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Cosplay Perth OZ Comic-Con The Cospladies

For once, I’m going to try and remain relatively wordless for Wednesday and let the Cosplay pictures from the Perth Oz Comic-Con event at the weekend do the talking.


But first… I love a good mystery…


These mystery boxes for $50 sold out rather quickly. Any idea what was inside?


Oz Comic-Con Perth Mystery Box




Oz Comic-Con Perth Coma White


Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay with Como White

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay with Como White

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay with Como White

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay with Lady Jaded


Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay


Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay


Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay


Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay | Agent Mystery Case

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay | The Cospladies

Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay | The Cospladies



Oz Comic-Con Perth Cosplay | Caption this?


Variable… what a bunny?!




The complexity of the mechanisms that drive Variable’s bunny ears (in the video above) are mind blowing but as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m trying to remain wordless this Wednesday, so will have to leave you guessing as to how they were created and how they actually work. Care to guess?


Any Cosplay questions? Just ask!


So much work goes into the Cosplay costumes. I honestly had no idea. You can read more about how I popped my Oz Comic-Con cherry and unleashed my inner geek at the Perth event HERE, including my ambitions at taking on Cosplay next year with a Mystery Case character.



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What have you been up to this week? Are you a fan of Cosplay?

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  1. My daughter likes to go to these things. I never understood why people would want to dress up like cartoon characters, but she has fun. Thanks for hosting. Have a terrific week.

  2. I’m not really into the whole thing but I’ve heard from many people that it’s actually a pretty cool event- would be interested in going to one sometime just to check it out. Looks like everyone is having fun and that’s the main thing!

    • So much fun. I didn’t actually feel left out without the costume, there were a lot that didn’t dress up but yes, it would have been a whole lot more interesting had I dressed up.

    • Stuff on the ground was, as far as I could tell, extras from Coma White who is pictured above with her iPhone that makes part of her costume. I did try to break through the fans to ask but there just wasn’t an opportunity.

  3. Looks like the mystery boxes are Minecraft related? (My son is obsessed with Minecraft – he will definitely want one when we go on the weekend. ps still waiting on prize code lol). Love your photos!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • I was hoping you could tell me… about the mystery boxes. I went back to purchase one after lunch and they had sold out. I’m assuming someone was frantically driving to a warehouse to collect more but I never made it back to find out.

    • So much fun and such a long day. My eldest went both days. I had the Breast Cancer Care WA charity long lunch or I might have joined her. Mind you, I probably would have needed a costume with a wheelchair and someone to push me around. I’m too old for 2 full days on my feet.

  4. That so super cool. I really want to go, it looks like a great time. Cosplay is something I am starting to get into big time. The art behind he costumes is amazing.

  5. I love cosplay and I really looked at the detail of every photo! I wish we have something like this here. Events like this is usually held in London which is far.

  6. I’ll admit I had no clue what this was so googled Cosplay! Have I been living under a rock? It looks amazing! Great pics. I learnt something today. Thanks MC x

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