Five in Five with Katie from Delish Ice

Delish Ice - Katie Earl
How would you describe yourself?

Big plans to take over the world, one popsicle at a time! Big dreams, probably take a little too much on, but I get excited about all the opportunities I see. Lucky to have an amazing, supportive family and wonderful friends. Try and help people as much as I can, and “pay forward” the help and support I’ve received along the way. Seem to be lacking a bit of the left side of my brain, so I tend to make understanding directions, and other practical tasks a little harder than they should probably be. Lucky I have the ability to laugh at myself and never really get angry.

What’s on your ‘worth casing’ list?

If I were to make any recommendations for you to “case” down south, I would have to say start out with breakfast in the summer at the White Elephant Cafe in Prevelly, off down Caves Road to start collecting food for a picnic. Stop in at the Venison Farm for some pate and coat of arms chorizo (kangaroo and emu), then down to Hayshed Hill Winery to do a tasting, choose some wine and then buy some cheese from their deli. Book into Vasse Felix for a long, leisurely lunch and then to Cowaramup Bay to watch the sunset, and have a light meal with the things you’ve picked up along the way.

Favourite haunts in Perth when I get the chance are Five Bar, Helvetica and Andaluz and I also get super excited for yum cha on a Sunday morning when I can.

If we were to venture into your wardrobe what would it say about you and what’s your most worn or favourite piece of clothing?

If someone were to venture into my wardrobe I think they would think…. “woah…. what a random assortment of clothes…. what was she thinking….I think she likes to op-shop”.

As for my favourite piece of clothing …… Hhhhmmmmm…… well I have a black dress – fifties style, full skirt, buttons up the front and sleeves to the elbows that I purchased a few years ago in London at Zara. I absolutely adore it, but seeing as I have worn it to death it is now a little worse for wear. I need a trip to SE Asia somewhere to get the same design made in lots of different colours.

What’s your idea of the perfect date night?

Ha! Well, it’s been a long time between dates, so I’d say anything would be ok at this stage, but that would just make me sound desperate 😉

Hmmm…. perfect date night … well we’d have to assume that he’s the standard “funny and intelligent and good conversationalist” as well as having a bit of entrepreneurial spark, and being a little quirky.

What would we do…. well above all it would involve cheese, food and wine. If it were a simple evening then a picnic somewhere on the beach in summer watching the sunset (clichéd I know, but I love a good sunset). Otherwise just cooking a meal together at home, or cocktails somewhere, followed by an awesome degustation meal somewhere.
Like I said…. food and wine J

If you had a theme song what would it be?

Well, with the predicaments I seem to get myself into, in my head it would be the Mission Impossible song, but to all those observing it’s probably the Mr Bean theme song ….. does he even have a theme song?

You can ‘case’ Katie and Delish Ice through her facebook page or website.

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