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I’m entertaining in a big way this next month and one way or another you are all invited to the party!


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If you’ve been following the blog or my Instagram endeavours of late, you will know I’ve been having a little too much fun in the kitchen road testing the Kambrook PowerMix {reviewed here}. I’ve finally found my baking mojo in this less than ideal 1950/60s kitchen and I’ve been baking up a storm, much to the delight of my family of foodies.


If you are new to the blog, I probably should explain that we’ve moved into temporary accommodation for 12 months while we sell our NSW property and purchase our hopefully forever Perth home.  It will be our 24th move and I’m dreaming of a dream home with a dream kitchen and never moving again. Dream a little dream with me.


Our current kitchen is, as I said, straight from the 1950/60s with an original Fahrenheit oven. The kitchen also features next to no bench space, very little storage and a pantry that really is more of a broom cupboard. There’s just the one power point, unless you include the one hidden behind a sliding door. Between that and the lack of bench space, we play a frustrating game of kitchen appliance twister several times a day or we just give up in frustration and avoid the kitchen and kitchen appliances altogether.


I must confess I’m not a natural in the kitchen but I do generally love to entertain and give it my best, fake it until you make it as Nigella, shot. I also love to encourage my three teen daughters to host their friends at home, even if that means cooking for up to twenty at short notice.  Hungry teens are generally pretty easy to please, even the gluten free vegan ones… say hello to my fancy pants salad with the dressing on the side.


Lately though my approach to entertaining has been lacklustre at best. If I’m honest, I would prefer to avoid it. A bad kitchen will do that to you. I find myself reaching boiling point before I even set foot in the kitchen.


Having rediscovered my baking mojo thanks to my Kambrook PowerMix, I went looking at their other kitchen appliances and was intrigued and slightly nervous about their Pressure Express Multi. A multi-function appliance that seems to do just about everything and on mass.


kambrookpowerpressuremulti, Perth food blog, recipes, pressure cooking


I’ve never actually owned or used a pressure cooker before. I suppose it’s the pressure cooking side of things that scares me the most. I’m not entirely sure why. Something about cooking under pressure and the horror stories I’ve heard over the years when things go horribly wrong. What a fool I’ve been.


I don’t know about other pressure cookers but the safety features on this one are impressive. BUT… this isn’t a review post, that will come later. Much later. With a GIVEAWAY!! After I’ve had a good month to test the Kambrook Pressure Express Multi (KPR820) every which way and then some.


Quietly though… after just one week, I’m already hooked.  I’m the type that is allergic to menu planning walks in the door at 5:30 pm and says “I suppose people need to eat dinner… again… how am I not more organised”. This week, thanks to my new toy, we arrived home and the entire family was sitting down to a super tender, melting in the mouth pot roast cooked from scratch in under 35 minutes. That included a good five minutes of fluffing around with our poorly designed kitchen.  I couldn’t believe it.




With school holidays just around the corner and a number of planned dinner parties on the horizon, I’ve been looking for ways to work smarter not harder in the kitchen. Which is where road testing the Kambrook Pressure Express Multi will be a tremendous help. I’m setting myself a little challenge and will be putting this multi appliance through its paces to make a four course meal for our next get together with friends. More of a challenge for me that you realise, considering I’m usually a one or two course kind of cook.


The fun doesn’t stop there.


Throughout July I’ll be sharing more than a few one pot wonders, as well as quick and simple recipes to help take the pressure off when entertaining the masses at home. I’ll also be out and about sourcing local produce and throwing a number of foodie related giveaways. Starting with this…




Last month I took delivery of a gorgeous hamper from Jubata Spice.  It couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time. A long weekend where we entertained our daughters’ friends over three nights. When I mentioned I was doing a little something in the way of entertaining on the home front and the blog this coming month, Jubata Spice have very generously provided a second, even more impressive hamper for our latest GIVEAWAY!


jubataspicegiveaway, SPICE, FOOD, PERTH, GIVEAWAY, entertaining


What’s in the hamper?


More than enough to spice things up when it comes to entertaining…


  • Salt and pepper (Sultan Pepper)
  • Haitian dukkha
  • Tibetan dukkha
  • Moroccan dukkha
  • Tuscan dukkha
  • Jubata flakes salt grinder
  • Organically grown Margaret River olive oil
  • Jubata flakes-infused chilli oil


Jubata Spice offer an impressive handmade range perfect for entertaining the masses, as well as spicing up any appetiser, snack or even adding a twist to your main meal.  They are available at local farmers’ markets in the Peel region or you can jump on their Facebook page and place an order.


The home grown chillies used in Jubata Spice products vary in heat strengths. Light chillies are used to provide that subtle heat with the third hottest chilli in the world (bhut jolokia) packing a real punch.


JubataSpiceDukkha, Perth Food, Dukkha,


My favourite products so far are the five-chilli rock salt blend that comes in its own refillable grinder. Followed very closely by the Jubata Spice Dukkha. A light mix of nuts, dried fruits, oats and handpicked Moroccan spices. Creator Scott Hefford suggests their Dukkha is best served with a crusty loaf of bread and some quality olives. I couldn’t agree more. Only I took it up a notch and made my own Salted Chilli Bread, using the Jubata Spice chilli salt {RECIPE HERE}.


To be in the running to WIN the Jubata Spice hamper, just tell me in the comments below what you would do with the hamper if you won. That simple.



Terms and conditions:

One entry per person.

Game of skill.

Judged by a third party.

Entries close 10/7/16 9pm (WST – Perth time)

I’m extending this giveaway to include anyone residing in Australia (why should our Perth readers have all the heat/fun!).





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      • Wow home made bread – how yummy!! You will be the first on my guest list then LOL!! Even though it might be interesting results anything tastes better straight out of the oven!

  1. I would love to make an Almond dukkah. dDelicious and super healthy, dry mix of coarsely ground nuts, seeds and aromatic spices. Bread dunked in virgin oil then the almond dukkah, yum!

  2. Give it to the teachers at my childrens’ primary school so they can create something delicious and enjoy a get together. They work hard and are great teachers!

  3. Dukkha until we could dukkha no more! Sharing with hungry friends and family, that somehow always seem to land at our place with rumbling tummies, around meal times.

  4. I’m an avid hummus maker and eater and I’d use these spices to top my hummus to jazz it up and really take it to the next level when I’m entertaining guests!

  5. My Brazilian partners flair and my culinary skill
    We’re a “seasoned combination” that will give you a thrill. We’re crazy cooks this husband & wife, variety is truly the spice of life!

  6. O goodness How excitied would I be. I would be into my cookbooks,ringing my daughters who are amazing cooks & planning a huge family get together.

  7. ‘A bad kitchen will do that to you’. Yes! I sucked at cooking and I had a shitty ass small kitchen. We now have a new kitchen and I’m getting so much better! I say kitchens can make or break our skills! #TeamIBOT

  8. I would EAT IT. Seriously. I would buy 15 breadsticks and sit there dipping it into the oil and then into the dukkha and then stuffing it into my face. I am salivating on my screen.
    (I know I’m supposed to cook and share and be creative and generous and blah blah blah. But seriously, I know I’m a sweet tooth, but dukkha is my savoury exception.)

    • Honestly is the best policy around here and I like your thinking. I would do much the same, although it would involve a wheel of cheese and possibly moving out of our house to avoid the other 4 foodies that currently reside with me.

  9. As I am not much of a cook. This would give me the opportunity to try out new reciepies and invite family and friends over for tea.

  10. I got a Chef’s Toolbox pressure cooker a couple of months ago and it has legit changed my life. I’m not much of a cookist and I find spending hours in the kitchen slaving completely tedious so anything I can basically throw stuff into and watch it go then eat 15 minutes later . . . I am so down! I’d use these hamper contents to punch up my new found repertoire of risottos, paellas, one-pot pastas, casseroles and soups and also look like I’ve made a massive effort with entertaining by presenting guests with delicious dukkah, bread and oil.

  11. Almost sounds like you don’t need to entertain the masses when you in your kitchen is a party alone!
    How jealous I am of you that you’ve mustered up the courage to move out of your comfort zone but mostly I’m envious that you found a solution to the appliance ‘game of twister’.

    Jubata spices range have my taste buds travelling to Morocco at just the thought. But I love more so that its produced locally.
    At first thought I would use them to flavour meats. An easy solution to time consuming marinades. I may even test my abilities cooking international dishes. (I’m thinking simple Asian stir fries and Italian pasta bakes)
    Given the chance though who knows where my imagination will take me!!!!

  12. I make my own breads, so some of that oil and salt is immediately going to get added to the next loaves I make! I’m also going to whip some plain sourdough up because those dukkahs look amazing, and I think I’d throw one amazing dinner party with some of those bad boys in the pantry!!

      • I don’t know if it’s easy, but I’ve been making sourdough. I’m the laziest cook so it doesn’t take much effort, but from start to finish is 24 hours or so…

  13. I’d surprise my mum with a three course meal! She always tells me I need to add soul into my cooking. Now I know what she meant. By the way, you’re so brave for moving interstate and all! Kudos to you.

  14. I have been quite shy when it comes to experimenting with food, but with this hamper I could use to broaden my knowledge and create some tasty dishes, starting with some home made chilli bread.

  15. I’d enjoy the spoils of this spicy hamper with a loaf of my favourite freshly baked peasant bread and a few of my favourite friends.

  16. I’d attempt to make your salted chillie bread and throw a party to celebrate if I won. All my friends are foodies, so I wouldn’t be short of a guest or ten.

  17. PICK ME! My birthday is coming up and this would be a gorgeous way to start the celebrations. Just add bread and a wheel of my favourite cheese.

  18. Would love to win this hamper. I would host a huge family reunion. Probably doesn’t work for a traditional Christmas in July theme but there are no real rules when entertaining for Christmas in July. Are there?

    • Family reunions, in our family are massive and a lot of hard work but the memories make it all worth it.

      And yes agree, no rules for Christmas in July. Well none that I know of.

  19. My partner does all the cooking in our house and he loves to experiment. He is not shy of the spice factor or a bit of heat in the kitchen and would love this hamper.

    • My hubby use to like experimenting in the kitchen but this kitchen just isn’t working for us. The new appliance most certainly is. Can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to.

  20. I’ll tell you what I want… what I really really want… I want.. I want.. I want… to win the Jubata Spice hamper, so I can spice up my life!

  21. This would transform my next book club meeting to the next level and would tie in well with our foodie book this month.

  22. My nephew loves his curries and he likes them hot hot hot, whilst I on the other hand would rather not, so we have to make 2 dishes one for him and one for the rest of us! We’d love to try this hamper to see what they’ve got! 🙂

  23. I would invite my eldest daughter around to cook an amazing meal for us.She experiments with different cultures & we have enjoyed every one of them.

  24. Winning this may actually help me man up and host my first get together in my new home. I’ve only recently moved out and still rather new to cooking for myself, let alone entertaining or cooking for someone else.

  25. I’m hosting my little sister’s 40th this month at my place. She loves spicy food and this would be the perfect starter.

  26. I have just begun dabbling in Indian meals, and I haven’t come across these amazing variety of spices, what fun I am going to have experimenting!

  27. I’d use the dukkha to crust lamb ribs next time friends come over for Sunday lunch! I’d also like to try it crusting salmon fillet which I would serve with a delicious pumpkin puree seasoned with the Margaret River olive oil and sultan pepper.

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