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Clown to Ringmaster in 6 easy steps


This week I’m mastering the working mother juggling act with a capital F… for FLEXIBILITY. Which makes a nice change from the other F word and how things normally go down. You could say, It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with me running around like a chaotic clown, as I race to finish deadlines and tick off as much as I can for the next month and master that whole juggling act when it comes to work, life and crazy chaos.


I must confess the blog and the social media side of things in general has not been a huge priority during this time and I’m ok with only just making it to the blogging party right now. Strange really given the incredible offers that have been landing in my inbox.


Thankfully, I’ve been able to put a lot of offers on hold for the new year and I’ve cut back to blogging two to three times per week, although last week I only made it to the party once and completely missed Worth Casing Wednesday. While I recently employed the services of an intern and a part-time assistant, these positions will be kicking off in the new year when I have more time to manage.


My business studies were also rather low on the priorities list as well but the beauty of my online course with Business Mamas is how flexible it is. I’m really able to work at my own pace. A pace that thankfully saw me powering ahead last month which means this month I can cut back, if I need to. And it looks like I’m going to need to.



“All eyes on me in the centre of a ring… just like a circus”


I must confess, this is very much my theme song at the moment. My life feels very much like a circus with my eldest daughter having orthognathic surgery first thing Monday. I’ve been jamming a month of work into two weeks as I’ve wanted to completely clear my schedule with my daughter requiring six to eight weeks to recover, with a mainly liquid diet during this time. There will be one or two days in intensive care followed by up to a week in hospital and then a week of 24/7 monitored care (by me) at home.


So why am I once again finding life and work chaotic? Well the thing is, yes life is looking rather chaotic and stressful right now but it’s by choice. I’m possibly the most organised and on top of the important things than I’ve ever been. My course with Business Mamas and in particular the module that looked at my day to day schedule with a microscope has changed my approach for the better. It even inspired my new mantra (here).


agent mystery case yes

My crazy jam packed fortnight that also included a quick blogging trip to Melbourne, a breast cancer event and lots of extra attention on the home front trying to get everyone over their colds and not pass it on to my eldest daughter, will mean that I can now focus entirely on my daughter’s recovery if I need to. Just the way I like it.


If you haven’t already guessed, I’m one of those annoying people that prefer to plan (when I can) for the worst case scenario. That way if things do end up going pear shaped, I’m prepared. It will mean less of a drama on the home and work front as a result. If things end up going to plan or better, I like to think of this as my bonus time. Time where I will get back to blogging, social media and my 2016 schedule together with my studies or I can just sit back, rub my hands together and relax.


Relaxing and me… no longer a foreign concept.


It’s probably finishing the 12 month business diploma (currently almost six months in) that excites me the most. Because the further I’m in, the closer I am to streamlining my Virtual Assistant business and relaunching with a blog agency twist to it. 2016 and beyond is all about working smarter not harder. Living life rather than continuing to struggle with the juggle which left me feeling like I was treading water in a clown suit for a lot of 2015.


Live Life written on a wooden cube in a office desk


It will also mean a lot more free time for the fun, getting up to no blogging good side of life here on AMC and hopefully dragging a few of my blogging friends along for the crazy ride but I don’t want to end up being all talk and no action, so until everything is set in place….


A little less talk and a little more action…… but only once my daughter is in more than recovery mode.


From Chaotic Clown to Ringmaster in 6 easy steps


  • Accept your limitations.
  • Ask for help.
  • Lower your expectations.
  • Reassess your priorities.
  • Say “NO” more often.
  • Add lots of white or blank space to your schedule.



Can we really have it all when it comes to that work and life balance?

Do you have a plan of attack for when things go pear shaped?

Any tips for my daughter and her liquid diet for the next six-ish weeks?

What would be on the menu for your last meal in possibly six weeks?


I’m hoping the blog side of things and evening emails will provide a much needed distraction, so please don’t assume I’m not available or blogging during the next two weeks. I’ve been told there is free WIFI at the hospital. Unlike last time when it was public and an emergency procedure and I ended up spending $180ish on excess data during that week.


This may just provide me with the perfect platform for catching up with blog reading (I will start with everyone that links up for Worth Casing Wednesday… so get linking this Wednesday!) and finally getting around to announcing our latest Blog Exchange Christmas collaboration and giveaway news.

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  1. Am glad you’re feeling organised and on top of things. I’m quite the opposite Raych!

    I can’t even imagine what sort of offers you must be receiving as I’m already gobsmacked at how busy you are and how often you have to do stuff and go to things.

    • Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling on top of things at the moment Deb. Drop me an email if you want to chat. It’s a crazy busy time of year. Not the most ideal time for surgery but it was the ideal time in terms of not missing school with my daughter heading into year 12 next year.

  2. Actually, I’ve had some unexpected white space in my schedule for the past week, and it’s been so refreshing. You’re right – I agree that we all need to say NO sometimes and be selective about when we say YES… and remember to breathe! Being crazy busy all the time is bad for your health 🙂

  3. This is a busy time of year and it sounds like you have a pretty full schedule. I hope your daughter’s surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

  4. I wish you and your daughter all the best for her surgery and recovery. I had to look up orthognathic surgery and it doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun – poor thing. When my Dad had his larynx & pharynx removed he was on a liquid diet for several weeks before he could progress to mashed/mince foods and never moved on from there. Mum bought a magic bullet to puree food for him and we use it now for smoothies which might be a nice alternative for your daughter once she feels a little better. The speech therapist in hospital gave mum and dad supplements and tips for making food a little more palatable on a liquid diet so I’m guessing you will get some advice from your hospital too. Thinking of you both x

    • I’ve just blown my blender up. It’s the third replacement one and just out of warranty. Thankfully, Kambrook are sending me a blitz 2 go this week which will come in really handy.

      The surgery isn’t a whole lot of fun but it is necessary. We’ve had to wait for Ash to stop growing so there was no risk she would need to have it redone down the track. I hear that most people that have had it done, wouldn’t have it redone if needed.

  5. Raych… Raych… I hope by now it’s all done.. The op I mean.. And the recovery begins. You do sound like you have much happening but strangely it also seems like lots of good is coming your way! Hard work paying off I believe! Will keep an eye out for how things are going over these next weeks. Denyse xx

    • I’m hoping there is a lot of good coming our way too. It’s certainly what I’ve been aiming and working hard for. Mind you, there’s been a lot of soul searching lately with my daughter’s op fast approaching and my health not so great.

  6. I always feel exhausted just reading your posts. Sounds like you absolutely need to be a planner. My goodness I hope recovery goes ok for your poor daughter, She is very brave. Take care of yourself x

    • Thanks. I’ll have to stop writing exhausting posts. I agree I think my daughter is very brave. As much as this surgery is essential, it is also elective and horrific but it will make all the difference in the world to Ash and her ability to eat not to mention her looks. I would love to grab the handful of girls that have given her a tough time over her bite, over the years and have them watch what she is going through.

  7. Holy cow, how do you do it!? Work life balance? hmm…well, I consider my ‘work’ as life so yes, I think we can do it all. When things go pear shaped, I stop, relax, cancel things I don’t need to do and re-focus. Not too sure about the liquid diet but I hope your daughter recovers quickly.

  8. Hi Raychael, wow your plate is full….its amazing how you handle it. My daughter some years ago had to have emergency surgery for a broken jaw, it was very painful and the recover not fun to watch, blended drinks was all she could manage as her mouth was wired shut, very scarry and the result for her, because it was a broken jaw has left her with problems not repaired by the surgery.

    I wish your daughter a fast recovery, and you some rest as well. Moms take on so much during the time of need with their kids.

    Take care, Karren

    • This surgery was to fix jaw issues, so I’m really hopeful that all goes to plan and we have no ongoing issues. It’s going to be a rough few weeks but hopefully everything will settle in time for Christmas. I’ve just opened my WW linky. Will head over to yours and link up soon. Then I’m heading back to the hospital.

  9. I love your BEAP theory too. All I can suggest is a good blender and flavourful soups and smoothies. I hope she has a great recovery, my niece had jaw surgery when she was a teenager. Look after yourself xx

  10. do what feels right for you raych!
    no overdoing things!
    I just had a palpitation when I said that, because I sound like a bossy so and so!
    take care hun and hope your daughter is doing ok!
    love m:)X

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