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I don’t know about you, but for me, July just flew by and I’ve been looking for the rewind or pause button for most of it. The start of the new financial year is always a busy time. It’s also a time I like to review the past year and complete a mini audit. Not just for the blog or the business but all aspects of my life. A lot like our mini Blog Exchange about me page audits as part of last month’s Tag Team exercises.


Thanks to everyone that contributed last month. I’ve been enjoying the real sense of support and community over in our Facebook group and I’ve opened up an official Blog Exchange page here on AMC, where you can now add your about me pages.


Blog Exchange | Tag Team

The jacket project and the jacket itself from last month’s tag team blog post has now left the building. First point of call Perth Stylist Vicki Thompson, blogger over at The Fashionable Mum here in Perth. The project itself, is still needing a name, dedicated hashtag and an official page here, so everyone can link up their blog posts.


I might need your help deciding which hashtag we should run with. Here are the top five pick:





#50shadesofjacket (although this doesn’t work if we don’t manage to find 50 bloggers to jump on board or if we go over 50).


What do you think? Do you have another name to suggest? Keep an eye on The Fashionable Mum’s page for our first Jacket blog post, coming soon. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.





Kara Lambert from Write to Right has taken over hosting our Blog Exchange challenges this month. Each Monday, Kara will be sharing a thought provoking image, that will have you thinking about your goals and goal setting in a new light.


goal Setting

This week’s prompt!


The weekly prompts are part of Kara’s goal setting workshop (more details here) which is aimed at business but you can easily apply the questions to your blog or your life. For me, I’m in the business of blogging, even though this is almost a personal blog but I would argue that anyone that actually has a blog, hobby or otherwise, is in the business of blogging as well, and would find some benefit of reviewing your approach and your goals.


This exercise is also a perfect opportunity to repurpose and revisit past posts. As Kara says… “Repurposing is gold mining” and I couldn’t agree more.


For those that aren’t keen to blog or revisit blog posts, it could just be a case of jotting down the weekly prompts and sharing your thoughts and results via our private Facebook group. If this is something that resonates with you and you would like to delve deeper, there is also the option to take things further with Kara’s Review and Planning Workbook.


If you aren’t in the business of blogging, you may want to approach this one with a round up post, including the blog posts that you are most proud of and why. Like repurposing posts, this is a perfect way to introduce your newer audience to your older posts and have them delving deeper into your archives, getting to know you and your blog a little better in the process.


In the scheme of how blog exchange works (open to everyone no matter what your niche or stage of blogging), not all exercises each month will be for everyone. There is no pressure to play along, just jump on board when something resonates with you. You are also welcome to suggest prompts or put your hand up to host our monthly challenges.


If you are struggling with any aspect of blogging or just wanting some support, please put your hand up in our Facebook group or feel free to contact me directly. In the meantime, keep those questions coming…




If you are blogging along this month, please include your posts in the linky below:


Are you in the business of blogging or is it more of a hobby for you?

What hashtag should we be running with for our jacket project?

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