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Vanessa Rowse from Style and Shenanigans

Vanessa Rowse from Style and Shenanigans


Our latest Worth Casing 100 Aussie Blogger Vanessa Rowse is fairly new to the blogging scene. Her Lifestyle blog Style and Shenanigans is fast becoming a real favourite and already winning awards (Kidspot Voices 2014 | Top 40 Beauty and Lifestyle). 

Even before the success and engagement surrounding Vanessa’s recent #snsprint challenge we’ve been keen to catch up with Vanessa to discuss the business of blogging.





How long have you been blogging and why did you start?


I have been blogging since August 2013, so coming up to 9 months.


I started my blog after a lot of procrastinating! I started because I thought it would be a challenge, something I would enjoy, a way to help and resource other people and a way to document all the research I do anyway!


Tell us a bit about your blog and what we can expect to see in 2014?


My blog is all about finding style in the every day, amongst the shenanigans that is life with young children!


In 2014, you will find up to date fashion and styling advice, entertaining and home styling inspiration, great books and the chance to read along with the SnS Book Club, lots of fabulous gift ideas, a great community of people, a few laughs and a healthy sprinkle of the 80s.


Do you have a favourite place or dedicated space for blogging?


I usually blog at the dining table amongst crumbs, dried weetbix and lukewarm cups of tea.



Photo Credits: Little Red Photography | Commissioned by Missy Confidential   



What are your must have tools and resources when it comes to blogging?


My iPhone to take photos when I am out and about; a notebook to record blog post ideas; Pic Monkey and Canva for graphics; reading magazines and other blogs for inspiration; regular trips to my local Westfield for reconnaissance missions and my iMac for drafting and researching my posts.


Have you ever experienced blogger’s block and what are your top tips for when it strikes?


Not really. I have plenty of ideas. My issue is finding the time to write.


What have been your blogging highlights and biggest challenges?


The highlights have been meeting and getting to know other bloggers (IG has been great for this too); a feature in Studio Bambini’s Autumn/Winter 2014 edition; being featured in Missy Confidential’s Real Style Gallery in March; and running the SnS 7 Day Colour Challenge in February was a lot of fun too. Being selected for the Top 40 in the Beauty and Lifestyle category in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Awards recently was a massive highlight as well.


The biggest ongoing challenge for me is finding the time to write posts, read other blogs and covering all the social media platforms.


Who inspires you and what’s on your Worth Casing list when it comes to other bloggers?


Nikki from Styling You is inspirational – she is professional, fabulous, encouraging and generous to other bloggers (including me).


I don’t read as many blogs as I would like to but I always enjoy and have been inspired by Colour Me Anna, Mrs Woog, Sonia Styling, Redcliffe Style, iCurvy, The Beetleshack, Kimba Likes and Iris May Style.


My husband Darren has also been a great encourager and has been very patient with me (he takes endless photos of me for my posts and IG, poor man!). His blogs (Problogger and Digital Photography School) are definitely worth casing too.


What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog of their own?


If you have a topic you could talk about for hours, you should start a blog. Right now!


If you weren’t in the business of blogging what would you be doing?


I think I would be looking at further study in styling or interior design in between the school and kinder run!




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  1. I still remember meeting you (Vanessa) at dinner last year and saying ‘you look so familiar – what’s your blog?’ and you pointing confusedly at Darren because you’d really only just started your blog.

    So maybe I was being psychic because even though you’ve only been blogging for a short while it does feel like you’ve been around forever!

  2. Lovely to get to know you a little better. I’m a big fan of your husband and was at PB last year and will attend this year! I agree that it’s the lack of time and not ideas that holds me back. In saying that, I suppose if we really want something we make time for it – even if that means not sleeping! Emily 🙂

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