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When my three girls (Meg 18, Beth 19 & Ash 20) were little, we had movie night once a week, where they selected a DVD between them to watch before bed. Our DVD collection was pretty extensive at the time, thanks to gifts from grandparents. Everything from the Wiggles and Hi-5 to Disney classics.


Without fail each and every week they would choose what we now refer to as the Jamie Oliver chocolate DVD. I’m pretty sure it arrived with the local paper, part of a promotion at the time. 30 minutes of Jamie cooking his favourite chocolate recipes and the girls drooling then writing shopping lists for which recipe they wanted to bring to the table next.


It was that DVD and the man himself that started my girls’ love affairs with real food and experimenting in the kitchen. So much so that at the ripe old age of 3, following a burnt BBQ at hubby’s hands, Meg questioned why I hadn’t made more of an effort to marry Jamie instead. 


It was also around the same time Meg announced she couldn’t help around the house because she was too busy being a princess, who could only wear pretty dresses and be nasty to her ugly sisters. Hubby’s cooking skills have certainly improved over the years as has Meg’s grasp on reality.


My reality had me meeting the man himself this week.


A long lunch with Jamie Oliver on Thursday kicked started an extra long weekend for me here in Perth with my little family. One I wasn’t overly keen to return from having just worked 30 days/nights straight with Fringe. Hence the super late, super short post for our latest Aussie Giveaway Club.


Despite being in a truckload of pain and sporting a walking stick which I’m still adapting to, lunch with Jamie was one of those life highlights you want to write home about. You can see that (and a glimpse of the said stick) written all over my face in the photo above. I’m with longtime AMC follower, now good friend and one of my regular plus one partners in crime… Pauline Olsen. Only, on this occasion, I’m the forever grateful, completely overwhelmed but totally in my element plus one.


There were so many incredible take homes from our mouth-watering lunch and I’m not just talking about the signed copy of Jamie’s latest recipe book Jamie Cooks Italy which I’m slowly making my way through with the family. Despite my social media free long weekend, one thing I’m sure of… this online existence has brought some amazing people and experiences into my life. They certainly outweigh the bad, trolling side of social media and online town (one of the main reasons we’ve disabled commenting here of late and I’ve closed circles).


More on that another time in our sealed section. Right now it’s time to talk winning…


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