along with blogger bbeingcool’s 7 Day Blog Detox, inspired by this post from Darren Rowse (Problogger) ‘7 Questions to Ask Yourself To Bring Clarity To Your Blogging.

Now to the questions that will be covered over the next week on bbeingcool’s blog:

1. What interests do I have?

2. What experiences (good or bad) have I had?

3. What expertise and skills do I have?

4. What are my passions?

5. What gives me energy?

6. What do I talk about with my friends?

7. If you could write about anything, what would you write?

For me, rather than look at this from a blog perspective, I will be attempting and hoping for more of a personal detox and possibly one that needs to stay offline for now. If it helps and reshapes the blog in the process all the better. 
Perth Worth Casing Blogger Ms Mystery Case

What are your interests? Apart from blogging and shopping, a lot of mine revolve around Mr C, something that obviously needs to change so I’m not feeling so miserable and out of sorts when he heads to sea.

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  1. Ah poor you, that is very hard. I’d be useless in that situation. But as Lydia points out, at least you still miss each other:-)

    • No more pity party. I’ve just remembered how I struggled when hubby went away for work when the girls were little because they would miss him terribly. In the end we turned it around and would have a getting up to no good party the minute he left. I think I need to get back to doing something along those lines.

  2. That would be really tough not having your man at home, but at least you have your girls to keep you company and there’s no disagreements about watching the sports channel instead of your girly shows 🙂

  3. I find it hard enough the 4 days that Dave works 12-hour shifts, I don’t think I could ever survive the FIFO wife life!

    My interests? Blogging, reading, photography and graphic design. I’m not sure if I have much expertise in any of those but I give them a red-hot go anyway!

    • I think given the right support or pay packet I could learn to get use to it, neither of which is happening at the moment.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Kylie. I know you have so much on at the moment. Really hope your mum is doing ok.

  4. I want to do B’s detox as well!
    I hated it when Boatman was away and those dodgy emails were the only form of communication. Made me feel completely sick.

    Also NSW won the State of Origin. 🙂

  5. You know, I don’t think any of us are in what we actually signed up for. But this ship in ship out situation is exceptionally tough. Hang in there and no more singing Air Supply, okay?

  6. I don’t envy you at all because I wouldn’t cope very well with my husband away for a long time. I hope the time flies fast until he comes home. I have to check out B’s blog about the detox. It sounds good!

  7. I hope that the next week goes quickly for you. I can’t imagine having to deal with that on a regular basis. Good luck with your detox too, I look forward to hearing about the results 🙂

  8. The detox sounds very interesting.
    I love when my partner works away which isn’t that often!! We have toasted sandwiches for dinner, I can watch all the shows I like and I can sit on the lounge blogging in peace and quiet!!

    • We use to treat it as a game and have a getting up to no good party as soon as he left but the reality is it adds a tremendous amount to my workload, especially with girls at three different schools.

  9. Single parenting is hard – I can understand why you are feeling all out of love at the moment Raych. Thanks for being fashionably late to the party!

  10. Oh I do hope the time passes quickly this week Raych! My partner used to work away when we were pre-kids & I found that hard then. I don’t think I would cope at all well with it now. It was nice not to have to fight over the remote though. 😉
    Good luck with the detox – I think it is a great idea now & then.

    • Thanks so much Jodie. As I don’t watch TV, I’ve been using the little free time I have to catch up on blog reading. Will be heading over to your blog soon. Make sure you link up for our Worth Casing blog of the month at Agent Mystery Case. The link up has just opened!

  11. It is so much harder for the one left behind. I travel more than he does and it’s much harder for me when he is away than it is when I’m away. Hope the time passes quickly! And I think the personal/blog detox is a great idea.

  12. As one who has just finished a ‘once every four years my husband returns to visit family in Cuba’ stint for almost three weeks, I can relate. The evenings are the worst. Thinking I had all the time in the world to do things for myself, I found myself kind of paralysed, not even able to watch tv or read! Hang in there. It really does make the heart grow fonder, not until you lay eyes on your love again, but it does. I had to laugh. ‘All Out Of Love’ was the first song my husband, when we met, got me to listen to over and over to write out the lyrics. So he could learn English. I can sing it word for word…

    • Kind of paralysed, kind of sums it up. I have no idea why i chose that song but I’ve had word from Mr C that it was one of the few albums and songs they had access to on the boat. How strange.

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