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Exclusive, top shelf and dangerous


The Blue Room Theatre transforms into a room with a view for Penthouse now showing until November 17… and what a view!


Penthouse is an examination of the rich white male and the vulgar reality that comes with high-end living. A devising process that sees the development of original music and razor-sharp dialogue by Perth’s most exciting new collective of contemporary storytellers, Lazy Yarns.


“We’re seeing a raw unapologetic explosion of testosterone and masculine energy. With three very rowdy boys, their energy can’t help but exude from the rehearsal room and onto the stage for their first big production out of WAAPA” – Mitchell Whelan, director.


In a society where we are conditioned to believe that the richer the better, Penthouse takes aim at this common misconception.




I knew in the first five minutes, during the first elevator scene, that I was going to love this production. That first five minutes was purely down to Cam Pollock’s piercing performance. Isaac Diamond and Haydon Wilson’s performances were just as powerful, and you’re left transfixed the entire 55 minutes as we follow the three characters as they navigate desire, greed and addiction.


The set design by Kaitlin Brindley is relatively simple, led mainly by led lighting but incredibly it’s this design that allows the small space to become so much more with the flick of a light switch.


While I found the play’s conception compelling, albeit unnerving, it was the ‘exceptional’ performances by all three actors that really made this show. Haydon Wilson’s performance, as high-flying penthouse owner Griffin, had me bewitched from start to finish. There was a familiarity to his mannerisms, jaw twitches and general persona. It was these intangible qualities that made his performance beyond believable for me. Completely bewitched… I may have gone looking for him out of character at the opening night after drinks, to study his persona a little more.


Speaking drinks, I’m not sure if it was an opening night only thing but the bar was doing top-shelf Penthouse Painkiller cocktails. Like the show itself, we highly recommend the cocktails or the toastie and beer for $10 before the show.


If you’re looking for fast-paced theatre that is equal parts compelling and unnerving, then you need to head to Penthouse at The Blue Room Theatre!





Lazy Yarns is a collection of Perth-based contemporary storytellers with an Australian voice. The company creates a diverse array of work be it online or on stage and welcomes collaboration and experimentation with form and idea. I personally can’t wait to see what they do next!




30 October – 11 November

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge




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