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The Business of Blogging


Welcoming Rhonda Chapman to Agent Mystery Case as we get down to the business of blogging. If you’ve been struggling for ideas for content for your blog, this post is definitely worth casing!




“I don’t know what to write about” is one of the most common excuses many business owners give when I ask them why they don’t have a blog attached to their websites.


I guess it’s a fair excuse, since many small businesses and non-profit organisations don’t have the time or budget to investigate who they should be ‘talking’ to in their posts.


Niche market research for business blogging could take a while and if not done right could end up not proving anything useful for your blog.


What can you do instead?


Well, you can take a guess and assume that you know who’s reading your blog. I know that this goes against what marketers say, but if you don’t have the time and money, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t afford to do a proper analysis right away to find out what your online community wants to read.


My solution is this:


If you need to get blogging right away and haven’t done any proper market research, just list all the groups you want to target and plan your content to target them. Simple.


The challenge would be to get your content right.  So here’s a quick list you could use to get started – by the way, it lists the segmentation dimensions, which means you’re separating your target audience based on what make each group the same or different from others.


Who to target in your blog posts


To make this much easier to follow, let’s pretend you are selling women’s clothing online, for women aged 18 and older. This example below was chosen for ‘tutorial purpose’ only. Please adapt accordingly.




Here is what you would do:


1.   Target by age groups


Things you should know:

Women of different ages have

  • different needs, tastes and wants
  • different sets of values
  • common cultural experiences
  • common questions about styling or product care


Example of posts you could write:

  • How to look 10 years younger in colourful jeans
  • Um, yes you CAN wear short skirts at 50
  • Get the Miley Cyrus look for less than $100
  • Why your mum likes to wear flannel shirts


2.   Target by gender groups


Things you should know:

Although you’re selling women’s clothing,

  • Husbands, boyfriends, long-term partners, dads and uncles also shop for the women they love.
  • Those buying for their women almost always have no idea what they’re doing.
  • Those buying for their women at times have lots of money to spend.
  • Those buying for their women at times buy a few at a time, ‘just in case’.


Example of posts you could write:

  • Fashionable gift ideas for Mother’s Day
  • How your girlfriend really feels about gift vouchers
  • Want to win her heart? Buy the whole outfit
  • How to find out her dress size without her knowing


3.   Target by family structure


Things you should know:

Family structure and marital status determines how a woman spends her money. Let’s assume that:

  • Bachelorettes and new brides are most likely to buy more.
  • New mums might want to look better without much fuss.
  • Single-mums might want to dress up to go out with their besties.
  • Older women whose children have moved out probably like to socialise.


Example of posts you could write:

  • How to dress for a double date (so you don’t look hot to his mate)
  • 10 secrets to dressing like a hottie when you’re too tired to bother
  • What ‘cocktail’ dress code really means
  • How to dress for a high tea party


4.   Target by social class and income


Things you should know:

Although all women are ‘created equal’:

  • Some have more to spend than others.
  • Some have more but don’t necessarily flaunt it.
  • Some don’t have much but like to flaunt it.
  • Some don’t have much but want to keep up appearances.
  • Some are gifted clothing by those who love them (so it’s not their decision).


Example of posts you could write:

  • Spoil yourself for your birthday with our new arrivals!
  • How to dress down without looking dull
  • Go from ladette to lady with fashionable jewels
  • Treat your daughter to a shopping spree that won’t break the bank


5.   Target by lifestyle


Things you should know:

Depending on the types of women’s clothing, you could then write about specific topics to satisfy each woman’s lifestyle.

Even if women share some other demographic characteristics, they also have different lifestyles. As an example, Jane and Jacquie are from the same class but Jane is a swimmer and Jacquie is a dancer. Assuming you know that your readers have different lifestyles, you could use these for your topics.


Example of posts you could write:

  • Help! My swimsuits keep fading!
  • Top 10 bras for dancers
  • What the colour of your swimwear says about you
  • Get the Flashdance look for less than $20 (limited offer)


The bottom line

There are other segmentation dimensions that you can work with when writing your business blog posts. However, age, gender, family structure, social class, income and lifestyle are safer to start with.

Give this list a go and if you need more ideas, ask below or connect with me on Twitter.


Over to you now… do you blog for your business? How easy are you finding business blogging? Fun? Frustrating?





Rhonda Chapman is a freelance copywriter and owner of Marketing Storytelling. Rhonda works with business owners and entrepreneurs to write their brand stories through persuasive and influential content, to attract and engage their audiences and drive sales.



  1. I have heard this over and over, you are correct. And part of the reality is that if they stop and think for a second or two they will come to find out that they have plenty to write of. Some business don’t realize yet the power of blogging and or social interaction with clients. Cloud computing and web 2.0 are the way to go these days.
    Great Job with this post and the tips included.

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