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Following all the gorgeous comments and compliments I’ve been receiving about my new hair of late, I thought it was high time I let you in on a wonderful little salon I discovered recently, Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty, and the special offer they have running at the moment for new customers.


Perth Review | Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty


Discovered by pure chance and a whole lot of luck, when I was needing last minute hair and makeup for my daughter Beth’s year 12 ball recently. Being relatively new to the area and needing something five minutes from the before party (because school doesn’t give you the day off to go gallivanting across Perth to get ready for the ball), I put a few feelers out with some of my friends.


Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty Studio on Main Street, Osborne Park came highly recommended by a friend, who was actually in the salon when I put the SOS call out. The recommendation from someone I know and trust and the fact that we could get hair and makeup (by Nakisa) done under the one roof, five minutes from where we needed to be, sealed the deal.


The results were absolutely stunning. My daughter couldn’t have been more thrilled. The entire Elma Lauren team couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating, even allowing Beth to change into her frock and have a few hundred photos taken before we had to race to the before the ball party. YES… a before party is actually a thing and included a party bus ride to the ball.


Perth Grad Hair & Makeup | Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty | E Hair & Beauty | Osborne Park


While waiting for Cinderella my daughter to be transformed, I decided to try their blow drying services. While having my hair washed and attempting to stay awake in the massage chairs at the sink, I mentioned the trouble I was experiencing with dying my hair and hair products in general.


Trouble such as a dry and itchy scalp, breaking hair and hives. Lots of hives and scabs which I’ve since discovered was due to my scalp blistering from the hair dye. Issues generally popping up within 48 hours of being at the hairdresser. It was driving me mad. It had me contemplating shaving my head and looking at wigs. Seriously. Giving up the dye and keeping my hair wasn’t an option, given I’m 90% (if not more) grey at the front. You can dress it up and call it a halo all you like but honestly it’s not a good look. Not on anyone.


On hearing and really listening to my concerns, Elma invited me back in for a trial run. Having been thoroughly impressed with the service we received for my daughter, I was keen but still slightly apprehensive to see what they could do for me.


The trial run, saw me pop in a week before my official appointment and have a test patch done for the hair dye. Thank goodness they insisted on it because it meant we were able to select a product and a process that wasn’t going to cause me issues. They also came up with a manageable plan of attack during the initial consult for getting my hair back in some sort of order.


The following week I returned, just in time for my ball. Only it wasn’t really a ball as such, more a long table lunch for charity. So, I took a deep breath and put my hair in their hands. Always a nerve wracking experience when you are trying out a new hairdresser for the first time. Only it wasn’t so stressful this time. Thanks to the test patch and the free consultation beforehand, where they talked me through the process and their products, I was feeling quietly confident.


The results speak for themselves… but I feel like I need to speak. Something about great service and wonderful results does that.


Perth Hair & Makeup | Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty | E Hair & Beauty | Osborne Park


The Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty team really are miracle workers.


You only have to look at the before (me looking and feeling like a woolly mammoth), during, directly after and a week or two later photos to know that I’m loving my new hair. The real test being that first wash and style at home without professional help. I’m pleased to report that even weeks later with the grey regrowth starting to appear, I’m still loving my new hair and finding it a whole lot easier to manage.


Without a doubt the best, most natural looking streaks (although I know these days you call them foils) that I’ve ever experienced. No tiger stripes, no hair breakage, no irritation at all. Just fresh and fabulous looking hair that makes me want to head out for a night on the town.


I pretty much had the works done on this occasion. All over colour, foils, cut, blow dry and beachy curls. Cut wise, I wasn’t too adventurous this time around. Who is their first time with a new hairdresser? Next time though, you just might see a completely different style. I also witnessed the application of the most natural looking hair extensions while I was in the studio which peaked my interest. Although I think my super long hair days are well and truly behind me.


It’s safe to say, my hair is in great hands with Elma Lauren and her team and I won’t be needing to take drastic measures or go into hiding.




Elma Lauren offer a full range of hair and beauty services with an independent beautician (Nakisa) also under the same roof. The studio is a clean air salon which means….

  • cruelty free
  • ammonia free
  • formaldehyde free
  • ppd free
  • sulfate free
  • paraben free
  • odour free
  • irritant free
  • sickness free


For someone like me that has super sensitive skin and scalp due to auto immune disease, it means I can step through the door and know I’m in safe hands. You will be too!




Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty OFFER

This fabulous offer is available to existing clients with each new referral and ALL NEW CLIENTS.

Elma Lauren Hair & Beauty Studio



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**I was gifted services for this review. As always opinions and bad selfies are my own and not swayed by gifted products or services. For the record, I’ve been back since and will definitely be returning for more.
*** You may have noticed half my face has drooped and I’m looking a little (ok a lot) different to this time last year. I’m also doing my best to avoid photos head on or at all. No real cause for alarm but thanks for your messages of concern. All down to an auto immune disease flare up, a growing benign tumour on my face and also old age I suspect.
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Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.


  1. I am in serious need of a new do. My usual hairdresser closed down last month after years of service to my mop of hair, I am in search now for a new hairdresser. Have the girls booked in today actually for thier school holilday hair cuts somewhere new for us, we’ll see how that goes.
    You must be thrilled with your new do without the horrible reactions. Your daughter does look like a princess, gorgeous hair!

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