It’s been far too long between Perth staycations for me, so I thought I would break the drought at the top. For me (& everyone else), right now in Perth, that would be Crown Towers.


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I’ve been auditing/reviewing hotels, as what you might call a mystery shopper, for several years now. The nitty gritty of auditing a hotel generally involves a 1 or 2 night stay, some form of room service, a meal or two if there are restaurant facilities on site and a quick QC of all hotel facilities on offer.

There’s also a bit of white glove action and a long report, which can take the fun out of things but the fact of the matter is I’m working for the most part, it’s not a holiday. Those particular audits were never going to make it here on AMC. It would have been a conflict of interest and in breach of my contract.

The majority of my hotel audits these days occur when I travel interstate or overseas. This Perth Staycation series is more a light weight, highlights roll rather than a full audit. It’s also the perfect excuse for me to staycation more.

That’s not to say I won’t share the negatives, remember that time I packed my Dyson with some eye opening results (packing for a dirty weekend). The only thing is, I’m not in the business of naming and shaming. All businesses (& people for that matter) have their moments and deserve a second or even third chance. If I find a hotel is truly dreadful across the board, those reviews aren’t fit for publication in my eyes and are sent to hotel management as feedback.



Crown Towers Staycation


Confession time, I normally prefer to staycation on my own. I consider it my long service leave from the family and a way to recharge my batteries and occasionally my soul. My girls are now 19, 17 and 16. I’ve been married 21 years. My hubby works away a lot. I feel I’ve earnt my long service leave.

On this occasion though, I dragged hubby along for the ride. Although there wasn’t really any dragging. We have recently moved into our new house, we were in the middle of school holidays and we were both looking forward to some quality time as a couple. It’s been an interesting albeit chaotic few months.  Hubby went above and beyond this move (my 24th), with me out of action with broken ribs and I wanted to reward him.

Our Crown Towers package came with valet parking, sparkling on arrival, free wifi and late checkout. What more could you want?

In our eagerness, to get the staycation party started, we may have arrived two hours early. We were fully prepared to check our bags in and head to one of the many restaurants on offer at Crown Resorts for lunch but surprisingly our room was available and the staff were more than accommodating. We certainly weren’t going to say no to an early check in.

Being a relatively new hotel, you have certain expectations. I can honestly say for both hubby and myself Crown Towers exceeded those expectations and some.

You know that saying ‘time flies when you are having fun’. I believe the opposite is true at Crown Towers. Time seems to stand still or run slow. We packed so much in, in such a short amount of time and still came home feeling relaxed and pampered. Weird considering we didn’t actually have time to case the SPA facilities at Crown Towers on this occasion. We also gave the fully equipped and rather impressive gym a miss. I blame the broken ribs.




Crown Towers Staycation


We booked a premier king room, which I’m assuming is a standard room for Crown Towers. Compared to other hotels, it was anything but standard. When we walked through our hotel room door, we mistakenly thought we’d been upgraded.

We were impressed to discover a full sized luxurious bathroom with a deep bath and a second television. YES, you can watch TV from your bathtub. Add to that, his and her basins with all the bits and bobs you could possibly need for an overnight or even extended stay.




Located just outside the bathroom is a massive wardrobe to hang your clothing, as well as fluffy robes, slippers and a mini bar on steroids that includes a Nespresso machine. The room also comes with a Samsung tablet, where you can control lights, room temperature, curtains and more without even leaving your bed. It also provides access to the hotel facilities, so you can pick and choose your battles restaurants.


Perth Staycation Crown Towers Perth


A fairly generous dining table with two armchairs doubles as a desk on one side of the room, with a chaise lounge positioned near the window where you can take in the view, watch the giant television or read one of the handful of magazines neatly placed next to your bed.



Our sparkling on arrival, finally arrived after a quick phone call around 5pm. I’m assuming our early arrival threw the on arrival part of our package out the window. The bubbly was a lovely way to toast our staycation as we prepared for our banquet dinner at Silks restaurant.


Crown Towers Staycation


We took our time at dinner, savouring every delicious morsel of the Silks dinner banquet before briefly heading into the casino to donate some money and continue exploring all Crown Resorts has to offer.


Silks Crown Perth


That’s the thing about Crown Resorts Perth, you can stay at any of the three hotels on site (Crown Promenade, Crown Metropol or Crown Towers) and you have access to a whole host of dining and entertainment options. There always seems to be something on offer as well. Take our banquet dinner at Silks, it was part of the Ultimate Dinner promotion currently running for $50.

We also noticed $5 wines, $8 pints and lunch for under $20 offers throughout, including a $20 buffet lunch/dinner at Carvers located inside the Casino. Restaurant wise there really is something for everyone, even a 24 hours McDonalds as part of the food court located near the Crown Pyramid. Silks, Nobu, Rockpool, Bistro Guillaume and Modo Mio are more my style though. There are also two rather extravagant buffets at Atrium, outside Crown Metropol, and Epicureon, located in Crown Towers. Extravagant both in terms of food quality and variety.

The quirky Irish pub that hubby loved outside the casino foyer may be long gone but there are still several more bars to choose from both in and out of the casino. I always tend to hit the Lobby Bar or La Vie Champagne Lounge for a drink before the theatre. Both are located in the foyer of Crown Metropol and easy walking distance to Crown Theatre but having recently discovered The Waiting Room (TWR) in the foyer of Crown Towers, it’s quickly becoming my first point of call. Especially for their new High Coffee experience (you can read my review here).


TWR Crown Towers


Even though we are self-confessed foodies, and my Instagram feed would suggest otherwise, this staycation wasn’t all about the food. It was also about relaxing, exploring and recharging the batteries which brings us back to the room…



On arriving back at the room after dinner, we discovered a second bottle of bubbly had been delivered with a bowl of apples, a large bottle of spring water and chocolates placed neatly on the bed with a breakfast menu.

The bed that hubby, much to my annoyance, had well and truly messed up earlier in the evening had been remade with our Crown Towers slippers now placed by the bed. We were slightly confused by the second bottle of bubbly, wondering if house-keeping had made a mistake and delivered our bubbly on arrival twice. A quick call to reception and the with compliments from the management card had us more than impressed and set the mood for our bubble bath and night in.

In all honestly the TV in the bath was more hubby’s thing than mine, especially with a footy type show blaring. Sensing my frustration and possibly wanting to keep in my good books because unlike us, the night was still young, hubby quickly discovered the fake fireplace channel. Now that’s definitely more my style.


Crown Towers Staycation


I’m pretty sure the last time we had a bubble bath together was our honeymoon, over 21 years ago and before you go worrying that I’m about to go into oversharing mode… I don’t plan on QCing aka reviewing hubby’s staycation performance. Although, I will say I was a bit taken aback when he packed a book on this occasion. Hubby did point out that I was packing a laptop. A laptop that strangely enough never made it out of the laptop bag. Which says everything about the hotel and how much I was enjoying myself and the view.


Crown Towers Staycation


After the bath, I had a fun game of pick the perfect pillow before bed. I couldn’t believe how many there were to choose from. I was in pillow heaven in a bed that overlooked the impressive pool area below with the Swan River and Perth city skyline in the background. A room with a picture perfect view.


Crown Towers Staycation


Arriving on possibly one of the coldest days in Perth (it was snowing down south I believe), I was more than surprised to see there were people swimming in the pools. On dipping my toes in the following morning while out discovering, I found the water quite mild and one of two oversized heated spas rather enticing. Not enticing enough though, on this trip. I’ll save that for my summer staycation.

We put room service to the test around midnight with a rather impressive and surprisingly affordable cheese board. There was a note attached explaining that we should call room service when we wanted the tray to be collected. As we were leaving the next morning and going out for breakfast we decided to just leave it in our room.


Crown Towers Staycation cheese board room service


Which brings me to the only real disappointment of the whole staycation. Room service, pressing the buzzer and quickly entering when we’d gone back to bed after breakfast. We were taking advantage of our late checkout and trying to catch up on sleep given our late night antics ( and who knows, possibly even other things), when they walked straight in with me quickly ducking naked under the covers and hubby madly dashing for a fluffy robe. In their defence, we completely forgot to push the do not disturb button. Something we did, the minute they left the room.




Crown Towers Staycation


Buffet breakfast was included in our package at Epicurean, located downstairs at Crown Towers. It’s becoming rather insta-famous for it’s free flowing chocolate fountain. Usually with three different types of chocolate but on this occasion it was just the one. Not that I’m complaining.

Our visit coincided with World Chocolate Day, so my breakfast adventures started there with the chocolate fountain, it would have been rude not to. Right?


Crown Towers Breakfast


As buffet breakfasts go, the food on offer is similar to the Atrium breakfast buffet, just more impressive, although there seemed to be less food on offer but a more interesting variety including an impressive cheese platter station. I found myself back in Singapore with the Nasi Lemak station and tried my best (& failed) to avoid the dessert station with pastries, pancakes, waffles and more. A whole lot more.



I had to keep reminding hubby (and myself) that the package deal we picked up for $259 a night, through Bon Voyage, was in fact worth over $700. To me, it was certainly worth that and more.

Would I spend over $700 a night on a Perth staycation? Yes, if money was no option or it was a special occasion but with a new mortgage and other more pressing priorities, probably not. $259 was an absolute bargain for this standard of hotel and I’ve noticed deals around the $350 mark come up occasionally if you are a Crown Rewards member. I must confess, on the way home, I may have taken advantage of the current offer and booked another staycation (or three) later in the year.


No surprises, I’m giving Crown Towers 5 out 5 worth casing stars on this occasion and I’m looking forward to moving in heading back soon.


Staycation not sponsored. No affiliate links. 100% my Perth staycation style!


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    • All kinds of wonderful Jane. We went straight from here to one of the newer, trendier hotels in Perth. It didn’t stand a chance. Which reminds me, I need to start getting the rest of our Perth staycation reviews published.

  1. I love Crown Id like to stay here again soon! They really should knock before entering, I always manually flick the door lock just incase, but yes that wouldve been emarrasing. Yay for double bubbly!

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