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I’m back for Worth Casing Wednesday. A week earlier than expected because you can’t keep a good blogger down or off the web for too long. Yes I know the good part in the blogging equation is debatable but I’m here ready for another year of Wednesday linkup shenanigans and hoping you can join me.  I even have a new blog button and a GIVEAWAY to celebrate.


Worth Casing Wednesday


What is Worth Casing Wednesday?


If you are new around these parts of the blogging woods, Worth Casing Wednesday is a weekly blog linkup. One that evolved after my failed attempts at coming to the Wordless Wednesday party each week. Even on the weeks I found myself with nothing to say, there was at least 300 words on the page. Rather than continue to fail at the whole wordless thing, I turned things around. As I’m in the business of reviewing aka ‘casing’ things and my surname is actually Case… Worth Casing Wednesday just seemed to work.


The blogging beauty of Worth Casing Wednesday means there is no set agenda and no real rules. If you have a blog post worth casing… words, wordless and everything else in between, you should link up. I blogging insist.


In terms of what you will be seeing from me each week… that remains a bit of a mystery, even to me right now. I like to be mysterious keep my options open.


This year, regardless of what I have going on or how busy I am, I aim to visit and comment on each and every blog post that links up. My blogging promise to you.


You can reward me by leaving a comment (they’re my favourite blogging currency) and returning each week to link up. Grabbing the new WCW blog button and sharing the linkup around is completely optional but much appreciated.


Once again there are no real rules here but honestly the more blogging love you put in, the more your blog is going to get out of linking up each week. Try to take a little time to visit some of the other fabulous bloggers that are linking up. Leave a comment to let them know you stopped by and if their post resonates with you, think about sharing the blogging love around via Twitter or Facebook.


Worth Casing Wednesday Linkup | Agent Mystery Case







To celebrate the return of Worth Casing Wednesday I have two monthly sidebar advertising spaces up for grabs this month. Worth $125 each. To be in the running just link your worth casing posts up below and put your hand up by dropping a comment below. Too easy. I will select two winners at the end of the month, who will receive a month of advertising.


Want more GIVEAWAYS? Head over and case my monthly Aussie Giveaway Linkup, there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs this month.


Now do tell… did you have a break over Christmas? What exactly did you get up to?

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  1. Back to work for a week and I am already finding myself looking at flight deals…not that I don’t love my job, but just suffering from the travel-bug! I have a good vibe about 2016…

  2. Welcome back and all the best for 2016! For the first time in a long time, I managed to keep my words to a minimum for a wordless wednesday post!

  3. Your great, Im glad you are keeping it a secret what you will do on WW, kinda intriguing!!!
    Thanks for stopping by this week to share your party too!!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely break. I’m looking forward to getting right back in to blogging this year now that Tafe is done and dusted.

    I’ll put my hand up for entering the blog ad giveaway for my photography website. I’m in the process of working out where to place some ads and this would be a step in the right direction.

  5. I’d love to win some advertising space here, sounds great! I had a lovely break, hope you did, too. Also, the same thing always happens to me with Wordless Wednesday posts; I can never keep them wordless! Haha

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. Welcome back early Raych! 🙂 Christmas was…well…interesting. It was good but involved a quick jaunt in hospital for an infection post surgery for my daughter. Not fun, but it did the job and she’s recovering nicely.

    I’m working to get my photography site up and running. It seems like it should be simple…..

    I’ll end you an email soon! Happy New Year!

    • Sorry to hear about your daughter. We had a massive curve ball thrown our way and I’m currently packing up the house to move. Not what I had on the agenda or in the budget and not something I can control. Trying to think about the positives.

  7. Welcome back and hope you are feeling well. Hope Christmas and New Year was fun, and you managed to get some rest too … here’s thinking of you with the move ahead.

    • Thanks Jo. So envious of your latest trip. It looked so relaxing. I grabbed little snippets in my social free time down time. I’m not looking forward to the move one bit but it certainly has given us the kick up the behind that we really needed to get the house sold in NSW and move onwards and upwards.

  8. I’m hoping to get my butt into gear and join in with your linkup each week this year. BTW I would love to be able to advertise my writing business, Double Scoop, on your site 🙂

    • I’m rather late in announcing the news but I wanted to be back online and have something worth offering in terms of sidebar advertising. Congratulations Kirsty… you have won a two month spot on AMC.

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