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  • Jane Baker

    I can’t remember the last time I tried something new or did something for myself. I might need to join you. Thinking of you.

    • Thanks Jane. Really appreciate your ongoing support. How slack am I, replying to messages. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t sleep until all emails and messages had a reply. How silly was that.

  • This is something my psychologist encouraged me to do after my cancer diagnoses but I haven’t been super good at it because I’m such a creature of habit. The important thing she taught me though was that trying something new didn’t have to be something big, it might be as small as trying somewhere new for coffee or eating something different for lunch. I did however draw up a list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days and I’m slowly but surely ticking a few things off the list. You’ve inspired me!

    • I’m a creature of habit too. Probably the first thing I tell people when I share the project, is it doesn’t need to be something big. Although, I must admit the more challenging, outside my comfort zone ones are the most memorable.

  • Oh Raych. Wow. You’re going through so much. Thanks so much for sharing. I admit to just googling Hashimotos’ disease and discovered so many similar symptoms to fibro. I have been thinking for some time I should get my thyroid checked. My cousin has Hashimotos’ disease. As for the mystery illness, well … what can I say other than … bloody hell. I’m hoping that sharing this has helped to lift a little bit of the weight off your shoulders. Just a smidge? Thinking of you lots in your new reality xoxo

    • If you can get Hashimoto’s disease under control, life can be manageable. Finding the right doctor that is on top of the latest treatments also helps.

  • I stopped talking to friends when they suggested my husbands invisible illness was made up. FFS. You don’t have to understand it but if you’re a friend you have to respect it.

    • Yes. Agree completely. I’ve stopped talking to a lot of people lately and distanced myself from others. I have enough going on.

  • You are such a strong woman and you are an inspiration for keeping on going. I think I would of stopped everything. You are in my thoughts and glad you are creating some time for yourself.xx

    • It does feel like I’ve stopped or put myself in slow motion but I suppose in many ways that’s in comparison to the old me, the one that never stopped.

  • Thank you for sharing your story update. It is quite perplexing to me that anyone can determine to judge another’s health by appearance. So many people have much happening under the surface that is not visible. People need to remember kindness and compassion to all because you never know when you might need that yourself. Warm wishes, Denyse x

    • Couldn’t agree more Denyse. Hope your recovery is going well. Think of you often. x

      • Thank you Raychael for your kind words. I am going very well indeed! Next Monday going to the oral restorative dentist at Westmead for him to “measure & check” how my mouth is going before he & the Prof plan my next much shorter surgery to give me an inner upper lip & make spaces for implants over time. I am hopeful it will happen before yhe long Christmas break which for the professor would be Dec sometime till beginning of Feb. So I am waiting & seeing. Much more confident within myself from the lessons I had to learn from facing cancer & surgery. The good news is there is no other cancer present. Feel incredibly lucky. Hope you get to have some of your trips away! Denyse x

  • All my love xoxo