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Fitness Fashion Style Challenge | Agent Mystery Case

Can you help? This week, I’m looking for someone to ‘case’ Fitness Fashion on my behalf for our latest style challenge (#fitnessfashionfinds).


Agent Mystery Case Style Challenge | Fitness Fashion Finds


This is all about keeping it real fitness fashion, and having some fun in the process, when working out. For me looking the part, helps motivate me and get me out the door. In the scheme of things though, it really doesn’t matter what size, shape or level of fitness you are, just as long as you are feeling comfortable and confident enough to actually workout.


What matters most to me, with ongoing health issues that quite often limit my ability to exercise, is my wellbeing. A big part of this is nurturing myself, inside and out. Including fitness, on a daily or weekly basis, even if I can only manage a walk around the block or on the spot, is vital to both my mental and physical wellbeing.


But as I said, for me, looking the part really does help motivate me to move more and if I can get that sort of motivation on a budget even better. This week, I’ve been looking at Target’s activewear range and what couldn’t be more motivating than a slogan top for under $25. Even better most were just $12.


Finding My Style | Fitness Fashion Finds @ Target



These tops are perfect for layering over your crop tops or sports bras. A loose-fitting style which is perfect, if like me, you have more than a few rolls to disguise and shy away from the form-fitting activewear.


My favourite of this bunch is the (almost sold out) double layer racer back tank for $25. It comes in pink/black or blue/black and is made from a stretch fabric, giving you some much-needed freedom of movement, not to mention a super comfortable fit.


You could match any of these tops with Target’s performance leggings for a practical but stylish workout outfit.


Finding My Style | Fitness Fashion | Worth Casing @ Target



If you would like to go shopping on our behalf at Target to ‘case’ their fitness fashion with a $50 voucher up for grabs…..


  • just leave a comment below telling me why you are the perfect fit for this casing assignment,
  • you can also include a photo of your current keeping it real fitness attire
  • or head over to Instagram and share your latest #fitfashionfinds.



Not sponsored. No affiliates links. 100% My Style. More ‘casing’ assignments coming soon!


  • Game of Skill
  • One Winner
  • Purchase can be online or in-store
  • Guest blog post optional
  • Entries close 20/03/15 at 9pm (Perth time)
  • Australian Residents only
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  • I would be perfect for this because I am currently eating my way around SE Asia and have done very little exercise (except walking everywhere in 40 degree heat and 100% humidity, lol) and so when I get home I am going to have to work my butt off!!! Lol….

    • I wish I was eating my way around SE Asia with you.

  • I’m all about keeping it real and Target’s exercise gear is good quality. I currently have a pair of their full length leggings and a nice stretchy lightweight jumper and would be keen to case their summery offerings! Here’s me in my usual fitness fashion . . . a Converse tee and leggings from Kmart, plus of course the critical motivator, my FitBit Flex!

  • TeganMC

    Mr 5 and I have been walking home from school and the humidity has been through the roof. So clothes that help take the sweat away from my body (because there’s nothing worse than feeling the sweat rolling down your back) are perfect. My favourite pair of 3/4 pants just had a blow out too, so I’m on the search for a new pair. I’ve yet to try out Targets fitness range but I have a few pairs of their leggings and they are comfy, and hardy.

    • I’m so impressed. I’ve been really struggling to maintain the fitness momentum in the heat. I stupidly managed 12k in steps when it was 36 degrees the day before I started my cleanse and have just been taking things really slow and easy while on the juice cleanse.

      Target can be a bit hit and miss for plus size. Speaking of which, pop over and check your guest post when you get the chance, there are a lot of lovely supportive comments for you.

  • Martina W.

    Just got a new job that involves sitting at a desk all day which has done no favors to my waist line! Cute athletic clothes would be the perfect inspo to actually use the fitness room at work in the mornings. And Target always has well made clothes!

    • Congrats on the new job Martina. Thanks for entering.

  • I’m currently rocking my Nike outlet bargains, this red top was just under $15 and of course I’m barefoot because I’m running at the beach! (Note to self: not only is beach exercise cheaper than a gym, you don’t need any fancy footwear either!)

    • I can’t see the photo but I’m guessing it will show when I’m on the computer, not the mobile. a Nike top for $15. I need to case that one myself. Thanks for sharing and lol for your beach tips.

  • Ooh, I have that Sweat – smile – repeat top in watermelon from last year. Looks great in blue – I could have the matching set!
    I’d love to case the fitness fashion at Target because the kids have just hit that age where they’re old enough for me to exercise around without getting cranky/screamy/pick-me-uppy (and in fact, sometimes joining in!). (And I’ve tagged recent fitness pics with #fitfashionfinds) x

    • Love your style Emily. Thanks for playing along with our #fitfashionfinds challenge.

  • Joan Kubes

    I would love this because Target has the best selection of fitness fashion in our area. I’m ready to start a new fitness routine and before I do I always go shopping for some nice new fitness clothing to make me feel good doing it.

    • Thanks for entering Joan. We will be announcing our winner first thing Monday.

  • I have that “I will not be stopped”racer shirt and I love it – it makes me believe more in myself wearing it.’
    Heat , humidity and my little ones social lives have stopped me exercising as much as I would like. I’d love some new gear and new slogans to get me back on track.

    • Love that shirt Trish. Thanks for entering, we announce our winner first thing Monday.