A Mystery Case Confession | Mission Impossible…… cue the music……. Ten kilos in five days.

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My latest challenge might just be my undoing. Looking for advice, hints, tips and possibly a support group. It’s honestly not what you are thinking… it’s much much worse!

I must confess that packing for holidays is not one of my strong points. Which could be down to lack of practice I suspect. Having moved house 22 times, it seems our holiday time over the years has been taken up mainly with work relocations. Packing up a family of five to move over 4,000 km across the country, in under a week… no dramas. Heading away for five days, mission impossible.

Take for example my recent night, yes one night, where I treated myself and a visiting friend to an apartment in Perth so we could head off to the WA Fashion Awards in relaxing style. Funnily enough it was anything but relaxing as we arrived at the apartment with only 30 minutes to spare and pretty much starting from scratch as far as hair and makeup were concerned. Add to that a fight with shapewear that almost needed medical intervention, a missing key, an inability to work out how to use the lifts and a lost credit card. It was a small miracle that we made it to the event alive at all, let alone only five minutes late.

Running behind schedule that entire week, meant that I was on catch up and packing for the night was left till the very last minute. On reflection, I probably didn’t need 90% of what I ended up packing and I have no doubt I could have survived quite comfortably for a month if not more and that is even without needing a laundry service. Yes that ridiculous. Two massively overstuffed bags with back up outfits, a makeup bag and a bag of shoes. For one award night and a media callout the following day. Just call me prepared or as the case turned out well and truly over prepared.

Travelling light... not
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It reminds me of the last time my mother arrived in Perth from Sydney at short notice, with the biggest set of luggage I had ever seen, that I worried wondered if she was in fact moving in with us. Six pairs of jeans, two ball gowns, and goodness knows what else and like me she pretty much kept to her favourite two or three outfits the entire week. The ball gowns never saw the light of day but I was half tempted to put on an over the top event at home, to justify bringing them. Clearly the over packing is a genetic condition.

This week, I’m off to NSW and to keep costs down, we’ve gone with carry-on luggage only this trip. While I still get my head around the size, shape and weight factor, I’ve been having more than a bit of a panic attack. What on earth was I thinking?  I believe, my eldest daughter’s braces fee ($26k) might have been a contributing factor, that and the fact our house in NSW needs a lot of work ($$$) before we can even think about selling.

Plane over water | Ms Mystery Case stock photo

I’ve looked at capsule wardrobe ideas for travelling but the problem is, you actually need to have access to a capsule wardrobe. My sorry looking wardrobe falls a bit short in this regard and is in urgent need of an overhaul, especially with chilly weather predicted our entire trip. As far as I know, I don’t actually own a jumper.

While I’m keen to hear your hints and tips for packing light what I really want is a fairy godmother to appear out of nowhere and provide not only myself but my three girls, who have all had growth spurts, with the perfect five day capsule wardrobe, neatly packed in my Jessica Bratich Rachael overnight travel bag.

Worth Casing Perth Designer Jessica Bratich Overnight Bag

Could you pack for five days in just a carry on bag with a limit of 10 kilos?

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  1. We fly budget a lot, so I am now the queen of travelling with carry on only (but we usually only get 7 kilos). Infact, I’ve become so good that when we went OS, I packed so lightly that I worried I’d forgotten something as we were down to one bag for 5 of us…

  2. Leggings will be the key ingredient. Wear you jeans on the plane and pack 2 types of leggings with a oversized shirt, jumper, dress option. Joggers and ballet flats. I just did this same thing to Syd for 3 days and I also bought a massive handbag for the extra “bits and pieces” which I carried on and stored at my feet. So essentially I had a carry on and a handbag and thats allowed. I forgot to email you back the other day and can’t find your email, but yes to your email 😉 by the way. xKristie

  3. I would definiately struggle! Carry-on only requires outfit decisions to be made prior, something that would be a challenge at the best of times 🙂 No tips, just – good luck!

  4. Ah shapewear, so good but so very, very bad! I reckon I *could* pack for 5 days in under 10kg, but I don’t know if I’d want to, I too am a chronic overpacker! You’ll definitely need a jumper tho – it’s gotten mighty chilly down here all of a sudden these past few days!

  5. So take quite a big bag that you can take and put under seat, like a handbag, with delicate items, then in main suitcase, one pair of pants, one skirt, tights, two tops, wear a jacket, pack a jacket, then buy lots when you get there!! Good luck, yes I know I’m not a help at all!

  6. Nope. I couldn’t do it. Might I just add that the carry on bag is DIVINE. And did I read right? 26k for braces? Oh God, one of mine might need them. I think I need a lie down…

  7. One tip that I forgot to add was that if you roll your clothes tightly instead of folding them you can fit more in. Of course this may require ironing them at the other side before wearing so.. your call…

    • I’ve just had my three girls pack using the roll method, very effective. I’m calling it early but creased clothing is going to be ‘in’ this week in a BIG way. 🙂

    • I’ve been joking that I will just wear the one outfit the entire time. I’m wondering how I will do without my hair straightener and truck load of beauty products.

  8. I love those capsule wardrobe ideas. But the problem is they’re so much easier on the idea than the reality. The difficulty is finding the top or pants or dress that suit you and come in your size and a good fabric!

    • Agree completely. They look good in theory but each time I’ve attempted to sort myself out I get distracted by the SALES and jackets and shoes and I’m back to chaos.

  9. I probably could do it but I’m not fashionable and I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from! I hope you enjoy your time back here but do pack warm – it has turned decidedly chilly.

  10. Whenever I’ve tried to pack light in the past it’s always been a massive fail because I run out of clothes/outfit options after a few days. So now I’m back to taking a big case with me everywhere. Sorry, I’m no help whatsoever!

  11. If I had to I could, but like I you am a chronic over-packer! You would think that after spending 5 weeks in the US and only wearing the same three outfits just about the whole time I would have learnt my lesson, but no. Still overpack. It’s a sickness I believe and one that has no cure (as far as I know!).

  12. I think it’s manageable, you’ve had loads of great advice. I did pack a few pairs of leggings/jeggings/treggings on our recent trip – they don’t crease and take up hardly any space. Just take black, Mystery, then at least you don’t have to worry about matching stuff up! And no, you don’t need loads of handbags….

  13. I absolutely suck at packing light. If you want to keep light maybe have a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, a dress and a couple of shirts. You could probably where a coat on the flight (why are planes always so cold!). Also maybe have a look for a pair of those ballet flats that you can fold to fit in a handbag, that way you can take a couple of pairs of shoes.

      • My hint for flying: Always ask a flight attendant for a blanket as soon as you get on a plane. That way you’ll have a nice hygienically-wrapped blanket ready to use when you need it.
        Get one before the plane gets cold, because airlines don’t carry very many blankets! 🙂

  14. I am guilty of overpacking but did have to be careful when we went to China, I agree with Vicki, take black and white, lots of light weight scarves and lightweight jewelry. Comfortable shoes, Jacket in flight, and if you can find it, water in a spray can as it gets really dry in the plane, also carry plenty of hand wipes with a moisturizer. There are lots of tricks to packing, rolling tops and pants, and lay as many things out flat as possible.

    Hope you can stop by WW http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/index.php/oh-my-heartsie-girls-wordless-wednesday/

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