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Bite Me

What do you get when you cross an avocado, a chilli and a juicy steak at the supermarket? BITE ME!

Premiering as part of the award-winning Summer Nights program at FRINGE WORLD 2020 with The Blue Room Theatre, this spicy new comedy explores women’s bodies, validation and competition through the power of food. It’s a real and relevant conversation piece, no matter where you stand relationship wise.

Written by Sian Murphy, and directed by Elise Wilson, BITE ME is a quirky, entertaining exploration of the male gaze and how we are conditioned to fight for its attention. In its rawest form this is a story about an avocado, a chilli and a steak that may or may not be experiencing an identity crisis. They’re fighting it out to be the pick of the bunch and make it off the supermarket shelf with their expiry dates looming. We follow their journey as they dream about finding ‘the one’ and being taken off the market shelf. With time running out and best before dates fast approaching, tensions run high and competitive natures kick in.

If you delve a little deeper, this show slices and dices your swipe right desires of your iPhone, Australia’s obsession with The Bachelor, and marinades it with the manic comedy of the adults-only animation Sausage Party. It makes for one hilarious show, especially given you just know it isn’t going to end well.

Having only watched one episode (under sufferance) of The Bachelor, I can easily say you don’t need to have an obsession with that kind of reality TV to appreciate the underlying theme here and find relevance.

I’m assuming you will find a different element of humour depending on where you currently sit on the dating spectrum. I’m what you would call ‘sitting pretty’. Funnily enough, my dating days were in a non social media age where the local night club was often referred to on the dating scene as the meat market. This show reminded me a lot of those days and ways as well, which has me rather grateful that I took hubby off the shelf almost 27 years ago. I’m still deciding about our best before dates.


Spice up your life with this quirky and provocative show. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘smashed avo’!



The Blue Room Theatre

Best Before: February 1

Tickets available HERE




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