Five in Five with Designer Tamara Harrison

1. How would you describe yourself?

I am passionately creative, honest, sensitive, with a strong spiritual side. And I have many contradictory facets to my personality.

2. What’s on your ‘worth casing’ list?

Ari Seth Cohen and his Advanced Style project. Truly beautiful and very inspiring.

3. If we ventured into your wardrobe what would it say about you and what’s your most worn or favourite piece of clothing?

It would say I wear mostly non patterned, unusual cut clothing in a limited colour palette! Mainly because my adornment is always in the form of accessories and lots of them. Often I pick jewellery first, then build the outfit around it. 

My most worn (should read as ‘flogged to death’) item of clothing is Sab Five Five (my fav designer) black, super wide leg flowing pants. They always, always look good and are so very comfortable.

4. What your idea of the perfect night out? 

There are two extremes of my perfect night out:

  • I love surprises so a well planned evening of events (where details have been thought of) is always a winner with me. 
  • A night in with the people I love, great food and catching up. 

5. If you had a theme song what would it be? 

I could not pick just one theme song… too many facets, remember! 

But I could tell you my favourite song for the last 10+ years is Clubbed To Death – Rob Dougan. You know, the long version with the amazing piano piece in the middle? Ahhh, love it.

When Tamara isn’t busy filling in for Mystery Case or spending precious time with her mini me daughter she can be found in her studio creating eclectic jewellery pieces that really are wearable and accessible forms of art. 

Tamara’s amazing designs are currently showcasing for a limited time at Fashion Cinque (Brookfield Place) and Society (140 Perth) and will also be featuring on March 3rd at Perth Upmarket. You can also keep in touch here:

Tamara Harrison Design

Night Watch Hoot Necklace from Tamara Harrison Design


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