Reuben Kaye | The Rechabite

Review | Fringe World 2021

Reuben Kaye elevates Fringe to new heights this year with his world-class solo show at The Rechabite. Deliciously flamboyant cabaret with a side serving of rawness that will have you coming back for seconds. 

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Fringe World Festival 2021


Reuben Kaye | Fringe World Festival 2021


Reuben Kaye

Confession time. Having just commenced low-dose chemo treatment last Fringe, I put myself in self-imposed isolation for all but a handful of shows. Putting me well ahead of the Covid isolation games in one regard but behind the game in terms of reviews and breaking my 56 shows in one Fringe record. 

As a result, I completely missed Club Swizzle and the Reuben Kaye factor last Fringe. FAIL. Had I managed to catch a glimpse of this world-class performer previously, I’m sure I would have been all over his brand spanking new solo show at The Rechabite a hell of a lot sooner. 


Fringe World 2021

Having now popped my Reuben Kaye cherry for his 8.30pm solo show last night, I could not only see myself heading back for seconds but also making time for his late night offering, The Kaye Hole, where I believe he is joined by a bevy of some of the more interesting artists this Fringe.

Reuben’s style of cabaret is part storyteller, part comedy, part therapy session, part educational and all deliciously entertaining. With a campiness and word-class charm Reuben truly elevates Fringe to new heights with this show. Single-handedly. Reuben’s stellar performance last night was gut wrenchingly raw in parts. As a mother, with a daughter who recently came out, it was these darker moments that touched me the most.


Reuben Kaye | Fringe World Perth 2021 | Review


Front and Centre

The Diva I didn’t know I needed this Fringe. I, for one, could not get enough and was pleased for our VIP seats to be so close to the action. I wasn’t alone in this regard. VIP tickets afford you front of the house action and a complimentary drink. How close you choose to sit to the stage in the VIP seats might just afford you a lot more action than you bargained for. All of it more than welcome. Trust me here.

Although, having said that, on arrival I did select what I thought were the best two seats in the house. Basically a couple of rows back from the front, on the centre aisle. Only for a crew member to tell me I was directly in the splash zone (not going to go into too many details here because… spoilers). I moved. I may have regretted that decision.

Reuben’s high energy and evocative nature will have you wanting to be part of the action. It’s an absolute given. In the end though, regardless of where you are sitting or standing, you are in for a fabulous night. 



Speaking ends… Even though Reuben clearly announces the finale before the fact, when he races off stage and directly out the door at the end of that performance, there were more than a few of us stuck in our seats, looking at the band for signs of encouragement, all secretly hoping for an encore. While there isn’t an encore as such, if you time it right, you do get a final piece of Reuben which may or may not include a much needed hug as you exit the building directly after the show. 

This 5 star performer definitely left me wanting seconds and thirds. If you only see one show this Fringe, it simply must include Reuben Kaye!





Reuben Kaye

The Rechabite

Now showing until Febrary 14

Tickets available HERE


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