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I overheard a couple of ladies on the bus this morning, mention that black is the new black, while they flicked through the latest edition of Sheila magazine!


Strange really, considering the entire edition of Sheila is jammed packed full of colour!


It wasn’t a particularly great statement to hear considering a few months back, I took one look at my 90% black wardrobe and realised I was in a bit of a black hole, even if they were in different shades and immediately took drastic action.


I decided I should only keep a few black investment pieces, the pants suit, a skirt suit, the little black dress and in a moment of madness (well actually it took a bit longer than that to cull 20 plus years of black) bagged up the rest and raced it down to the nearest charity bin before I could change my mind and headed straight for the sales.


The first non black piece that I added to my collection was a gorgeous Leona Edmiston frock! It was actually a black floral number, but the style suited me perfectly, the price was right and it wasn’t entirely black. I knew as soon as I tried it on, that I was easing out of my black phase gradually and I just had to have it.


Since then I’ve gone on to add several colourful pieces to my wardrobe, including the most gorgeous deep magenta trench coat, two more Leona frocks and find my wardrobe is now only 10% black.


My favourite colours at the moment are teal and magenta although I haven’t actually managed to combine them successfully and to quote my 11 year old daughter on the one occasion I did try, “yes that’s a great look, if you want to look like a clown in a circus”. Which brings me to colour blocking, by the time I’d even remotely figured out some of the ins and outs and started experimenting, colour popping was in.


So admitting defeat and clearly a few decades behind I resolved to be off trend, a trend in itself according to the girls on the bus who on closer inspection seemed to be wearing fifty shades of black (probably mine) between them.


I think in future I should stick to adding quality “investment” pieces to my wardrobe, the next of which I hope to acquire being a gorgeous Petra Vanessie dress.


Until next time, you might find me stuck on page 112 of my Sheila magazine trying to decide where I’m going to put the hunky pair of Italian studs that come with my six month subscription!


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Do you have an excessive amount of one colour in your wardrobe? When was the last time you had a wardrobe spring clean?

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  1. When I lived in the city (just in Brisbane) I wore brown, black and grey. And that’s about it. I made a seachange a couple of years ago and decided to let some colour into my life… and I mostly have – even with furnishings. But, I still love my black on black though.

    Actually your post reminded me of something my niece said when she was young (5 or 6 years old). She said that ‘Mummies don’t wear black’. We realised at the time that her only frame of reference was me – a non mother. Her own mother didn’t wear much / any black and so perhaps she thought there was some correlation!

  2. Those g bangers on those men – CLASSIC! Black is still my fav colour but not just for coverage reasons but because it goes with anything and is classic! But yes I’m also a boring dresser. I need a personal shopper! Thanks for linking x

    • How slack am I. Just doing a bit of blog housework and reformatting old posts where the blog merge didn’t agree with them and noticed I never did get around to replying to your comment.

      Miss your Monday laugh link up. Any chance you will revive this?

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