Five in Five with Guest Blogger Suzanne

She really is the Cat’s mother! 

How would you describe yourself and your blog?

Lighthearted, I suppose. It was something I started up because I felt a bit talked-down-to by beauty blogs run by ladies who really knew what they were talking about in a professional sense, and I was more interested in the very simple here it is, here’s what it does format. And I tend to get a bit silly when left to my own devices, so there’s definitely the occasional ridiculous beauty experiment or comedically placed GIF.

What’s on your “worth casing” list?

Right now the fragrance I’m rolling around in is Fendi’s Fan Di Fendi. Relatively recent release, very smoky and boozy and adult and ultra-awesome. Probably an evening scent, but I tend to ignore that.

As a very oily-type I have huge issues with wearing sunscreen, and thus have started using Dermalogica’s Semi Matte; the only sunscreen I’ve used that doesn’t make me sweat like a pig, break me out or do bad things to my makeup. Sadly it’s almost impossible to get the product out of the teensy little bottle, but I suppose nothing’s perfect.

For those who’ve never encountered Haus of Gloi’s bubbling scrubs, you must give them a shot. The scents are unique and divine, and the sheer perfection of the bubbling scrub mechanism (goes on gritty, melts into a sudsy lotion that you can then shave with) is genius. Postage is admittedly saddening since they’re in the US, but the cheapness of the scrub balances it out a little. My favourites are Absinthe and Honeysuckle Lemon Curd.

If we were to venture into your wardrobe what would it say about you and what’s your most worn or favourite piece of clothing?

I like textures, and I’ve got no interest in pain for beauty’s sake. The heels I do own tend to be pretty low key, and whilst I own a stack of shoes, there’s only a small handful I wear regularly. I love sneakers – Onitsuka Tigers being my favourites, and my most worn item of clothing would be my LuluLemon relaxed fit yoga pants – I exercise in them, lounge in them, have slept in them – comfortable and ridiculously flattering. I’ve just bought a replacement pair because the old ones were falling apart.

What’s your idea of the perfect date night and when do you find the time?

I’m rather lucky, since my partner Luke and I have very similar tastes in most things. And not having children is rather helpful in finding the time to go on outings, though we do both work full time so summoning up the energy is the big challenge.

A perfect date night for me would be popcorn, bourbon, a big box of chocolates and a movie marathon. With lots of blankets and pillows and Franklin the huge black cat. I’d be pushing for Lord of the Rings or maybe Game of Thrones. Anything with Sean Bean.

If you had a theme song what would it be?

Wouldn’t say it’s a theme song, but the sound of my childhood has to be Alice Cooper’s Feed my Frankenstein. I was a big enthusiast of ABC’s Saturday morning music videos. And also kitschy horror set pieces.

Suzanne spent her formative years playing video games and wearing princess dresses, and hasn’t particularly changed. She is a librarian and beauty blogger, who sometimes moonlights as a book reviewer and beauty writer for various publications. She is a cat mother, and only regrets this when she wears white.

Suzanne can be found ranting over at 
Don’t They Know Who I Am? 
and followed on twitter as @HogSandwich

You can also read Suzanne’s recent High Tea Review here.

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