DAD; Fringe world 2019




Trustworthy, a**hole, role model, prick. Who’s your daddy? And even more importantly at this time of year… Who’s your Fringe daddy?


My latest Fringe World show has me back at The Blue Room Theatre analysing my daddy issues. A venue that is fast becoming our go-to place for therapy date night when we’re craving something a little different from the theatre menu. What’s being served up of late just keeps getting better. Last night’s show DAD was no exception.


Truth be told, I had to jiggle my full to overflowing Fringe schedule to fit this show in, so I’m a little late coming to the review party with just one night (TONIGHT!!) remaining but I’m so glad that I did.


Premiering as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights sessions for Fringe World 2019. Created by three recent WAAPA Performance Making graduates (Isaac Powell, Jarryd Prain & Marshall Stay) alongside some of Perth’s most talented theatre-makers.  DAD delves into the shifting nature of one’s relationship with their father, tackling masculinity, connection and legacy. All while dressed in hideously hot onesies in a room full of pillows.


Part comedy, part musical, part game show, part therapy session and a truckload of fun, I’m surprised this show isn’t having a longer run. If you were one of the lucky ones to snap up RushTix for just $9.50 when I shared earlier in the week, I know I said at the time you could thank me later… that time is now… you owe me a drink! Seriously though, how incredible is this show?!


Everything about this funny, heartfelt and deeply personal production is next-level clever. The set design, the content, the collaboration, the costumes, the choreography, the quick-wittedness of all three performers… the list goes on. From start to finish.


I can’t wait to see what these guys do next. I’m not so secretly hoping MUM might magically manifest and I’m always available for research and development. From pure experience, I’m guessing I would have a lot to contribute.


With only the one night to go, I’m keeping this one short and sweet. If tonight’s show hasn’t already sold out, jump to it!




5 – 9 Feb at 9 pm

The Blue Room Theatre



Produced by: Emily Stokoe

Devisors & Performers: Isaac Powell, Jarryd Prain & Marshall Stay

Mentors: Chris Isaacs & Geordie Crawley

Lighting Designer: Pheobe Pilcher

Composer: Isaac Diamond


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