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My latest Finding My Style Challenge kicks off with a GIVEAWAY.

With $100 up for grabs to put towards your next worth casing outfit!

Are you up for the challenge?






Since turning 40, a little while ago now, I’ve been struggling not only with my changing shape but also my style. Most of the classic pieces from 30s wardrobe are still in great shape but this doesn’t mean I should be hanging on to them. What worked for me back then isn’t exactly working for me now. In fact, I think my existing wardrobe has actually been working against me. 

While I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting in an effort to FIND MY STYLE, my bursting at the seams wardrobe and the constant ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ syndrome is screaming wardrobe intervention and some professional help wouldn’t go astray.

Perth blogger Ms Mystery Case | Finding My Style | Worth Casing | Style Challenge

To help me on my mission I’m turning to Nikki from Styling You’s new book ‘Unlock Your Style‘, which will hopefully have me shopping from my existing wardrobe before I hit the SALES with a view to not adding to the wardrobe chaos.  For now, when I do hit the stores, I will be looking to invest in classic pieces and outfits under $100. 

I will also be looking to my fellow bloggers and readers for help with my outfits under $100 and this month I have $100 up for grabs for one lucky person that jumps on board. This is very much a bloggable event. Our guest blogging lounge will be open for anyone that wants in on the action but doesn’t have a blog or if your blogging niche doesn’t allow for outfit posts on your own blog.


1. Link up your Outfit Under $100 blog posts throughout September and/or
2. Email us your Outfit Under $100 guest blog posts

Remember to include:


  • Our Outfit Under $100 blog button or a link to this post on your blog post
  • As much detail as possible together with photos and/or style boards


Mystery Case




  • Entries are via a blog post either here as a guest blog or on your own blog
  • Must include a recent outfit for under $100 
  • You can enter more than once
  • One winner will WIN AU$100 
  • Game of skill
  • Not associated with any third party
  • Entries close 30 September 2014 9 pm (Perth time)



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  • kirsty mackenzie

    I totally think I have found my style with my out fit link LOL….and we all know that I will wear it somewhere hahaha. PS, I must check out Nikki’s book!!

    • I’m super impressed you are the first to link up and what a link! I might have one of Nikki’s books up for grabs later in the month 🙂

  • annstuck

    I had to cheat and use ebay again as I am trying very hard to avoid all money spending in September however I do have to hit the shops next week so will have a poke around and do another one!!

    • I don’t actually think that is cheating. I was very non specific about actual rules when it comes to the outfit under $100. That way everyone can join in.

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    As you know I’m on a journey to get some style back, so I hope I can get involved in this! x

    • Looking forward to having you involved, even if you are just ‘casing’ from the blogging sidelines. 🙂

  • Vicki | The Fashionable Mum

    I’ve linked up, Raychael! As you know I can’t resist style boards, particularly when there’s a budget involved! I don’t think it’s difficult to look fabulous without spending too much, and I know you have lots of great pieces in your wardrobe that you can add in too.

    • Super impressed. Just love your approach to this. You would be a perfect candidate for our next outfit under $25 challenge at Harbour Town. Mind you it’s over 18 months since the last challenge so I might need to double the budget. 🙂

  • The Plumbette

    I might jump on board with this with my Styled by Bec blog! I love a style challenge!

    • Would love to have you on board, can’t wait to see your style!

  • EssentiallyJess

    I have no style. I am pretty much the opposite of stylish, and I don’t think I have any outfits that would be worth more than $100, because I am a cheap k-mart shopper. Which probably explains my lack of style… I need help.

    • Sounds like you need a copy of Nikki’s book. I might have one coming up as part of a giveaway later this month.

      I also have a little something stylish going on with Kmart. Our local Kmart is looking pretty stylish these days, especially when I’m on a super tight budget thanks to Miss 16’s $26k braces and I have three teen girls that are all having growth spurts.

  • TeganMC

    My style is lounge chic lol. Being of a size where different coloured sacks seem to be the only choices, it gets pretty disheartening.

    • I like the sound of lounge chic. Is this the style you would wear on a night out? I have no idea what size you are but Sarah from Creating Contentment links up each Wednesday with Curvy bloggers and they share their style. It might be worth casing for some inspiration.

  • chile_chicken

    So excited- is this open to NZ entries? Lauren from SAHM I am.

    • Open world-wide! If the winner is from overseas, I can always organise a voucher or money transfer. Depending on the exchange rate they may end up with more or less money. 🙂

  • Janet aka Middle Aged Mama

    Ooo I’m in – I think nearly every outfit I own would fall into the category of being under $100 all up! And any excuse for a (budget) shopping trip!

    I need to clear out some of my office gear from my wardrobe – I’ve barely touched any of it in the 2 years since I was made redundant so no point keeping it anymore. My style has completely changed in that time!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

    • I’ve already cleared out a lot of my wardrobe but honestly It needs a lot more.

  • Bev | Iris May Style

    I’m in…does the $100 need to include shoes? If I can pull this off, I’ll be totally chuffed with myself 😉

    • Yah! Just adore your style Bev and so excited to have you on board. My posts are going to include shoes into the mix but I’ve purposely left the outfit details non specific so that everyone comes on board in their own way. Variety is the spice of life. 🙂

      • Bev | Iris May Style

        Great idea – right off to look for a bargain xx

  • Kimba from Kimba Likes

    Gosh, you look amazeballs in that photo!

    • Why thank you, I was feeling pretty amazing off to opening night of Grease is the Word here in Perth wearing my new Jessica Bratich scarf.

  • Jo

    Yes, I’m in. Can I use items I’ve thrifted or do they need to be current in-store? I’m excited. xx

    • Welcome to the party Jo! I’ve purposely not included outfit specifics so everyone can bring their own style and outfit under $100 efforts to the challenge. Looking forward to seeing your style.

      • Jo


  • Em @ The Ellusive Femme

    My outfit was under fifty bucks! Too $9.95, shorts $12 on sale and shoes $10! Hahaah. I’m a thrifty fan.

    • Well done! Adelle managed to pull off our Outfit Under $25 challenge but that was a little while ago now. I’m in talks for a live event here in Perth which might interest you!

  • Shannon

    This looks great, I’m definitely in. Shannon x

    • Honestly can’t wait to see what you come up with Shannon. Love your style and super pleased to have you on board!

  • Malinda Coppola

    Finally got my butt into gear and linked up! I love finding a bargain so this challenge was right up my alley! xx

    • Super impressed Malinda. We really must get around to featuring you on the blog soon!