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I don’t know about you, but for me, July just flew by and I’ve been looking for the rewind or pause button for most of it. The start of the new financial year is always a busy time. It’s also a time I like to review the past year and complete a mini audit. Not just for the blog or the business but all aspects of my life. A lot like our mini Blog Exchange about me page audits as part of last month’s Tag Team exercises.


Thanks to everyone that contributed last month. I’ve been enjoying the real sense of support and community over in our Facebook group and I’ve opened up an official Blog Exchange page here on AMC, where you can now add your about me pages.


Blog Exchange | Tag Team

The jacket project and the jacket itself from last month’s tag team blog post has now left the building. First point of call Perth Stylist Vicki Thompson, blogger over at The Fashionable Mum here in Perth. The project itself, is still needing a name, dedicated hashtag and an official page here, so everyone can link up their blog posts.


I might need your help deciding which hashtag we should run with. Here are the top five pick:





#50shadesofjacket (although this doesn’t work if we don’t manage to find 50 bloggers to jump on board or if we go over 50).


What do you think? Do you have another name to suggest? Keep an eye on The Fashionable Mum’s page for our first Jacket blog post, coming soon. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.





Kara Lambert from Write to Right has taken over hosting our Blog Exchange challenges this month. Each Monday, Kara will be sharing a thought provoking image, that will have you thinking about your goals and goal setting in a new light.


goal Setting

This week’s prompt!


The weekly prompts are part of Kara’s goal setting workshop (more details here) which is aimed at business but you can easily apply the questions to your blog or your life. For me, I’m in the business of blogging, even though this is almost a personal blog but I would argue that anyone that actually has a blog, hobby or otherwise, is in the business of blogging as well, and would find some benefit of reviewing your approach and your goals.


This exercise is also a perfect opportunity to repurpose and revisit past posts. As Kara says… “Repurposing is gold mining” and I couldn’t agree more.


For those that aren’t keen to blog or revisit blog posts, it could just be a case of jotting down the weekly prompts and sharing your thoughts and results via our private Facebook group. If this is something that resonates with you and you would like to delve deeper, there is also the option to take things further with Kara’s Review and Planning Workbook.


If you aren’t in the business of blogging, you may want to approach this one with a round up post, including the blog posts that you are most proud of and why. Like repurposing posts, this is a perfect way to introduce your newer audience to your older posts and have them delving deeper into your archives, getting to know you and your blog a little better in the process.


In the scheme of how blog exchange works (open to everyone no matter what your niche or stage of blogging), not all exercises each month will be for everyone. There is no pressure to play along, just jump on board when something resonates with you. You are also welcome to suggest prompts or put your hand up to host our monthly challenges.


If you are struggling with any aspect of blogging or just wanting some support, please put your hand up in our Facebook group or feel free to contact me directly. In the meantime, keep those questions coming…




If you are blogging along this month, please include your posts in the linky below:


Are you in the business of blogging or is it more of a hobby for you?

What hashtag should we be running with for our jacket project?

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  1. My personal blog is a hobby/therapy, but I also blog on my business website and this week’s prompt has helped me reaffirm that I’m on the right track with my business.

  2. I have linked up my August Goals, hope that’s OK! I’ve started setting monthly personal goals, which is helping me to see the bigger picture and get trickier goals achieved as opposed to my daily To Do list. Last month’s goals included a blog-related one, but not this month. 🙂

    • Not entirely sure how to take that one Lydia… I suppose an ‘ouch’ might be in order? Did you see my post yesterday? About having lost that bloggin’ feeling? Yep… now it’s gone, gone, gone… woah.

  3. Love it. It’s making me think about my blogging goals. The absolute best thing I’ve done in the realm of blogging wasn’t directly related – it was just to admit and accept that blogging is an important part of my life, and that it’s okay to prioritise it. To quote L’Oreal, ‘Because I’m worth it’! x

    • You are most certainly worth it Emily. Not that I’ve promoted the post, but yesterday you received a little mention on the blog, together with a new idea for a blogging parody.

  4. I need a rewind button too! Problogger is NEXT WEEK and I still haven’t worked out what I’m wearing or need to pack or any of that stuff. It was at least a month away only yesterday wasn’t it?! Thank you for the link up for our ‘About’ pages. I have added mine! I am having trouble keeping up with all the challenges but I will jump on board whenever I can. This should be an interesting month with Kara on board! 🙂

    • While I’m super envious about ProBlogger, I’m also kind of relieved that I don’t have that on the agenda to worry about.

      The challenges aren’t meant to overwhelm you, just join in when you can and only if it resonates or benefits you.

  5. For me it’s a really a hobby and I’ve been feeling like a bit of an idiot and that maybe I shouldn’t even be in the group. But after reading this I can see that I can certainly benefit from it with a bit of effort. I tend to give up or procrastinate on things because I think it’s too hard or I’m not capable of doing it. I’ve never been a goal oriented person, more of a drifter. I will need to read this a couple of times then go away and jot down some stuff. Thanks for the kick up the bum.

    • Of course you should be in the group. You contribute a different but still important angle to the blogging arena. Just attempt the challenges that resonate with you and leave the rest.

      As far as goals go, if you are not goal orientated, I would definitely keep things simple. Perhaps start with less of the negative talk and more focusing on the positives. You really do have a lot to give.

    • Ness, I’ve always had a little trouble getting my head around the thought that I am a writer. When Kelly Exeter was designing my personal blog for me (because I’m anal and wanted it to look sweet and I couldn’t make it look sweet enough, so – the lovely Kelly) I sent her a passage to drop under my about me profile that said something about “wanna be writer”. She said to me “I took that out and changed it to ‘writer’. If you write then you are a writer”. Thank you Kelly, take a bow because you are awesome. (FYI I’ve changed the wording again since then).

      Anyhow, Ness my message is (and this is something I’ll keep repeating to myself until I totally believe it) If you write you are a writer; if you blog you are a blogger; an author is a published writer; we are authors of our own online space because we write, we blog and we publish to the internet.

      For the moment my blog is just a hobby too. I’ve enjoyed coming together on the Blog exchange because of the supportive environment and I like learning new things and beginning to challenge myself again in many different ways. I like connecting with people just like you. Sometimes I contribute, sometimes I just read and nod along here and in the FB group. You and your thoughts matter Ness! Keep hanging out here hey! There just may be something you say that someone needs to hear. Xx

      Sorry for the long comment Raychael. Xx

  6. Hi, I originally created my blog for a hobby and a way for me to maintain my writing skills while I am on a break from work. Recently, I decided I wanted to do something more with the blog so created a new series on what its like having a premmie in the NICU. I’m hoping by sharing my experience and knowledge I can provide people who may be going through a similiar experience, or families and friends that know someone who has had a premature baby, some useful information. 🙂

    • I love how a blog can evolve with you. Your NICU series has touched a bit of a raw nerve with me, even though it has been 14 years. It might be time for me to get my story down on paper.

  7. I’m going to participate in this but not sure I’ll make it about blogging as I’ve got a few other things plaguing my thoughts of late. My weight’s become so problematic that I’ve been thinking about weight loss surgery – something I really (really) don’t want to do.

    • My weight is becoming problematic as well. It’s a bit of a catch 22 for me, in that my meds are contributing to my ability to lose weight but I’m hardly functioning without the meds.

      I’m not sure what is involved in weight loss surgery. Have you started investigating this? It’s not an option for me but would be keen to hear how you get on.

  8. Funnily enough, what I’ve done today to get closer to my goal (of finishing the first draft of my first novel) is to close my blog for a couple of months! Love these blog challenges though. #TeamIBOT

  9. How exciting for you Rebecca. Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for me as well, although with ongoing campaigns I will still be blogging, just not to my normal full steam ahead schedule.

  10. Unashamedly a hobbyist here!! I think it will always be, and I’m fine with that. I just love having a platform to write and share my nonsense online. LOL.

  11. Oooh I love #havejacketwillblog!! And yes… where on earth did the last month go?? Mind you, I’m happy for August to fly by, so we can start having some nicer weather!!!

    • The weather in Perth hasn’t been that bad, so far. Not sure I’m keen for the month to fly by, I have so much on in September but I wouldn’t actually mind flying somewhere… like ProBlogger next week. A girl can dream.

      • I’d love to take it with me if there is a three week slot for it from mid-December to early January. We are saving very hard. Actually, my husband is working a “second job” (aka his EBay store) to make the money to pay for our trip. He’s doing a great job …

  12. I swing between thinking of my blog as a hobby to business all the time then there’s the times I just think about giving it all up completely argh I think problogger nerves are getting the best of me at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be full of new goals after pb next weekend.

    • I’ve been thinking of giving up completely too. Envious that you are heading to ProBlogger. I wonder if it will inspire you or over inspire you? I tend to be over inspired at these types of things and short circuit.

  13. My lovely haven’t I been slack – but in saying that my billing amount has doubled each week since I’ve spent less time blogging. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. I love that you’re having a wine every few weeks and thanks for entering my competition – big hugs xx

    • LOL, not that I think you will remember much about our conversation in the mini bus following voices 2015 but I’m pretty sure I suggested your $$ and workload might increase if you took a small step back from the personal blogging. I’ve been pretty much doing the same thing and signing bigger campaigns where I can bring my blogging friends along for the ride. Still time poor but not so poor as a result. Clearly just between you and me. 😉

  14. It’s a hobby for me but I do think sometimes that I’m mad not to turn profess. Maybe one day. I have other things that are my priorities right now, I guess. #jacketproject

    • I think you are mad not to turn professional as well. It’s a pretty impressive hobby you have going but there is nothing wrong with keeping the blogging side of things a hobby either.

  15. I have been so crazy busy that I feel really slack that I haven’t kept up to date with everything that you have happening here. I will try to find the time to get back in the loop.

    • No need to feel slack. Just participate when you can, especially if something resonates with you. I’m pretty time poor myself at the moment and social media and blogging have taken a bit of a back seat while I concentrate on offline work and study.

    • Thanks Sonia, not really sure I’m doing anything awesome but I do love to inspire other bloggers to connect and create. Definitely taking care of myself. You could say it is my new mantra, even if it means blogging and social media need to take a back seat for a little bit.

  16. I love having Kara lead the goals on Blog Exchange. I am on board for the Jacket Project. Although I haven’t got any fabulous names for you I am keen to play along. I think it will make for a fun project. Bron x

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