Nora Roberts published her first novel using the pseudonym J.D. Robb in 1995, introducing to readers the tough as nails but emotionally damaged homicide cop Eve Dallas and billionaire Irish rogue, Roarke. With the In Death series, Robb has become one of the biggest thriller writers on earth, with each new novel reaching number one on bestseller charts the world over.


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Eve Dallas – tough as nails and still sexy as hell – Stephen King

The epitome of popular fiction – Dennis Lehane

Curious corpses, tangled twists and one sizzling sleuth – Kathy Reichs




Given my love for books, especially of the crime and mystery genres, you might find it strange that this is my first experience with J.D. Robb. I know I did. I was a bit hesitant given In Death is a long running book series written by Nora Roberts using the pen name J.D. Robb.


The thing is, I’m a huge fan of Nora Roberts. I was intrigued how someone could pump out so many books, let alone number one best sellers in such a short time (this is book 44 in the series). I was also keen to put the book and the series to the newbie test, to see if you needed to read some, if not all, of the back catalogue to get up to speed with this series or if you could just pick up the latest edition and find yourself hooked.


Hook, line and sinker springs to mind after reading this book. It may have taken me a little while to get up to speed on the cop lingo and what I’m assuming are ongoing characters, as well as the futuristic world but it didn’t detract from the story.


Being a newbie to the series, I’m not sure I’m qualified to critique this book completely but I did feel the book stopped short and lacked a lot of suspense as a result. Just when things were getting more interesting… case solved. As a result, I almost felt the book ended just as I was really getting into the story. I wanted more, more, more! I suspect, those that aren’t new to the series wouldn’t have felt this way. This would have been an ongoing adventure, in a long line of adventures and a testament to the lead character Eve’s stellar crime solving skills.


I’ve given Echoes in Death 4 stars and I can easily see myself becoming an In Death fan. I’ve already ordered a couple of books from J.D. Robb’s back catalogue and will update this post in due course with my findings.


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