Disney On Ice celebrates 100 years of magic this year, kicking off their latest Australian tour in Perth last night. We were invited to share in the opening night festivities and join a handful of VIPs for a very special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse just prior to the show starting. What a highlight!


It was the perfect way to get into the spirit of the show and immerse ourselves in the magic of Disney. Especially with a little one creating a little magic of his own when finding and hitting the coded light switch in the room, plunging us into a moment of darkness during the photo opportunity with Mickey. What’s magic without a little mayhem thrown into the mix?


Speaking of MAGIC…


You don’t need to be a VIP or have a pre-show meet and greet to celebrate 100 years of Disney magic.


Half the magic with any Disney On Ice show, is not really knowing what to expect. So, I’m not going to spoil things for you by giving you a blow by blow report here. Yes of course, you are always going to see the classics such as Mikey (Master of Ceremonies), Minnie and friends. There is always going to be a Disney Princess or two. I lost count at seven. Frozen is always going to go down a treat with the audience and seems to get a lot more time in the limelight.


It’s the rest though, the unexpected Disney treasures, from old and new, that bring the most gasps and tears of absolute joy to young and old alike.


Half the fun for me was watching the delights on the faces of the little ones. My lot aren’t so little these days but still somehow managed to forget their ages pick up where we left of on the last Disney on Ice tour and get caught up in the moment. I’m not ashamed to admit, we all sung along and danced in our seats for joy throughout the performance. If I’ve come to learn anything over the years of attending Disney On Ice at various venues across the country, Disney magic is infectious.


There were, to me, a few tumbles on the ice opening night. All recovered so well that it was hard to tell if they were slips on the ice or actually part of the performance. And seriously, what a performance! One that I wouldn’t mind heading back to see again before it closes in Perth on Sunday 17 June, before heading to ….


Fri 22 Jun to Sun 24 Jun
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, SA

Fri 29 Jun to Mon 2 Jul
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, QLD

Thu 5 Jul to Tue 10 Jul
Hisense Arena, Melbourne, VIC

Fri 13 Jul to Sun 15 Jul
Newcastle Entertainment Centre, NSW

Wed 18 Jul to Mon 23 Jul
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW


Tips for having the best time (at Perth Arena) …


I’m starting to get back to my old spontaneous ways of late which had me itching to play the part this year and dress up. Thanks to one of my more than attentive guests, who took the time to read the rules (or look for her get out of dressing up free card), we discovered that if you are over 14 and in costume you won’t be allowed admittance. Having said that there is nothing stopping you popping on some Disney accessories and embracing the magic in more subtle ways. There’s also nothing stopping anyone under 14 going to town in the dress up department.


Speaking of rules and regulations… Bags over A4 size and strollers etc. will need to be cloaked, which adds to your getting to your seats on time schedule. We stuck with bags under the size limit and avoided the cloak room queue. If you are taking a big camera, your lense needs to be 55mm or under.


Getting there: Grab public transport if you can, it means you avoid the congestion that happens just prior and post event. Seriously though, nothing that major compared to other big cities and parking is relatively easy at the venue. For a quick get away at the end, a lot of people were parking within walking distance at venues such as Watertown.


Give yourself plenty of time to get through security and check out the merchandise. There’s a lot on offer. There’s also photo opportunities with various character props. The show starts right on the dot so don’t spend too much time shopping.


A bottle of water will set you back the same price as a coffee ($4.50). You can however, take your own empty water bottles through security and fill them up once inside. I’m not sure what food you can take in with you as we generally have a tradition of warming up with a decaf coffee or hot chocolate and grabbing a bowl of hot chips to share at intermission.


Wear something warm. The venue supposedly feels like room temperature but I froze even up in Row R. It could be me and my new no hair though.


Get to your seats on time if not early and seriously, stay till the absolute end. Honestly, I get the whole wanting to beat the crowds, especially if you’ve got items cloaked and you’ve got tired little ones but it is truly worth staying for the very last magical moment.


Disney On Ice


You can purchase tickets through Ticketek, with discounted rates on some of the evening shows but make sure you register your details at to become a Priority Customer to access exclusive pre-sales and receive the latest news (like extra dates and discounted tickets) on upcoming events.


We were gifted tickets for opening night and our recent Disney On Ice giveaway. 


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