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Well a funny thing happened on the way to getting event ready for our recent Event Ready Frocktober event. The event that HoMedics very generously sponsored by donating one of their NEWA Skin Rejuvenation Systems as a major giveaway prize.



Only it wasn’t so funny to me. You see, I turned 45. In the scheme of things, age to me is just a number and the more numbers I can rack up the better. But I do like to embrace a new age, especially one that ends with a 0 or a 5 by treating myself. This time round I booked a makeover as my birthday treat.


The only thing is, under those bright department store lights with a magnifying glass on hand so I could get a close up look on what I should be doing with my makeup, I discovered some not so fine lines and more than enough fine lines. It was pretty shocking. It basically had me drawing a line and pretty much wanting to head into hibernation mode which then had needle phobic old me, contemplating Botox. BOTOX!


The supposed anti aging makeup the one that promises to camouflage or magically air brush the old age evidence away was no longer working. If anything it was working against me. I’ve had more than a rough year health wise and it was now showing pretty drastically on my skin and it was getting harder and harder to hide.


I’m not really sure how I feel about growing older and the ageing process in general but with each passing birthday, I look at my skincare routine and wonder if I’m doing enough. I’m not great with needles, so I’m not sure Botox will ever be for me but that didn’t stop me looking. I also looked at surgical options before exploring all my non surgical options. Hoping it wasn’t too late.


My local day spa, had lots of options but being time poor, finding the time to actually attend my beautician on a regular basis just wasn’t going to work for me.


Once again, I was back looking for easy, possibly at home alternatives. Thankfully, I didn’t need to look too far. It was a catch up with Vicki from The Fashionable Mum the stylist for the Event Ready event that gave me some light at the not so fine lines tunnel. Vicki was half way through trialling the HoMedics NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System and her skin, although normally pretty good, was now looking pretty fabulous. Youthful and glowing. I wanted a piece of it.


I’d already approached HoMedics to sponsor the Frocktober event, so when they also asked me to review their product, I couldn’t put my 45 year old hand up fast enough. Which then had me looking at the fine lines also appearing on the back of my hands and wondering if the system would extend to the back of the hands as well.


At the moment, I’m only three weeks in and I’m already noticing a slight difference, why I even had someone at the event ask me if I’d had Botox. I could have kissed them. When I explained it was just the NEWA, they immediately purchased tickets for the giveaway.



If online claims and clinic trials are to be believed (& I think they might be), the Newa System will firm, tighten and lift your skin, without needles or surgery. It’s all about helping the collagen production process. Collagen being that pesky little thing that helps keep our skin plump and youthful. A process that will ultimately see a reduction in lines within a month and a huge difference (up to 45% reduction in fine lines) in just 12 weeks.


The best part about their NEWA system is that it only takes up to 24 minutes a day, depending on how many of the six areas you target (four minutes each area x five days a week in the first month) and you can indulge in the privacy of my own home.


You do need to be near a power point and I do find being in front of a mirror helps when you are first getting use to the device. For me, it’s generally 24 minutes of much needed me time, working to improve my skin. I tend to indulge at night with a scented candle and some soft music, although with the headphones in, so I can hear over the buzz. Although when I first started I was getting up half and hour earlier and made it part of my before the rest of the house is awake, me time.


I’m time poor, most of the time, so 24 minutes can be hard to find but the results I’m already seeing three weeks in, have me making the time to focus on all six areas (upper and lower cheeks each side together with my neck). It’s that good.


Now I had huge plans to bring you a Vlog of me using the device but I have been super busy with not only the event but Zita from It’s Time… blog in town for a week long mystery tour. Thankfully Vicki has given me permission to share her Vlog and review…



I will now save my Vlog for the end of the review process, where I will also briefly go into the science behind the system and if I’m really game might even get around to sharing some before and after photos. For now though, I’m calling it early but I really think this product is worth casing because you are never too old to start looking after your skin.


Are you worried about wrinkles?

What does your skin care routine look like? 

Want to know more about NEWA?


The HoMedics Newa skincare system retails for $499. You can purchase online directly through Homedics or through retailers and department stores.


*I was gifted the HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation system to review and HoMedics also provided a Newa system for the Event Ready Frocktober event. 



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  1. My skin is horrendous…. blotchy and revolting at the moment. I get rosacea and it’s flared up as it’s getting hotter.

    Keen to hear how this continues to go Raych!

    • It’s no fun in the heat with skin conditions. Hope you manage to get them sorted. I’m having a dreadful time with swelling in my arms and legs which means I hardly want to leave the house when it’s hot.

    • You are just a spring chicken Jess. What products are you currently using? I was spending a small fortune this time last year at the beautician, so I’m finding the Newa rather cost effective in the long run.

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