Packing for a dirty weekend

Dirty Weekend | Agent Mystery Case | Packing

It was a case of lights, camera and a lot of action for my last weekend with hubby before he heads to sea this week. Taking our impromptu dirty weekend in a new and improved direction and having a lot of clean fun in the process.


Dirty Weekend | Agent Mystery Case | Packing



I’ve just finished a madder than mad week. There was one event after the other each night last week. A movie preview, the Jessica Bratich Ambassador launch, a VIP evening at Karrinyup with Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox, a fashion show and a mystery event that needs to remain mysterious for now. I even managed two out of the four event invites for Friday night. The highlight being a pretty impressive fashion show at the Whipper Snapper Distillery as part of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.


For one week, at least, it would seem my assumed larger than life online profile was actually a true reflection of my offline life and I do in fact have a life after all.


Unfortunately though, with so much on, I’ve been neglecting my family, especially hubby. With him heading to sea this week, where we will have no contact for three to four weeks, I’ve taken to dragging him along to some of the events just so we can catch up. It was also the reason I turned down a further three really cool events over the weekend.


Multi tasking and making the most of the time I have left with hubby before he heads to sea, took an eyebrow raising interesting turn on Friday when I suggested he pack a bag for a dirty weekend. Although with three teens at home, already feeling neglected and so much work on, it was more of a night than an entire weekend. I was determined to make the most of that one night and also give my new cordless device a chance to perform, no holes barred, away from home.


Before we get into the details of our dirty weekend… I have a confession to make.


I must confess, in my other life (aka offline) the one that includes mystery shopping… I’m occasionally offered hotel audits. This usually involves a night in a hotel, room service, casing the menu and the service of the restaurant staff as well as the hotel itself and their facilities.


I know it sounds like a lot of fun and it usually is but it’s also a whole lot of work. The main aim is to act like a normal guest, not reveal you are there auditing the place, take lots of mental notes and then fill in a huge report that includes everything from the state of the room to cleanliness and much much more. It’s probably the biggest reason I haven’t been able to bring hotel reviews to the blog but I’m hoping that might change soon as I move away from the auditing side of things and into full-time blogging.


When we arrived at the hotel and hubby unpacked our overnight bag, full of anticipation of what was to come (that promised dirty weekend), he took a little step back at the contents of my case and naturally assumed I’d taken on a last minute auditing job, bringing him along for the ride. He also assumed that I’d gone completely mad taken my white glove approach to reporting on the cleanliness side of things to the next level.


The truth… the cordless device I had packed for our night away, was my new Dyson V6 Absolute cordless vacuum. There was no official hotel audit. This was me at my craziest finest… multi tasking and having a lot of fun. Combining my Dyson review with some undercover (more a case of under the covers) action together with a much needed and wanted child free night away with hubby before he leaves.



Down & Dirty with Dyson V6 Absolute | The Review


I’m possibly the only person that takes their cordless Dyson V6 Absolute (handstick) away with them for a dirty weekend and doesn’t actually reveal to hubby what exactly is involved or in my suitcase until we check in.


The results were truly sickening (in terms of the motel not the vacuum) and I’m rather relieved that I wasn’t able to book my favourite hotel for the night because I’m not sure how I would have felt if my home away from home, the place I like to head once or twice a year for some me time didn’t pass the Dyson cleanliness test.


As I’m not in the game of naming and shaming here on AMC, I will just share the photographic evidence rather than the hotel itself. All collected in a supposedly just been cleaned by housekeeping hotel room. Sickening.


Dirt | Dyson V6 Absolute


Going the distance


The handstick only lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes (6 minutes in MAX mode) before it needs to be recharged.The battery then takes 3 1/2 hours to charge which means if you are living in anything other than a small apartment or hotel room (like our dirty weekend stint) you are going to need to walk away and find something else to do while you wait for the recharge. I don’t know about you… but I never struggle to find something else to do.


I’m not convinced the V6 Absolute is ever going to replace my main man (Dyson Barrel aka Darcy) for a full house clean which can take over an hour but it’s perfect for quick spills, a room or three when you have 20 minutes to spare, some spot cleaning or that mad race around the main areas because you are having guests over at short notice. Having said that though, the only time I’ve pulled my main man (Darcy) out since V6 arrived is to compare the two.


The pick up factor


You could say I was a tad sceptical that a cordless device, even one with Dyson engineering could match or even compete with my existing Dyson but the absolute (pun intended) best thing about the Dyson V6 Absolute is the incredible suction. I’ve compared both vacuums for the same job in the video below, which may or may not feature hubby vacuuming in slow motion mode (his usual pace) wearing nothing more than a Dyson apron and a pair of sneakers.



Size & Flexibility


The extension pole will have you exploring and reaching places you never thought possible with a cordless vacuum. You could say every nook and cranny is now covered. For a shorty like me, I can now whip around the ceilings and architraves with ease. It’s cordless, portable and lightweight. The possibilities really are endless.


A head for every occasion


The V6 Absolute packs a punch in the accessories department:


  • An extension pole which can be attached for floor or ceiling use
  • two Dyson engineered cleaner heads (soft & hard floor)
  • a mini tool for upholstery, car seats and the dreaded pet hair
  • dusting brush for all those tricky and delicate jobs.




I actually found both heads for the V6 Absolute just as, if not more efficient than my existing Dyson Barrel. There seems to be an improvement in the head technology and efficiency that makes larger pick up easier which interestingly meant less time struggling with tangled hair in the head and more time just getting on with the job.


The V6 Absolute Range


  • V6 Motorhead Handstick for carpets
  • V6 Fluffy Handstick for hard floors
  • V6 Animal for pet hair together with hard and soft floors
  • V6 Absolute (my little puppy), which you could say is Absolute-ly perfect for all of these things and more.


The Dyson V6 Absolute is at the top of the handstick range and isn’t exactly a budget buy at $899 but if it continues to perform like our existing Dyson Barrel, it more than pays for itself in the long run and with the right maintenance it will probably outrun me.


One little final confession… I’ve been having a little too much fun with my new cordless Dyson V6 Absolute. Who knew vacuuming could be so life changing (see this post: to love, cherish & give unforgettable suction) or so much fun. Clearly not me. I was actually under the assumption that I was allergic to any form of housework.




Anyone that knows me and knows the blog, should know that I prefer to do things a little (well a lot) differently around here. So when I was invited to attend a hands on demonstration of the cordless Dyson V6 Absolute with a view to reviewing the vacuum on the blog, it was always going to be on my terms (here). While I was gifted the Dyson for review purposes… all crazy ideas, innuendos and opinions are clearly my own.  Hubby may have been paid in services for his vacuuming skills.


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  1. Coolest review ever 🙂 . Due to my shoulder injury, I can’t vacuum any more (without ending up in excruciating pain afterwards), so am thankful to have a robot vacuum. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s better than not doing it at all or waiting for somebody else in the house to actually vacuum …

    • That means a lot coming from you Janet. Thanks. I have a shoulder injury too. Can’t seem to get on top of it and it generally goes out with most movement, especially vacuuming and it didn’t with the V6. Shhh don’t tell hubby though.

  2. I may never feel comfortable in a hotel room again! Kinda glad I am scrupulous when it comes to cleaning our holiday home. Laughed out loud at hubby vacuuming in what looks like a skirt 😀 I wish I had one of these handhelds, I just cleaned around our bedroom and noticed how much fluff is under our bed!

  3. I would love one of them … vacuuming steps is a bit of a pain. When my mother first got a Dyson she vacuumed with the old vacuum and then it and the amount of stuff that came out of the carpet … wow!

  4. You know, you are a really skilled writer and have a great sense of humor! 🙂 I was smiling the whole post.:) I know you say that it’s a lot of work being a mystery customer but it sounds very glamorous and interesting the way you describe it here!

  5. Eww, that is gross!! I do love seeing how full my dyson gets after a quick vacuum. I always think my floor looks ok and then I get the dyson out and it proves me wrong! I hope you enjoyed your time away and that time goes quickly with your hubby away. Bron x

  6. What an excellent review post! Awesome humor and wit and I loved your videos. We have a Dyson vacuum cleaner but I’m ashamed to say I don’t know the make and model by heart. He was bought several years ago! 🙂

  7. You are hilarious Raych! I could use a Dyson. Maybe one day I”ll take the plunge!

    And BTW, who ever is doing the vacuuming has pretty good looking legs! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  8. If I ever hear the sound of a vacuum in a hotel again I’ll imagine it’s you wielding your Dyson! I was reading this post in the hope of gaining some useful dirty weekend packing tips (lol!) but the mind boggles to think how a Dyson might add to the excitement. Go Raych! You always keep me giggling.

  9. You are so funny, when I read the title and then started reading I was totally thrown off, what a clever way to write, you give great info while making me laugh!!! Thanks for the party too!!!
    Have a great week!!

  10. Oh god… I can’t remember the last time I went and stayed in a nice hotel room. This not-working business is very depressing… and there is no way I’d take a vacuum cleaner to keep someone else’s floors clean!

  11. Ahahaha that is hilarious! Not at all what I was expecting from the title. 😛 Clever and funny review! Found you via OMHG’s WW.

  12. LOL!!! What a product review!! Love it. Now you’ve made me think about taking my Dyson on holidays, I definitely could have used it on my Sydney trip last month!

    • Thanks Beth. I had a whole lot of fun with this review and I’m honestly loving the V6. Especially with hubby away and a shoulder that keeps popping out. It means my main main aka Dyson barrel hasn’t seen the light of day.

    • Thanks Kirsty, you wouldn’t believe how much fun we had with this. I honestly should have had someone filming behind the scenes, especially the moment hubby discovered what exactly I was up to. It took him a good ten minutes to stop laughing and gain some composure so we could start filming. lol

  13. Random question, but do you find the purple filter easily falls out of the Dyson when you are carrying it around? That’s one thing that happens with our Dyson Animal and it’s so annoying. (The only annoying thing, though, to be honest).

    • Purple filter? I’m not really sure what you mean, which I suppose means no, nothing falls out. Perhaps a quick call to the support team, they might be able to suggest what you are doing wrong or provide a replacement?

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