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Variety is the spice of life. Right? Well I’m thinking as we approach 20 years of marriage, it might be time to spice things up a bit. This week, I’m introducing you to a little cordless device that is going to help me do just that!


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20 years ago this November we threw a surprise wedding. A beach engagement party with all of our family and friends where we surprised everyone by getting married. It was a wonderful day. A day where we threw tradition to the wind and joined untraditional forces.


I must confess, there was a small hint of tradition on the day. As well as our traditional wedding vows, hubby vowed to cook, clean and slave after me. I vowed to take more of an interest in Rugby League (probably best not to go there).


You could say I’m a bit of a princess I managed to get the better end of the stick but you probably need to appreciate just how much I detest spectator sport or how much training was involved with Mr C in the cooking and cleaning department.


He basically came to me thinking toilets were self cleaning and preparing a packet pasta ready meal was cooking from scratch. There was also the time he decided to wash and throw all my dry clean only wardrobe into the clothes dryer only for it to come out looking like Barbie clothing. I was impressed. Just not in a good way.


As much as I joke and pay out on Mr C, he really is the love of my life and I feel blessed that I have him in my life. He is a wonderful husband and father that probably deserves a reward for putting up with my antics for all these years and I do try to reward him every chance I get.


Not necessarily talking rewards but over the years, I’ve gifted Mr C a number of items to help him with his cooking, cleaning and slaving endeavours. For his 40th and at Mr C’s request it was a Scanpan roasting pan, it came with an actual roasting (from me) and a little homemade video.


At the time, I actually wanted to gift him a set of sharp knives for no other reason than we needed new knives. I just couldn’t go there following advice from my mother-in-law, who suggested gifting your partner knives was a recipe for divorce and disaster as well as being up there with her putting new shoes on the table superstitions.


Who knew about the knives or the shoes? Clearly not me but at least I now know about the knives for future reference. Almost like a marriage exit strategy. Not that I want one.


What I do want, is another 20 years with this gorgeous man. The love of my life. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. What marriage is? I’m not sure you would call it hard work either but it certainly is and has been a work in progress with lots of highs, some awful lows together with lots of love and laughs along the way including our three gorgeous girls (now aged 14, 15 & 17).


girls, toy room, case girls


As we approach our 20th wedding anniversary, the one we didn’t think would happen (read here: our 19th Wedding Anniversary Surprise), I’ve been thinking a celebration is in order. Not just that though. I’m feeling reflective while looking to the future. I’m seeing marriages of our friends and family falling apart in front of our eyes and I’m not wanting to take ours for granted.


I’m also wanting to spice things up and what better way than renewing our wedding vows with me (shhh don’t tell Mr C) vowing to Love, Cherish and give him unforgettable suction Vacuum from here on in. Perhaps Mr C could vow to take more of an interest in shopping. Something that might be slightly more painful than me taking an interest in Rugby League.


I’m sure a few of you are wondering why there needs to be anything left of centre and torturous in our wedding vows in the first place but that’s just who we are. I come from a long line of dysfunction and divorce. Mr C’s parents on the other hand have been married for almost 50 years. This is how we make sense of it all and meet in the middle.


All those years ago it really was just a piece of paper for both of us. We were already living together and married in our hearts. My parents were going through a messy divorce, so marriage for me at the time made no real sense.


Mr C had a strong sense of obligation to his mother who had survived bowel cancer with a strong desire to see her two children married with children. They were also in the process of planning the circus wedding of the century for his sister which had us both feeling rather nauseous. Throwing a simple but quirky surprise wedding and putting our spin on the wedding vows was a way to keep everyone, including ourselves happy.


This time round is no different. We’ve never been one to follow tradition. Why start now?! What that means for our wedding vow renewals is anyone’s guess.


If I’m planning on vowing to Love, Cherish & Vacuum… I’m wanting to equip myself with the best tools to help me to do that and for me as far as vacuuming goes, that means Dyson. Funnily enough, I gifted Mr C a Dyson for his 39th birthday. It’s almost like one of the family. Not that I’ve used it much. I take my wedding vows, the ones that don’t include Rugby League, pretty seriously.


When I do get the Dyson out, mainly when hubby is at sea with work, I’m always impressed and know there is no going back with me as far as vacuums go. Nothing compares. Even after all these years it still provides unbelievable suction and I’m always sickened by just how much dirt is picked up.


So when Dyson approached me last month to review their latest and greatest cordless Dyson V6 Absolute, I couldn’t put my hand up on behalf of hubby fast enough.


I may have even joked about offering hubby up for a naked photo shoot using the Dyson V6 as a prop (have you seen how narrow the stick is?). Because nothing says spice your marriage up more than a no holes barred review, with a sexy naked photo shoot featuring a cordless device that has the most unbelievable suction… right?! It’s probably no wonder that on meeting Mr C and hearing my photo shoot suggestion, Dyson gifted us an apron.


When our new Dyson arrived last week (I’m calling him Darcy), it was love at first charge for both hubby and myself. We’ve been fighting over him ever since.


Dyson V6 cordless vacuum


Our official down and dirty review is coming soon. I can’t promise a naked photo shoot at this stage but the dirt factor is pretty shocking, even for me.


Renewing/reviewing our wedding vows is definitely on the agenda, I may even ask Darcy aka Dyson V6 to be our best man. Who knew you could have so much fun with a cordless device.


Yes I know. My mind works in crazy mysterious ways. Probably why I should also look at officially changing my name to Mystery.



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I was a bit tame on the innuendo in this post. Hit me with your best shot….

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  1. Happy 20th Anniversary! Here’s to at least another 20 more! Our Dyson made the move with us from the UK and it’s still going strong. I love it so! And in six degrees of separation, our wedding photographer went on to marry Dyson’s son! Enjoy the loveness xx

  2. Nice post! Happy anniversary! 20 years is a long time – it’s a work in progress, as you say! Do celebrate heartily…(and I loved this: I’m seeing marriages of our friends and family falling apart in front of our eyes and I’m not wanting to take ours for granted.)

  3. We reach 15 years in October which seems like forever some days so congrats on reaching 20 years Raych! I dream of one day owning a Dyson. Although I just dream of having a vacuum cleaner that isn’t held together by electrical tape!!!

    • Thanks Kirsty. On some instances it seems like just yesterday that we tied the knot, others it feels like another lifetime ago.

      Oh no to the vacuum held together with electrical tape. That does not sound good at all.

  4. LOL you actually made vacuuming sound sexy! Gotta admit, I do love my Dyson. Congrats on the anniversary. It’s our 20 year one this year, too. We were discussing relationships the other day and basically came to the conclusion that the only reason ours has survived is because neither of could really be bothered going through all the rigamarole of a a divorce and starting dating again. Yep, long live romance!

    • I might need to take this approach with the ironing. Somehow make it look sexy or more appealing. I hate ironing as much as I hate vacuuming.

      I couldn’t imagine starting over again either. Imagine having to train someone new from scratch. Yep… not going there. lol

    • Almost closed. We were supposed to be looking lovingly into each others eyes but there was a sandy windstorm (that you can’t see). We broke into a fit of giggles two seconds after this was taken.

  5. I love reading beautiful stories about people and their weddings. That photo of you guys at the top is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Haha love how you held yourself back – I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about my hubby’s two other loves and I also had to behave myself, didn’t want to frighten my readers LOL! I have a robot vaccum cleaner that we call Rob, so I’m glad we’re not the only ones weird like that …

  7. I can imagine my hubby going all gaga over that Dyson, he is a lover of hand held vacuums. His little black and decker would never stack up against a Dyson. Congrats on 20 years and best wishes for your vows renewal, I bet it will be a wonderful day

  8. What a nice post with a touch of humour I liked your photos but “Love At First Charge” referring to your Dyson cracked me up LOL
    Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary and best wishes to you both 🙂

  9. Boy I would love to get my hands on the stick, and feel the power. Congratulations on your power present, what a lovely thing to bring into your marriage!! Lol Thanks for stopping by to share your cute post this week!!
    Hope you have a beautiful Anniversary!!

  10. I’m sure you’d be a great one to go to for advice. I have a little that I like to give out to newly weds and we are just coming up on 10 next Fall. Sounds like you do the “couple that plays together stays together” too.
    I need a Dyson so badly. I am thinking of asking for one for Christmas because my back hurts so much lugging that other vacuum around. Well my back hurts full stop.

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